A Dangerous Journey (with Sweet)

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  1. Check out this awesome copy and paste work of my crappy writing..BAM!

    It had been years since the humans came to our planet. They were professionals in the art of combat, yet only three survived. Sent here on a mission from Earth's leaders they were ordered to scout the planet, to see if it was habitable for humankind. The one thing they did not know was that the planet had evolved to prevent what had happened to it billions of years ago. The planet was once inhabited by man. The same thing that is happening on Earth now, had once happened here. The humans polluted the air and water, tore up the forests; they destroyed the land for their own selfish needs. The planet fought back and soon mankind had disappeared. Then, mankind came again.

    The defences the planet created wiped man out one by one. The soldiers did not realize the planet was fighting against them and that it did not want them there. Soon after the ninth soldier died they decided to leave. The survivors decided that it was not worth staying any longer, or maybe they decided it was not what they were looking for. I do not know the answer to that. What I do know is that they are back. The one I saved, and who later repaid the favor, is with them. This time they came with a special request. These humans, these hairless creatures that need to use technology to survive, want to do what no other creature has succeeded at.

    They want to travel through hell and visit the other side of the planet..
    ..and they do not want to go alone.

    Name: Reikon
    Species: Wolf hybrid (wolf with scale designs). He is also known as a Pure. This means he is only one type of wolf, not mixed like most of the others.
    Eyes: Brown
    Fur Color: White
    Scales: Yellow/Gold

    No Picture Availabe (See bottom of post for what to do)
    Name: Taipan
    Species: Cat hybrid (cat mixed with snake)
    Fur Color:

    Some soldier that I need a name for

    No Picture? Here is what to do (since I am too broke to commission right now. *hides in corner*)
  2. Leona stepped out of the Mother Ship with a tentative step. The last time she was her, this planet was not the best host. It took out most of her team and it had a negative lasting impression on her. She has nightmares about her dead team mates and wakes up with chills throughout her body. Her surviving team mates see this on a daily basis but do not know what to do to help her. The therapist that knew about these journeys went with them and did not survive, leaving her with no one to help her deal with her PTSD. They know that she needs help but there is no way that she would admit that to them. She was the only woman on the team now and she had to be strong, in fear that they would lose respect for her. Whenever she feLT out of control with her emotions, she liked to go to the gym and work out her anger and fear.

    This left her in better shape for this expedition and gave her hope that she could avoid another predicament like last time. It still made her cringe thinking about it. She could have died with her other teammates, but a creature from this planet saved her. She was extremely grateful and made sure that it knew that by helping it with a favor. She hoped that she could find that same creature before anything happened to them.

    She took a couple more steps and looked around at the terrain. They had landed in a gorgeous forest, filled to the brim with wildlife and beautiful fauna. She was mesmerized by the beauty, so much that she almost forgot the reason why she was here. She shook her head and looked behind her to see where her other two team mates were. They both carried a suitcase filled with scientific equipment for analyzing the land and taking notes on what see.

    "Come on, slow pokes, we need to move. We can't stay in one place for long. You know that!"

    The two men hurried along with the suitcases and jokingly glared at her. "Says the one that doesn't have to carry the equipment," one of them retorted with a smirk. She laughed and led the way through the forest. She kept a smile on her face, feeling hopeful that she would find the helpful creature before it was too late. That feeling soon subsided when the feeling of them being watched slowly crept on her. She stopped quickly on her tracks and looked to her left. She saw the leaves on the trees rustle a bit and she squinted. She thought she had seen something reflect the sun's light. "Did you guys see that....?"
  3. A large Russian was the last to step out of the ship. He held a suitcase in one hand and a machete in the other. After seeing they had landed in a forest the machete became necessary to have at the ready. Last time they were here the team had been attacked by large vines that killed one of his teammates. The vines seemed harmless, but as they had walked past them one came down and grabbed Kenny. What happened to Kenny after that was unknown, but his screams had been enough to tell that it wasn't good. That was not where the Russian's hatred for vines came from though. As a little boy his mother had tried to grow grapes, but as hard as she tried those vines never produced the fruit. The grapes were suppose to be a way for them to make more money, and also give them a little more to eat.

    Ivan stepped onto the planet and smiled at Leona's words. He knew that all too well. The scar along his jaw made the smile seem menacing, when in reality he was one of the friendliest guys you could meet. He lifted his head, both to smell the fresh air after being cooped up in the ship and to watch out for any danger from above. Those vines were nasty and if he had the chance he would chop up every last one.

    He stopped right behind Leona. Before he got the chance to look around he was distracted by a movement in his pocket. First long whiskers attached to a furry nose appeared, followed by large innocent eyes, floppy ears, a fuzzy body, and a fluffy tail. The small creature crawled up Ivan's shirt and sat on shoulder, whiskers twitching curiously. The last time they were on this planet Ivan had found the creature. It seemed hungry so he had fed it some of his own food and the creature had been with him ever since. "Spetsnaz not too worried." He had named the creature after the Russian special forces.


    Tsoka had been watching the newest litter train when he saw something fall from the sky. Whatever it was had seemed oddly familiar, and after a few moments of thinking it clicked. They were back. Following the object his heart plummeted as he saw it was going to land in the forest. Of all the places why did they choose the most dangerous to land? Getting to his paws he turned to his friend who had been watching the training with him. "Taven, there is something I must do. Watch over the tribe until I return." Taven grunted a response and Tsoka turned toward where the ship landed and ran, tail streaming behind him.

    The land he ruled was much like that of an African Savannah. The grass was golden, the water filled with danger, and the sunsets beautiful. The forest on the other hand did not seem beautiful in the least. It was quick going through his home, but once he reached the trees his pace slowed considerably. Each step led him farther into enemy territory and the fur along his back rose. Thankfully it did not take long to find the humans. He watched them for a few moments before stepping out to meet them. To them he would look like a mountain lion with dark gray scales. His green eyes looked at the two males before resting on the familiar face of the female. "I am curious as to why you are here but now is not the place to talk. Come. I will take you to my tribe."
  4. "Well of course he's not going to be worried. This is his home planet, after all. Maybe we'll run into some of his brethren if we're lucky," she says right before she heard the rustling to her left. I didn't mean that literally! Before could even draw her weapon, one of the native creatures approached them. It took her a second to realize that it was the creature that saved her last time. He still looked exactly the same. Cat-like ears and nose, dark brown fur and paws the size of a football. He was also very muscular. His hind legs and abdomen were puffed out with muscle that would be intimidating for any weight lifter from her home planet.

    But something seemed off with the creature, like he wanted to leave the area. Quickly. Her hunch was proven correct with his brief welcome. The creature wanted to take them to his tribe and she was not going to disagree. She needed him for the next part of their mission and the more of them she could get on board, the better. She felt bad that she wanted to take more of them with her, considering that the creatures had nothing to owe them. The human's were the outsiders. The intruders of their land.

    But they had no idea what they were going to encounter on this trip. It could be a glorious victory that would be talked about for years after their return. Or they could die the same way that their previous teammates did. What happened to Kenny was one of the frequent nightmares she would have. All those vines... She shook her head as she watched the creature turn back around and lead the way. She looked at Ivan and Travis and shrugged her shoulders. "Let's go guys."

    They walked for a good 20 minutes without saying a word. She wasn't sure what to expect from the other creatures. They weren't too happy to see her the last time she was there. They were very cold and they had every right to be. She was the alien to them and she was intruding on their territory. But after the favor she paid to them, she hoped that they would be a little more warmer to her arrival. She could only hope.

    "So how is the tribe....since we last came here?"
  5. Tsoka looked up as they walked. A large multicolored bird sat among the trees, nearly camouflaged. It it decided to hunt them it would swoop down and try to separate one of the group. It was smarter than most species in this forest. He kept his ear turned toward the bird as the forest thinned out. He let out a sigh of relief when his paws touched the golden grass that was his home. It was still a ways until they reached the tribe but at least this territory he was familiar with.

    He turned his head toward the female as she spoke, his eyes warm and full of happiness. "The tribe is well. Thanks to you I am alive and the tribe is no longer under the rule of a tyrant. I believe you only shot Nazar to repay a debt, but it has done so much more and I can't help but feel I owe you. Especially since I now lead the tribe." It had been hell to get to his position, but he had forgiven those that were only following orders out of fear and banished those that had different feelings. There were still a few he kept a close eye on but after this long it was unlikely they would do anything.

    "If fear is with you then banish it. Worry also, unless the curious eyes of the young is something that would make you nervous." Tsoka looked the three of them in the eyes, humor lighting his gaze. "Little ones can be quite terrifying you know. They have mewls that would send the largest of opponent running. I have even caught myself running a few times. We will be there in a few minutes, but only if you think that is something you can handle."

  6. "It was nothing, really. It was killed and be killed and I couldn't bear the though of you dying after you saved me from death as well. If I had to, I would do it again," she said menacingly as she started to remember the awful things that the beast did to the woman and the children of the tribe. Monsters like him would be killed with no remorse on her planet and she couldn't understand how that menace ruled for as long as he did. She still didn't know how that beast got the title in the first place. But she didn't really have time to ask for details when she was her last.

    "But I am so glad that you now lead the tribe. I could see, the last time I was here, that you actually care about your family and friends and that's what a true leader should care about. Not causing pain and misery to your people. I wish I had came sooner. It makes me sad that you and your tribe had to go through that for even a day. You deserve so much more than that." She really couldn't appreciate the creature enough for saving her life and she didn't think that killing the tyrant repaid the debt, even though the creature said so. She would have done it anyway, even if he hadn't saved her life. But she probably wouldn't have been able to save them from that tyrant if it wasn't for him.

    The humor in his eyes were contagious, as she and the others started to chuckle under their breaths. The thought of anything scaring the creature was humorous to them considering the actual predators that creep this land. "We will banish our fears for now, but I think you'll understand why we have fear in our hearts when we get to your tribe. When are on a dangerous mission that could probably get all three of us killed. But I'll go into more details when we get there."
  7. "That is what this planet is all about it seems. Kill or be killed. The reason you had to save me from Nazar is because I am unable to take the life of another. My father and grandfather were the same way." It was sad to think that in many cases the only way to survive was to kill, and if he was completely honest with himself these humans had a better chance of survival than he did. It was luck that helped in survive this far, which was ironic as the name Tsoka meant 'unlucky'. It was a nickname he was given as a kit. During his younger years luck was a foreign word, but that had changed as he grew. It was a good thing too, but that did not mean the luck would hold. Perhaps the luck would jump to these humans so they can succeeded in what they came here to do.

    Tsoka dipped his head as he listed to her speak more. He appreciated her praise, but not being one to gloat about his accomplishments it made him feel embarrassed. Her sympathy for the tribe was something he could better grasp. They had suffered much and it did not help that some of Nazar's old followers were still out there. "It is just good that they can now live without much fear. I should warn you. Not all the tribe were happy about the death of their old leader. Some left and are still out there. There is one in particular that you should watch out for, but we can talk about that later. I my ears are not deceiving me I hear the patter of small paws."

    It was not but a few seconds later that a small kit came flying out of the grass. Unlike the rest of the tribe he was covered in feathers rather than scales. His nose twitched with excitement as he looked over the group. "Father, you are being stalked by some strange hairless creatures. Don't worry. I will scare them off for you!" He showed his teeth, orange and black fur fluffed up, and let out a squeak that was suppose to sound fierce.

    Tsoka rested his tail on the young one and smoothed down the fur. "They are hear to talk. I am sure they would be scared of you, but for now lets not scare away the guests. Now, run back to your mother. And tell Taipan to come see me. I feel I might need him." He waved the kit off with his tail before looking at the land. They grass was giving way to dirt and stone. "The tribe is just over that hill. We can talk in my cave."
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