A dangerous attraction.

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  1. There's a new choir teacher in school, in his early twenties as he got all of his credits and graduated early. All of the girls in school are talking about how attractive he is, One girl could really care less as she just wants a teacher who can actually teach. The last choir teacher knew nothing, so the girl just hoped he would know what he would be doing. The teacher just like any teacher is disappointed by how his students are throwing themselves at them, but as a guy he is a little dissatisfied when one of the girls pays him no attention. What happens when the girl starts coming to him for more help with her voice, and they start getting closer and closer? Will they be able to push their feelings aside, or will they follow their hearts in this attraction they have for one another? A dangerous attraction.

    My character:
    Avalynn Henderson. (Goes by Ava)
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    Avalynn's life is singing, she makes sure to take any chance she gets to sing. She is always looking for ways to improve her singing, she dreams of being a singer obviously. Avalynn has a select few friends, she doesn't take part in the immature things high school kids do. She considers herself more mature than that, she gets along better with her parent's friends than her own since they in her mind are more mature. Avalynn usually keeps to herself, but she is super easy to get along with. Ava is not really shy, she participates a great deal in theatre. Right now she is casted as Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz at school. Aside from signing Ava writes songs as well, she always keeps her song book with her. She is an easy target for the populars to pick on, but she isn't afraid to stand up for herself either.

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  2. [​IMG]Michael Caldwin, 22
    Michael was always smart beyond his years. Ever since he was a child his parents knew that and placed him in alot of things to benifit him. He's very social and funny, always making people around him smile one way or the other. Being that he had advanced classes he skipped a few grades and was able to graduate early. Michael always had a passion for atristic things such as music so decided he'd get a job as a music teacher. The only thing he wasn't prepared for was the girls with the raging hormones.

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  3. Avalynn stood in the lunch line in her usually casual every day school type of outfit. She had on form fitting jeans, a white tank top, a red cardigan, and white canvas shoes. Compared to the other girls who wore low cut tops, short mini skirts, and as she calls them hooker heels Ava looked like how a high schooler should look. Her makeup was done lightly and not plastered all over her face, and her hair was simple enough in loose curls. She heard the cheerleaders in front of her giggling about the hot new choir teacher, she sighed thinking that nobody was going to be paying attention in class now. Ava took her singing seriously and she just knew the other girls in class would disrupt it with their childish giggles, or unrelated to singing questions. She ate her lunch with her 'friends' and didn't say anything, she headed her way to choir after that with her arms crossed as she took her seat and zoned out staring at the floor.
  4. Michael parked his car and then grabbed a small box out the back of the car. It was his first day as a choir teacher and he was quite excited to say the least. Being that he was fresh out of college, he was supprised that he got the job. He ran his hand through his hair and then checked the car incase he was missing anything. Before he even walked into the school he could see all the eyes on him and mostly the girls who were pointing and giggling and smiling. One or two of them came over to him and asked him how old he was and what he was teaching. Answering the questions they ran over to their friends who said things that he wouldn't repeat.

    Opening the door to a fresh new room was nice and calming. He placed his things and then waited for class to start. Michael wrote his name on the board and then attempted to begin the lesson. The girls in the class wouldn't stop talking and asking him questions like: Are you married, how old are you, do you have a girlfriend and so on. Eventually the lesson started and he had them sing in a whole and then individual. As he looked around he noticed that there was only one girl who didn't seem to be intrested. Michael glanced at the roll sheet. " Avalynn can you see me after class please".
  5. Ava picked her head up and stared at the new guy in confusion, she didn't do anything besides sit here and be quiet. It was his first day and he was already getting her in trouble? Low. Ava rolled her eyes before crossing her arms, she looked around the class earning jealous glances from girls. "I go by Ava, and are you giving me a detention?" She asked with a sigh knowing her parents would kill her, she generally stayed out of trouble and respected her teachers. Good grades, never slept through a lesson, didn't chat while the teacher was talking, she wasn't a rude student unlike her peers. That bugged her though, she did not do anything to deserve a detention and that she was sure about.

    Ava just wanted to get on with the lesson, she was in this class to sing not chit chat with her teacher. She knew this would happen too. The girls kept asking questions that they shouldn't even be asking in her opinion, she had never even seen half of the girls in here before until today so they obviously switched into the class. Why were high school girls so desperate? Well she couldn't really ask that question, but she would love to give them all a reality check. Hello, he's their teacher. He wouldn't be interested in stupid little high school girls, and that was obvious since why would any guy want to be with a girl when they could be with a woman? It was the same concept just like how they all wanted to be with a man instead of a boy. Made sense to her.
  6. Michael didn't intend to draw attention to himself at least not as much as he did. It wasn't knew to him when girls stopped and asked him certain things but the majority of the class was something esle. As the class went along he gave them a simple assingment while he tried to figure out which students really belonged in the class seing how some of the names wern't on the roster and if they were they were recent and knew exactly why. " No your not getting a detention". He looked over at the girl who adressed her name as Ava and not Avalynn. As he looked throught the papers that were on his desk he made sure to check the clock.

    When the bell rang he said goodbye to the students and watched them reluctantly leave the room. Remembering what he was going to say he sood up and took a few steps away from his desk before looking at Ava. " Your voice is something else...its amazing and I think you have alot of potential and you stood out". Tapping his finger on his side he adjusted his eyes to the clock for a moment. " I dont want to keep you but i was wondering if you were intrested in some vocal practice after school, and you seem more serious about music than the other students". MIchael knew it was sudden he she had a great voice and wanted to see how talented she really was.
  7. Ava relaxed when he said she wasn't in trouble, she figured she would just find out what he wanted later. Ava didn't like all of these new people in the class, she had been in this class for four years now since this was Senior year and she joined it when she was a Freshman. Once class ended Ava remained sitting waiting for her teacher to speak, and once he did she smiled since it was about her voice. Ave wasn't shy at all when it came to her singing, she knew she was good but she wasn't cocky about it and wouldn't brag about it like some other people in the class did. She thought about what he said and well she would never turn down an offer to advance her voice, so she decided she would accept the offer.

    "Thank you, and honestly I haven't even seen most of these girls in class before. I've been in the same class for four years, and I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that but do you think you could tell them to stop giggling all throughout class." Ava said rolling her eyes since it was so annoying trying to pay attention when girls were giggling in the back, she then shook her thoughts away. "Well since this was the last choir class of the day you don't have a class this period do you? I have early release, so I don't have a class now. It's just that I have rehearsal after school." Ava said with a shrug since if he wanted her to practice she could just stay after now, she always made sure she was in the last choir class. It was her reason for going to school really, and she couldn't miss rehearsal since the show was this weekend.
  8. Michael was glad that Ava accepted the offer. There was other girls in the class that did have extrodinary singing abilities but she was the one that stood out. He coudn't help but chuckle when she made a remark about the other students in the class. " Yes well you wont have to worry about that, most of them aren't even in my actual class so i doubt they will be here tommarow". When she said that she was a senior he nodded rembering that it wasn't a freshman. He could tell by the way people were singing.

    " Yes this is my free period so if you dont mind we could start, or we could do this tommarow". He smiled and then went to his desk and then grabbed a paper. " We can start with the basics, something simple to start off". Michael ran his hands through his hair and then took a seat at his desk. He was honestly excited about doing this. Just at that moment his phone vibrated and he responded to the message quickly. He marked the students who were in the class and then those who wern't.
  9. "We can start now, I'm not doing anything anyway." Ava said as she picked up her bag from by her desk, she would mostly just roam around the halls until school was out since she would have to go to rehearsal. Ava walked down to where the piano was, she set her bags down by it and sat in the seat. Ava could play the piano so that would help with practicing if he wanted her to hit a certain note, she used the piano a lot when practicing since it gave her the sound of the note then she would match it until she got it. Ava was more of a Soprano so she always felt comfortable hitting the higher notes, but she could hit Alto notes as well.

    "I mean if that's okay with you anyway. I could just practice tomorrow." Ava said as she waited for his response, she wouldn't mind either way. Ava would rather start today since she had nothing else to do, and besides in her mind the sooner the better. Ava couldn't think of anything else she would rather be doing than singing, but her parents had a different plan for her. They wanted Ava to be a Lawyer, she thought of that as like an insult. Ava was much too colorful to be a Lawyer, she was the least boring person you would meet. Though a lot thought she was boring since she hardly talked in school, but there was nobody for her to ever talk to so she didn't see that as her loss.
  10. Michael watched as Ava walked over to the piano. As he listened to her voice a smile formed on his lips. It had been awhile since he heard someone with a voice like hers. Checking the papers he was suprised how she hit the notes perfectally. " Well then we can start right now and ill make sure your not late for your rehersal". As he sat in the chair he continued to listen to her voice and the sound of it sway in with the beat in it's own unique melody. When she was finished he nodded in approval and gave her a few pointers. " That was amazing, we can have our next session on wendsday if thats okay with you". His free period was comming close to an end and then he'd have to deal with more questions. The one thing he was glad was that Ava actually cared about music.

    When his next class began he was of course blasted with a trillion questions but mamaged to get them to sing and start the lesson. When the last bell of the day rung Michael was glad. Not because he wanted to leave but because he could actually relax in peace. Grabbing his bag he walked out the class and tword his car. He was checking the list and then the song types he was going to have them do. Opening the car he placed his bags in thr back and then put his empty box in the trunk.
  11. Ava always got so into singing when she was, so it was no surprise to her that she sang like it was the last time she would ever sing. Ava of course hit her notes perfectly, she did this like twenty four seven. When Ava wasn't doing her homework, she would be practicing her singing. Ava didn't do a lot of socializing unless her parents were inviting their friends over for their famous dinner parties, she would socialize with them of course. Ava swore she might as well be like twenty or something, she definitely didn't act like an immature teenager. Ava of course agreed to doing this again on Wednesday, she learned some new things from Michael today so that was cool. Once the period ended Ava closed the piano, she picked up her bag then thanked him for helping before leaving.

    When school ended Ava went straight to the Theater, she sat in a desk in the classroom as her hair and makeup was done for her. Ava then ran up the stairs in the Theater to get up to the booth, she got a Mic on her then went to get into her costume. Ava grabbed the dog who was Toto and put him into her basket, she then started rehearsing with everyone else. Once it was over Ava seriously wanted to go off on everyone, the show was just a mess. Their director was especially mad, and especially when Ava's understudy tried to push her down the stairs. Ava got undressed and once she was already she got into her car and headed home, she took a quick shower before getting dressed and doing homework.
  12. Once his things were placed in the car he got inside and then drove to a nerby fastfood spot so he could grab a bite to eat before heading home. After ordering his food he walked around and heading into a music store to pick out of of the songs that he listened to. grabbing his food he jumped back into his car and then headed home. it hada recentally dawned on him that he no longer a college student and now on his own and doing his own thing. In a way he did in fact miss college, mostly because of the live parties that were thrown, the fights, pranks and everything that came with college life.

    Michael parked his car in the drive way and carried his things inside the house and then placing then on the dining room table. As soon as he finished eating he took a relaxing shower and then cleaned up a little bit. Ava's voice was still ringing in his ears suprisingly and he found himself drawn to her voice and mostly by the way she loved music. Shaking his head he turnned on the tv and settled on a movie. It wasn't right to think about a student so he stopped immeditally.
  13. Once Ava did her homework, she just threw her hair up in a messy bun. Ava then grabbed her laptop, she played the instrumental version of Defying Gravity from Wicked and sang along with it. "Ava turn that music down, and come for dinner honey!" Her mom called from downstairs, and Ava sighed before turning it off. "That was me mom, not my music." Ava mumbled to herself, she the slowly went downstairs to eat. Her mother laid down the food on the table, she then held hands with them since they insist on saying grace. Ava always felt awkward though, she didn't know why but it was just strange to her. Ava really couldn't wait to be on her own, she wished she just turned eighteen instead of seventeen.

    Once dinner was finished she was left to wash the dishes, and oddly Ava didn't mind since she was responsible. Everyday her parents and her switched off, so one day she would cook and they'd do the dishes then the next they would trade off. If it was an important event like a party they they'd all help out, but if it was a special occassion like a birthday then they'd go out. Once the dishes were finished she went straight to her bed, she grabbed her pillow and cudled up to irt before peacefully falling asleep.
  14. When the movie was finished Michael was tired and ready to go to bed although he didn't immeditally. Heading upstairs he grabbed a book from the bookshelf and then walked into his room and sat down at the work desk. It was mostly out of habit but he made sure he ready a book or a few chapters before bed, that way he was always thinking about something and brodening his mind with new materials. After he read a couple of chapters he glanced at the clock to see that it was 12:00. Michael closed the book and then turned everything off before crawling into bed and falling asleep.

    The sound of his blazing alarm clock woke him up. Michael groaned in fustration and the turnned off his alarm clock. Not wanting to get out of bed he sighed before reluctantly dragging himself into the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face and get into the shower. After drying off he got dressed and then grabbed his phone, keys and coat before heading downstairs to have a quick breakfast. Usually he'd just head out and grab a coffe but today he had time to spare. When he finshed eating MIchael called one of his friends up to tell him how things were going.

    Michael got inside his car and then drove over to the school. As soon as he walked into the class the first well rung but it was a warning bell. Sitting down at his desk he was supprised to see a note. Openeing it he knew it was from one of the girls in his class basically saying that she was glad he was teaching at the school. He folded up the letter and then sighed. The school year was deffinitally going to be a long and indeed intresting one.
  15. Ava sighed when her alarm clock so rudely interrupted her sleep, she sighed and got up lazily walking to her bathroom. Ava stared at herself in the mirror for a good ten minutes since she wasn't fully awake, she finally snapped herself out of it and decided to start getting ready. Ava first brushed her teeth before taking her hair out of the bun, she laughed since her hair was a mess and she personally thought it was funny. Ava brushed through it a few times and it went into its normally slightly wavy state, she took her flat iron and straightened a few parts of it. Once her hair was pretty much straight she clipped one side of it up, she decided that was a good amount of effort. Finally moving on to makeup well she felt pretty lazy so she just put on some mascara, but she figured for her poor effort she would make up for it with her clothes.

    Looking through her closet Ava had no idea what to wear, she thought about it but nothing came to her so she started going through her outfits one by one. Finally she chose a black and blue dress that wasn't too long, but it was far from being short like other girls so it was fairly normal length. Along with that she chose a white cardigan, and of course her white canvas shoes. Her favorite shoes and others call them keds, but she was always grown up around them being called canvas. Ava finished off with her favorite perfume Obsession by Calvin Klein, she looked in the mirror and shrugged. Eh, good enough.

    Ava happily went downstairs, she drank a glass of orange juice before grabbing an apple. Ava was in a rush now since she took too long getting up, she figured she would be just in time though. Ava hopped into her car and ate the apple on the way there, she threw away what was left of it before heading into the school with her bag. She luckily stepped into the class room before the bell rang, she then prepared herself for a boring day. Except choir of course since she always looked forward to it, she probably wouldn't even be here right now if she didn't have choir.
  16. Michael was ready to start the day with his first period class. Since the students that wern't in his class before wern't in the class to day things went along rather smoothly..for the most part. He had the class do some lessons in the book and write about their favorite singer or artist was. It was a simple assingment and since it was only chior he wasn't going to give them homework and loads of work like the other teachers and he really wanted chior to be fun to come to and not a place where they didn't.

    As the class left he got things ready for his next class. Michael headed out the class and down the hallway to give some papers to the front office. It was one more class before his lunch break and since it was wednesday he didn't have a class after lunch period so he figured he'd head out and catch a movie that he wanted to see. As he headed back to the class he wrote some things down on the board and then got the class started on some vocal lessons.
  17. Most of the day was indeed boring, she took notes though of course since she was a good student. When it came to lunch though Ava decided she would sit alone today, she didn't want to be bugged by others. Ava sat by herself and ate as she worked on a new song, and once she started working on a song she would just spend a lot of time alone until it was finished. Her so called friends never noticed her absence anyway, so it's not like she even cared to sit with them. Ava was slightly frustrated with the song since she couldn't figure out what line would go next. Before she knew it though water was being spilled on her songbook, she quickly picked the notebook up and stared up at Victoria. Only the most horrible promiscuous girl in the whole school, she thought she could do whatever she wanted well this was most definitely not okay. Victoria smirked down at Ava, but Ava wasn't going to hit her or anything.

    "Why would you do that?" Ava asked clearly upset though that was Victoria's goal, and instead of fighting they just got into an argument with words instead. That was until Victoria pushed Ava, but Ava didn't hit her back she just stopped her in defense. That wasn't what it looked like to the principle of course, and after a stern talking to Ava got off with a warning while Victoria got detention after school. Unfortunately they were both going to choir, and even more unfortunately the principle was escorting them to class. "Sorry to interrupt Mr, Caldwin, but I believe these two belong to you." He said before motioning for the girls to go forward, and they both glared at each other before sitting in their seats. Victoria only smiling and Ava with her head down, she was very upset since all of her work was practically gone.
  18. Michael was just getting prepared for his next class when he saw the principle walk in with two students. He glanced at Ava with a supprised look. He would never think she was the type to get into trouble. Nodding his head he watched as the principle left the room and the girls found a seat. He continued the class on the vocal lessons and then answered a few questions that they had. Before the class was over he gave them a small test with no more than five questions.

    When he was done Michael collected the papers and began grading them right when the bell rang. The next class seemed to breeze by quickly. It sure as hell was alot faster than his first period. Grabbing his bag he made sure the roomk was decent before heading out the classroom and twords his car.
  19. Ava was already out of school was choir ended, but rehearsal was cancelled. Ava sighed before just going out to her car, she rolled her eyes since it would be her luck that her car wouldn't start. Ava called a tow truck and they took her car away, and they told her that they could have it fixed by tonight. Well now what did she do? Ava didn't have any friends here, so her last hope was calling her parents. "Dad, I'm stuck at school. I had to call a tow truck and they are going to have it finished by tonight." Ava explained softly as she sat on the steps of the school, she waited for a response. "I'm sorry honey but you need to get a ride home from a friend, and by the way the Richardson's are over and their staying for dinner tonight." Her dad said before hanging up. Ava sighed before putting her head in her hands, she wasn't exactly comfortable with that. Their creepy son always made passes at Ava, he even cornered her once and it was not a fun time.

    By the time school was out Ava was still sitting on the steps, she really didn't know what to do right now. Ava looked around wondering what to do, she really didn't have any friends to go over to their house. Ava spotted Mr. Caldwin though, he was a teacher so he would want to make sure a student was safe right? Ava shrugged since it was worth a shot, she got up and went to catch up to him. "Mr. Caldwin, can I ask you something?" Ava asked curiously, she wasn't sure what he would say. Ava didn't know what else to do though, she would probably just be walking around on her own in the dark since the Richardson's were staying for dinner and she wouldn't be home when they were there. She really didn't want to be out alone at night though, so hopefully he would agree.
  20. Michael was just about to get in the car when he heard a voice and turned to see that it was Ava. He smiled but had a confused look at the same time. He just figured that she had a question about class or mabey the sessions that they were doing together but when she asked if he could take her home. He didn't say yes right away but eh wasn't going to say no either. Since he was a teacher Michael thought it would be a nice thing to do. " Yeah sure get in". He closed the door behind him and started the car pulling out of the driveway. As Michael began driving he looked at her when they got to a read light. " So where do you stay at, you dont sound to happy that your going home".