A Dance of Magic and Blood(shakingSilences & Ace23)

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  1. (We are going to start in the twenties because they are amazing and itll be great. You gave me the power of first reply so I choose that they met in the twenties because yes.)

    Alexander looked himself in a rear view mirror of a parked car before grinning at his appearance. His hair was slicked back and his skin was pale-ish giving him a mysterious look. As usual, he was looking to see what kind of girl he could score at this time of night. Although he wasn't anything too powerful for a warlock having only discovered his power about thirty years ago, he looked young and other people could feel the power radiate from him. He smiled as he stood up straight and adjusted his suit before making his way towards that secret entrance to the speakeasy. As he approached, a large man gestured for something and Alexander rolled his eyes, "The name's Alexander Cathcart, Alaine Thorne is in there waiting for me. Let me through please."

    The larger man didn't seem convinced so they stared each other down for a good ten minutes when a petite girl walked out wearing a feather dress with a beaded head piece. Alaine. She saw him and her eyes brightened, "Alexander darling! Why did it take so long?" Without waiting for an answer, she turned to the other man and slurred out a few words of "Edwin... Love... Let the young man through, he's my guest." The large man sighed and hesitantly stepped aside to let him walk past. Alexander gave a victorious grin before Alaine grabbed him by the wrist, pulling him inside. Once they finally made it to the bar room, he could hear the silk like voice of a beautiful young woman on the stage.

    He exhaled deeply as Alaine led him to the dance floor where he was forced to dance. He had always been a great dancer and Alaine knew that he was using her to attract another person. Luckily, she was using him to do the same. Alaine was a witch and met him when he first discovered what he was. She had been helping him tone his powers ever since. Alexander was strange though, he had a lot of power for a new witch so she was taking it slow with him to make sure he didn't do something he wasn't mentally prepared for. For a thirty year magic user, he wasn't very in control of his powers but he was learning. Alexander could feel the eyes of some daring and curious girls eyeing him up and down. Alaine chuckled as he started to smirk, "You enjoy this too much Alexander and one day you are going to attract a girl that isn't even human."

    With it being 1923, prohibition and several other restrictions made almost everything off limits and when so many rules are in place, all people want to do is break them. Alexander was one of these people and if a girl came to him and she wasn't human, it would just add to the excitement. Even when he didn't know the supernatural existed, he had always been one to hate rules. "Well then Alaine, that non human girl better be ready to break some rules and I guarantee she will remember the name Alexander Cathcart."

    She laughed before smiling, "Well there are at least three non humans here that aren't us... and only one of them is a girl. Good luck with that one though because I don't think she wants the same thing you want."

    Alexander looked around but couldn't see who Alaine was talking about, "I take that as a challenge." He'll just have to wait for her to come to him.
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  2. Kenzi looked herself up and down in a mirror after slipping on a gorgeous dark sliver dress and a pair of black heels. She left her blonde hair hang loose and smiled to herself. Once satisfied with the way she looked she headed out, her plan was to lure some handsome fool from the speakeasy. It would ultimately end in the man's death, but it would be fun for a while. She smirked softly at herself then headed out. The entire way there she was gathering herself, hoping she would be able to control herself with so many people around her.

    She finally arrived and the man by the door simply smiled at her and let her through. Once inside she sat in the bar area, waiting for a drink and scanning for her victim. As she looked around her eyes landed on a handsome man in a suit. He seemed to be enjoying himself with a confident looking smirk on his face. She smiled softly to herself as she watched him dance and other girls drool over him. "Him" she said quietly to herself. Once she had her drink in hand she stood from her seat and made her way through the crowed of people. She found herself dancing alone, just to the side of the man she had her eyes set on. Everything about her was graceful, and she moved as though the music took her away. Getting lost in the music, she nearly forgot why she was there in the first place.

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  3. Alexander felt the presence of the blonde haired girl before he saw her. Not only was she beautiful but she had a certain grace and confidence about her as well as a mysterious power. This had to be the girl Alaine was talking about. He wanted her to come to him, but he didn't expect it to be so easy to lure her beside him. He felt fresh power emanating from her, she was new to this. He wasn't as good as Alaine, and didn't quite know who or what she was. One thing he did know is that he was going to have some fun tonight. He glanced to the side at the beautiful non human and pulled Alaine closer to himself by her waist. He leaned into her ear and whispered, "You're on your own for the rest of the night Alaine. A beautiful little girl is just begging me to play with her on the playground today. Sorry but you know what a soft spot I have for those petite little blondes."

    With that Alexander pulled away and spun Alaine around before pulling her back to him. He dipped her and lifted her back up so she was standing. He released her and intentionally bumped into the blonde girl as he walked away to the bar joining his regular group of 'bachelors'. One of them gave him a pat on the back while another handed him two shots of whiskey. He braced himself and drank the two shot sequentially. Coughing a bit he smirked, "So, once again girls are just eating me up. Plus I think I know exactly what they are thinking about in those pretty little heads of theirs." He had always been a bit of a showoff.

    The man to his right laughed before handing Alexander another shot and exclaiming, "Amen to that!"

    Alexander turned around and leaned his back against the bar, resting his elbows on top of it. He watched the blonde, eyeing her up and down before resting his gaze upon hers. He stared deeply into her eyes, knowing she was interested by the way she directed her movements towards him without being too obvious. She really was beautiful and had a certain flawlessness and grace he admired. It made him wonder just how much experience she had with men. He knew that he wasn't the only one looking at her but she knew she was not the only one looking at him either.

    He took another three shots and shook his head to distract himself from the burn in his throat. Luckily it took a lot more that six shots to get him drunk. "Boys. I know you're all looking at her but dear lord see how she is looking at me. Hope you have fun finding another pretty girl because this one is mine." He took his seventh shot then made his way over to her when the soft jazzy tune ended. "Hello there darling... Do you mind if I pull you from the crowd? I'm sure we can get ourselves acquainted over champagne at a table I have reserved in the back. And don't worry, it's curtained."

    (http://thumbs3.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/mbjnvlHVGcrufYcTlb-octQ.jpg This is Alaine's dress http://mylusciouslife.com/wp-content/uploads/galleries/post-13823/thumbnails/gatsby brooks brothers - white suit - jat gatsby mens style fashion.jpeg and then since Alexander is amazing and awesome, this is his suit but hes wearing like a black bow tie*ITS WHITE!*)
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  4. As she was dancing, lost in the music, she was suddenly brought back as the man she had her eyes on bumped into her. It didn't throw her off, though there was something different about this man, she kept her calm and just kept on. She watched him as he walked off to the bar, taking a few shots. Her body moved in ways nearly everyone around her couldn't move. She kept dancing, not wanting him to think her too eager though she was starving. She kept an eye on him as he drank with his friends and gave him a little wink as he caught her eyes.

    Her usual tactics seemed to be working perfectly. Her gaze never left him as he stood by the bar eyeing her up and down, everything was going perfectly. She knew there were others watching him, and her as well, but once she made up her mind nothing would pull her from it. She made sure to keep his attention by moving in a way that seemed as if her dance was just for him. Her smile widened slightly when he began walking toward her and finally approached. The music ended and she stopped dancing just as he said hello and invited her to a curtained table and some champagne. She stepped slightly closer to him "I'd love that" she responded simply with a soft, yet enticing, purr to her voice.
  5. Alexander chuckled, loving the way her silky voice graced his ears. He held his hand slightly outstretched, waiting for her to place her hand in his. Once she did, he took a deep breath and escorted her to the back. There was something dangerous about this girl that he loved. Her being a non human granted the possibility that she killed humans for one reason or another. On the other hand, Alexander was no saint and had killed before whilst practicing the darker arts like blood magic. Not much and not on his own but it was still his doing. With a grin he helped her into the curtained booth and once the curtain was closed he slid off his coat. He was wearing a dark navy blue vest underneath. "My name is Alexander Cathcart and I will make sure you remember that name for the rest of your life. My friend Alaine said that you wouldn't want anything but I knew I could prove her wrong. See once I set my eyes on someone, I can be very stubborn when it comes to giving up. You were no different."

    It was obvious that he would be a very satisfying meal by the amount of power flowing through his veins as a warlock. He laid his coat on one side of the booth before reaching underneath the table to grab the bottle of champagne. Alexander whistled and a man came over with two empty glasses which he took. He shooed the wine glass man away and placed the two glasses on the table. He popped the cork and watched as it foamed over. Once it was finished he poured two generous portions into the glasses.

    He slid in beside her and rested a hand on her oppisite thigh so he could have some support as he leaned in close, "So my sweet, it's wonderful to become acquainted with you. Care to tell me your name love?" He pulled away and took his glass of wine, lifting it to his lips. Alexander was smirking mischievously at her as he sipped the sweet alcohol. "I would hate to go my entire life never knowing your name..."
  6. The gorgeous, delicious looking, man held his hand out to her and she willingly took it. She sighed softly as the smell of him filled her nose and she had to keep herself from groaning as it sent shivers down her spine. Mmm, he is going to be absolutely delicious! Her thoughts managed to only make her even more hungry. The man lead her to his curtained booth and she took a seat with a soft smile. As she smiled or talked she made sure not to open her mouth to wide, as to hide her fangs. There would have been no fun in scaring him yet. Although there was something quite different about this man, she sensed a power in him that she had never experienced before. There was a confidence and attractiveness that she hadn't noticed before as he began to speak, telling her his name and how he was going to prove his friend wrong. He added how he was stubborn and how he had his eyes set on her.

    She smirked softly at him when he finished speaking. "Oh, i can assure you that there is something i want" she confirmed with that same, purr like, tone. "Though i am afraid it may not be what you are hoping." she teased softly. She watched him carefully as he grabbed the champagne and whistled for a man who came with two glasses. She was still fairly new to all of this, he new life style, she would have a few sips but thought better of getting drunk. The cork popped and the sudden smell covered that of Alexander's for a moment. She welcome the quick break as he poured them both a glass.

    He slid in beside her, rested a hand on her thigh, and leaned in just a bit too close. She swallowed hard as he got closer to her, hoping her uneasyness was well hidden. She watched as he pulled away, her eyes drifting to his throat as the sweet liquid traveled down. She licked her lips a little before answering his question "Of course" she told him with a gentle smile as she composed herself. "My name is Kenzi" she hadn't given him her full name on purpose, what would be the point in that if she was just going to kill him?
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