A Dancers Demon. Jessy x Misha

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  1. "Please welcome, Jessy!"

    Misha leaned back in his chair, puffing out his cheeks. He was asked to perform at this dance concert. But since he already bought a ticket to watch, plus he had nowhere to practice. The gym he used to go to had upped their fee and the starving dancer couldn't afford it anymore. For the past month, Misha had been bouncing around in his apartment kitchen, which only got him in trouble with the people downstairs.

    As the dancer got up stage, Misha flew out of his thoughts and back to reality. On the large stage infront of him was a dark man, who immediately had a presence on stage. Misha knew he had a stage presence, but his was lighter and flirtier, this guy seemed mysterious and dark. He stared up at the man in awe. His eyes were a deep brown which looked like they were burning into the crowd. The music began and Misha watched with intrigue. The dancers before were amazing and they were all talented, but this guy brought around a deep tension between himself and the crowd.

    Or at least Misha. He was sitting in a black button up and black pants, completed with a pair of thickly framed glasses. He probably blended in with the rest of the crowd. As the dance begin, Misha watched with slightly narrowed eyes. He was trying to pick up what techniques he was using. Hopefully something he could learn in his kitchen, because Misha had nowhere else.


  2. The Song


    Jessy smiles as the dance started as his moves very different and starting out slowly and starting as the music started to get faster his magic in his dance made him spin and do small flips as he smiles as he danced the stage but he also got random people to dance grinning happily as he got a male to dance him smiling . He danced sexually but there was a grave and magic to what he did as his smiles as he danced with strangers before coming back to the stage and finished with a spin and backwards flip and landed on his knees and bowing.

    The crowd went nuts and screamed happily as he smiles as he slowly stood up and bowed his head softly as he was humble and soft hearted and smiling he slowly walked off the stage and away to the changing room and got back into his regular suite which had his sparkling cape swirled around him gently as he made sure his hair wasn't too oily or sprayed and smiles as he got himself out when the dancing was finally over and walked toward the bar slowly humming to himself slowly. As he walked and smiles as he came into the bar and ordered himself a small drink eyes closed gently relaxing watching others chat, dance, singers and all.
  3. As the man began dancing, Misha felt his eyes lit up. He was immediately both impressed and intimidated by the dancer. At least he wasn't performing tonight. To the ladies, Misha wasn't that attractive. But to the men, Misha knew his flirty attitude worked around them. This man could probably seduce anybody he desired with those dance moves. As the man finished, Misha joined in with the clapping. Although, he wasn't feeling like he should scream like one of the fangirls at the front.

    Dancers went on and off, Misha clapped and watched for tips as they did so. But that one dark dancer stuck in his mind. That flip at the end. The cape. It was all so impressive. As the crowd filed out, Misha decided he may as well get a drink at the performers bar. He walked over and stretched out, yawning as he pushed up his glasses. The staff working there recognized Misha and questioned him on why he didn't dance. Trying to explain he was broke as fuck and couldn't afford the gym was a bit depressing.

    Just as Misha sat down at the bar, he ordered whatever was on the tap. As he waited for his glass to fill, he looked around before catching the eye of the dancer from before. Misha smiled a little before looking down to the glass. He slipped money onto the table and peaked over his glasses again at the man. The temptation to go over there and talk to him was getting strong as he wondered what he was thinking. Misha sipped at his drink and looked around again.​
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  4. Jessy drank a bit before he noticed the other watching him and blinking his eyes he streached and walked over slowly "Hello, I am jessy" he greeted gently as he offered a soft and loving smile . His deep brown eyes stared at the other with a small bit of softness in them careful not to scare them away. He leaned on the bar slowly as he crossed his arms still holding his drink in his left hand.
  5. Misha was looking down as he heard a voice. It made him jump a little as he looked up to the man he was in awe over just moments ago. "Well I - It's nice to meet you Jessy." Misha giggled a bit and turned to face him, "I'm Misha." It went a little quiet after he introduced himself, he was deciding how to approach this.

    "Might I say how well you danced before. It was... Sexy." Misha giggled before biting down on his bottom lip a little. He had decided to see where flirting got him. As long as Jessy didn't take it too seriously, or the wrong way, it could do him some good. Since he hadn't been the gym in a while, Misha had been deprived of the chance to do so, "I was quite intrigued..." He lowered his voice ever so slightly as he went to sip at his drink, eyeing the dark dancer as he did so.​
  6. Jessy smiles and nodded slowly "Mmm, Yes I dance rather entrancingly" he teased as he drank his vodka slowly closing his eyes slightly and shuddered gently and smiles looking at the other "so do you dance?" hye asked his eyes trained on the other slowly and leaned on the bar slowly and looked at him with small interest.
  7. As Jessy agreed, Misha giggled again. Well, this guy knew he was hot. Good on him. "Ah yes. I was on to dance tonight but I've been out of practice." Misha bit his lip. Jessy eyed Misha, which made his cheeks go a little red, "I also do latin... and ballroom.." He said, looking at the man with a flirty look.

    "How long have you been dancing then?" Misha asked, wanting to direct the conversation back to the man. The best way to flirt was to put all of your attention on them. And that was what Misha was doing. He sipped at his drink delicately as he looked the man up and down, now pondering about his age.​
  8. "Since I was eight years old" said smiling looking at the other and chuckled gently "no one can get out of practice merely a little rusty" smiles peacefully looking at the other slowly and looked around the room. He finished his drink without much problem then closed his eyes.
    "How about you ? How long you been dancing?"
  9. He must be about 30? Misha began to look over the man, trying to figure out his age before he was questioned. "I've been dancing for 20 years. My sister, she's usually my partner when I don't do solo.." Misha added, wondering if he looked any older than 25. Probably not, Misha was cursed with a baby-face, which was hard to overcome.

    "You have a partner or do you just go solo..." Misha was sort of speaking in innuendos, like usual, but was also curious about his dancing. The man didn't look like he even needed a dance partner. And if he did, Jessy would probably outshine any woman. ​
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