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    A long, jet-black limousine was driving through the city with pace. It stood out, amongst the shoddily made houses that seemed to be falling apart, raging flames coming out of barrels to warm those less fortunate. This country had always a large discrepancy between rich and poor, his parents always told him. ‘You have to understand the common man’s struggles to speak to them in a way that they understood, Elliott,’ they advised him over and over again as he continually plugged away at whatever game he was playing. Politics had never truly interested him, neither as a child, or even at his ripe age of nineteen. But there was really no avoiding this one.

    The Waltz, an event that takes place about once every generation, was about to take place. It was a contest, a competition- really a proper ending to the war of attrition that is the crowning of a new branch of royalty. It took those who were of high-class, lords, fiefs, even knighted captains, and allowed their children to fight for the opportunity to obtain the title of ‘Royal Knight’. Essentially, they would be royalty under the strength of their own talents. They were to be drilled with knowledge of fighting and magic from a young age, periodically tested, and then sent out to the wolves in the hopes of bringing their family glory. As the first-born son of the Durham family and its most talented magic user, he was to enter the Waltz.

    As he plugged away on his phone, making another move on the chess game that he was playing with the computer, he sighed. ‘This is going to be a drag…’ he thought to himself as he could feel his stomach begin to stir involuntarily.
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    In the most prestigious area of the city rested a house, a rather large one at that. Inside the house lived the many servants and, of course, the Crestmere family. Lisanna, the only daughter of the family, stayed in her study on this day to catch up on her reading. She would rather not go outside and be pestered by the servants. It was a bit unorthodox for her even though she grew up with that kind of treatment. Being waited on by loyal servants at a moments notice didn't appeal to her in the least. Her father always said 'Just let them serve you. There is no need to work when others can do it for you.' The mere thought of it disgusts her.
    Then her mother and father told her about the 'Waltz' and that she would have to participate in it. There was no need to tell Lisanna since she already figured out that she would have to long ago. As the only daughter no one else could do it besides her.
    Thus knowing that she would eventually being in this little 'game', Lisanna decided to spend more time to herself.

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    The limo pulled into a small house in the prestigious part of the city, startling Elliott out of his game as he had just gotten a checkmate on the computer. 'We're there already?' he wondered, but was surprised to notice the kind of house that they were stationed at. If he had to explain why the house seemed weird to him, it must have been because it looked small to him. Well, in comparison to what he was expecting from the actual royal family.

    "There's someone here you're supposed to meet," his mother informed him from the front seat. Elliott let out a small sigh, not sure as to what his mother was referring to, but deciding to simply step out of the car. Before he could even ask something, the car door slammed behind him and began revving off. The young man they left behind was stunned. "It's very important for the Waltz! So please try to be on your best behavior!" his mother called back to him as the car sped off.

    Elliott kept his mouth open as he scoffed. "You can't be serious..." he moaned. With nothing else for him to do, he slowly walked to the front door and after giving it a glance, knocked on it.
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    As they heard a knock on the door two maids came and opened it for him. "Hello. We've been expecting you. Please come in." The maid gestured him to come inside while the other went to fetch Lisanna and her father.
    The one maid that left to get Lisanna's father arrived at his office and entered the room. "The young man is here. He is waiting at the door." He got up and fixed his tie before exiting the room and proceeding toward the door. On the way he passed one of Lisanna's personal maids and informed her to tell Lisanna to look her finest. He then continued on to the stairwell leading to the front door to greet the young man.
    While Lisanna was sitting on the loveseat inside of her study quietly reading her personal maid knocked on the door and came inside. "There is someone here to meet you. Your father said to ready yourself and look your best to make a good impression." Lisanna sighed and went back to her room down the hallway to change into something more appealing and fix her hair.
  5. Elliott followed the maids without a word, not entirely sure what he was supposed to do. He had never come to this mansion before, and supposedly this all had something to do with the Waltz... He sighed as he was directed to sit in the nearby living room area. The person that he was to meet with was taking their sweet time coming down, so Elliott went to his phone as his relief of boredom. 'So, another match is in order.' The first thing he noticed as he clicked on his screen was a message that was left on his phone. It was a simple text, the familiar phone number was his mother's.

    'cal mi bak'

    His mother had taken to the whole chat speak fad more than he did. Damn thing hurt his eyes, but he did what he was told and called her back. "Ah! Knew you couldn't wait to use your phone!" she exclaimed through the phone, prompting Elliott to retreat away from it. "You know, you really need to be more understanding of a woman's need for preparation! Appreciate that she is willing to get herself all dolled up for you, Elli! You'll enjoy your life better and enjoy women's company more!" Elliott breathed a heavy sigh into the phone, which his mother picked up on. He could tell because she was about to rev up and begin saying something else. That was until his dad spoke to her. It was in mumbles, so he could not pick up what he was saying, but it was short. "Anyways, Elli! I wanted to let you know about what is going on, especially since we left you there without warning!"

    Elliott let out a large scoff as he rubbed his temples with his free hand. His ear stayed close to the phone as he hunched over- bad sitting posture, but there was no one in the room to correct him. "That would be nice," he replied with exasperation.

    "You are now with the Crestmere family! They are a family that your dfather and I have had close relations with ever since college! The two men in question went to college together!" Elliott sighed as he continued listening to his mother's speech- which devolved into a story-telling session for quite some time. "- So, after the four of us were eliminated from the Waltz, within just a few years after that, we were both expecting! So we essentially made a promise that you two would be fiancees when you grew up!"

    "Huh?!" Elliott exclaimed as he almost dropped his phone. Delicate little thing, that phone was. If he dropped it, it may have not survived from it.

    "No interruptions, Elli!" his mother replied with her usual joyous tone. "However, we kept it secret for all these years. You see, the Waltz is an important political event! Anything that is borderline legal will be done in order for you to get the inside track on the others. Murder is obviously a big no-no. But, collusion? Espionage? All of THAT is allowed. Stepping into this, we wanted to make sure that we had something in our back pocket just in case. The 'Crestmere-Durham Alliance' has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?" Elliott slapped himself on the forehead.

    "So, why am I here then?" he muttered into the phone.

    "You can't just see her as a means to an end, Elliott! Regardless of whatever happens in the Waltz, she's still your fiancee!" His mother seemed passionate about saying that. "So, I thought that getting you two together before the Waltz starts was going to be an important step in developing your relationship! You and Lisanna I ship! OTP! ... Did I do it right?" Elliott's mouth gaped open as his lower mouth hung. His own surprise at what he was being told was too much to bear for his brain. It shut off for a few moments. "Well, whatever." His mother just continued on at her own pace. "Anyways, her name's Lisanna. I think its pernounced Lee-sa-nah. Or maybe its Liz-ah-nah?"

    Elliott let out yet another sigh. "I'll just let her introduce herself, how about that?"

    "Brilliant idea, Elli! You're so smart; that's why I'm so proud of you as your mother! Anyways, bye love. We'll see you at the Waltz tomorrow! Tonight, spend the night with Lis and start getting those heart points going!"

    The phone clicked off as Elliott hung his head in defeat. "A whole night here to the Waltz tomorrow... Mother's trying to run me ragged." He sat back, his back hitting the back of the sofa that he was sitting in as he stretched his arms out, grabbing onto the top of the frame, and crossed his legs. He was in no mood to play video games right now. "I guess I can only wait..."

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    Lisanna's father came down the stairs and entered into the living room where his guest was waiting. "Ah yes. Look at you all grown up now. Turned out to be a fine lad. We haven't formally met but I've seen you at least twice when you were just an infant. You may address me as Mr. Crestmere for the time being." He greeted him as if he was already part of the family. It was best for him to be comfortable so he can become a better spouse to Lisanna. The Waltz wouldn't go well for either of the families if the two weren't on good terms. "My daughter will be here momentarily. She tends to take a while in choosing what to wear..." He slipped his hands into his pockets and inspected the boy in the most discrete way.
    Upstairs in Lisanna's room she was getting her hair done while she pulled on her dress. "This guy best be important otherwise this was a waste of a good 5 minutes I could've spent reading." She said with a blank face. After the maid had finished her hair she hurried down the hallway and in her flats and went to straight to the living room without further delay. As soon as she arrived to the living room she saw a boy about her her age.
    Noticing Lisanna come into the room he turned around and gestured her to come over. "Here she is, my pride and joy. Why don't you introduce yourself." Lisanna curtsied slightly to the boy and moved some strands of hair out of her face. "My name is Lisanna. It is nice to meet you." Her elegant white strapless dress flowed in the slightest breeze. It draped down to about knee length and accentuated her figure. Her hair, slightly curled on the bottom, flowed smoothly as she moved closer to her father. "Who is he father?" She asked while looking at the boy over her shoulder. "This is your fiance. He will be joining you in the Waltz." Lisanna's eyes widened and a silence struck the room awaiting to be broken. "...What..." She looked over to the boy and then back at her father dumbfounded. "Don't worry. Everything will be explained later. For now spend some quality time, get to know each other and have a nice time. I, on the other hand, must leave on a business matter. Ta-ta~" He nudged Lisanna closer to the boy and walked out the door toward the car.
    Lisanna looked at the boy as she heard the car with her father in it pull off. "So then..."
  7. Hearing the footsteps approaching, Elliott quickly adjusted his posture and put his phone away. He was surprised to note that the person who had entered the room was not a female his age, but an older male. He guessed that she was still working on getting her clothes all sorted out.

    He introduced himself as Mr. Crestmere, and explained that he had seen him a couple of times from his infancy. ’Well, no wonder,’ he thought as he began examining his mind for any memories of even the name ‘Crestmere’. He came up with only a few mentions from his mother, and some writings that were in her phone book. As in other words, not much. He could feel the man analyzing him, his eyes focusing on him. It was more of something that he was used to- he almost assumed that all the people that he met was assessing him. He took out his own phone, ignoring it like he was used to doing. In time, another set of footsteps could be heard, heading to the room.

    As Lisanna entered, Elliott took his eyes off of his phone and to her. Acknowledging her as the girl that he was waiting for, he turned off the screen on his phone and pocketed it. He stood up to meet her. Giving a mechanical and rehearsed bow, he replied. “Nice to meet you, Lisanna. My name’s Elliott Durham.” However, once she asked about who he was,, he sighed. So it was not only his parents, the two of them were seriously left in the dark about all of this for all this time. Watching Lisanna’s reaction made him begin to wonder if it was the same for him, or if it would have been the same if his parents had made the effort to tell him in front of him instead of over the phone…

    As her father nudged Lisanna to him before leaving on his business matter, Elliott let out a small laugh. Yes, they had to be close. They were all so strangely flamboyant. With the two of them now alone, Elliott sat down on the couch. “You would think that they would have found a better way to say it other than the way they’ve done it if they’ve been planning for this almost two decades…” He looked up at Lisanna. “Well? Want to sit?”
  8. She nodded taking his offer to sit but sat slightly away from him. "I suppose. My parents can be quite strange at times so I'm not surprised they kept this a secret for so long but it's hard to believe that they would even consider not telling us that we were to be married. I guess we already have a lot in common." Lisanna said in jest. She crossed her legs and twiddled her thumbs. Being the first time she met him, let alone heard of him, this was a bit awkward and she had to get used to him in such a short amount of time. "Well Elliott what do you want to do?" Lisanna tried to think of some ideas for them to do but most of her suggestions would probably bore him to death. She combed her hand through her hair and looked around for anything remotely interesting.
  9. Elliott could not help but let out a small chuckle at Lisanna's admittance about her parents. It was just that he could imagine himself saying those exact same words about his own parents. "I think my mother's gotten worse ever since she discovered the internet on her phone," he answered with a laugh. "Now she's saying LEET and OTP and LULZ when she's talking with me." With that, the room went quiet. Well, the shock still had not settled in as of yet. The two of them were engaged to be married essentially from the womb, and yet this was the first time he had ever heard the name Lisanna.

    When she asked him about what he wanted to do, he sighed. "Its your house. You have a better idea of what you can do here than me, no?" He cast her a glance in her direction. "So?"
  10. "Oh dear." Lisanna giggled hearing that his mother does these things at her age. "I guess that's why they are good friends. They're all weird." She thought as she looked around some more. She didn't know what to do with him but since he insisted upon her finding something to do she didn't have much of a choice. "Fine fine. Oh I know. How about we bake something in the kitchen. Anything will do. " Lisanna said with a smile as she got up and fixed her dress. "It's just around the corner."
  11. Elliott stopped himself from saying something in response to her words. After all, she just suggested that they should bake. Bake? Bake?! He had never baked anything before in his life! His mother liked baking, but even then, they did not bake that much. Well, he had played the game known as Cooking Mama. ... He seriously should not have been trying to mix up reality and fiction, but he had no real choice in the matter. Hopefully, it would help. But still... Was there seriously nothing else to do in this place? Elliott felt as if he was going to have a long night...

    "Okay," he responded, not entirely sure of himself. "Okay." That felt a little bit more confident and willing. "Let's do some of that."
  12. "Good because I'm hungry. I haven't eaten in a while so now's as good a time as any." Lisanna started walking in the direction of the kitchen but she walked slowly so he can follow. She had many servants that could've cooked for her but the act of cooking would be much more fun if they did it themselves. In truth she can cook fairly well but not good enough to be like the professional chefs that work for her. She hummed a little song on her way there happy that she could do this instead of sitting there awkwardly.
  13. Elliott had not eaten as well, so he agreed with Lisanna's reasoning. He followed tightly behind her, looking around the house with interest. He had not seen many other family's houses before. His friends were few, and they tended to come over to his house, not the other way around. The only time he really saw other houses were during the house parties, where the houses were dolled up for company. "You do have a nice place..." he marveled. As she begun to hum, Elliott unwittingly began to join in, if not only because the tune sounded familiar to him.
  14. Lisanna stopped humming for a moment and smiled hearing him do it as well. "Thank you~ So do you know that song? It's from a game." As they entered the kitchen she shooed away the servants telling them that they were going to cook for themselves. The servants had no choice but to listen to her and left the room to do other little chores. "It's quite a famous game now that I think about it." Going back to her previous thoughts about the song got her excited about the game.
  15. Elliott had to stop for a moment for him to realize that he was humming. "Yeah, yeah. I do," Elliott responded without thinking. It was only until he had listened to her carefully, realizing that she knew of the song and the game herself that Elliott had snapped over of his reverie for him to talk to her. "Yeah, I played it a lot. I still play it even now, honestly." He looked at Lisanna in awe, surprised to know that she ws at least somewhat of a gamer, like him. The good majority of his friends were not, so he found it hard to find people about them.
  16. "Cool. I played it a lot until I just stopped playing one day. You must like video games a lot. I don't play them too often since mother says its unladylike. The ones I did play were a lot of fun though. You know what after this we can play a game." Lisanna was a bit surprised he knew exactly what song it was but was relieved at the same time since she thought it might seem a bit weird that a girl was singing a song like that but it didn't bother him at all. She went over to the counter and got a big cook book. "So what should we make?"
  17. Elliott could understand what it was like to have his family not approve of his gaming hobby. But, it was not more of that he did than it was that he did it too much. "For me, its more of that as time has gone on and my parents began preparing me for the Waltz..." Elliott took an elongated sigh. "Games are really the one thing that can relieve the stress of it all. I do love a lot of games, though and I wouldn't mind playing one or two later." Elliott took note of the large cook book and gave Lisanna a nervous laugh. "H-How about something easy? I mean, I kinda..." All of a sudden, he found the far side of the room more interesting than Lisanna's face as his face contorted into a defeated smile.
  18. "I see. I guess you can say it relieves stress. They are supposed to be enjoyable after all." Lisanna noticed his expression a let out a small laugh. "Don't worry. There are plenty of easy recipes and I'll help too you know." She opened the book and flipped through the pages. "How about we do two things just because whats a dinner without a desert am I right." She said in jest as she continued flipping through pages until she found something simple enough for the both of them. "Let's make a chicken wrap and a small cake. Cakes are totally easy and chicken wraps are well... it's just chicken and lettuce. Sounds easy enough." She started taking out pans and bowls from cabinets as well as getting the chicken.
  19. Lisanna's words are at least enough for Elliott to relax his shoulders and take a deep breath. He had only sparingly cooked before, but Lisanna was right. The items that they were planning on making sounded easy to make. Elliott moved to the refrigerator and opened it, trying to help look for some of the items that they would need. "For a cake... We're going to need eggs and butter, right? And the lettuce should be in here too, right?" Elliott asked to Lisanna, wanting to make sure that what he was saying was correct.
  20. Lisanna took a moment to think about it. "Hmmm no we won't really need butter but we do need eggs. The lettuce should be in one of the drawers of the fridge. Also we need tomatoes and Caesar dressing. Oh an tortillas." She got the vegetable oil, knives, and the cutting board as well. "I think this should be everything we need." She laid all the pots and bowls out in an orderly way and went to wash her hands in the sink. "When you put all the stuff down come wash your hands okay."
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