A Cute Nerdy Gamer Girl?

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  1. What better way to catch everyone's attention, yes? :p

    So, hi!

    Just a little about myself - I've been roleplaying for roughly 13 years now and have joined sites that have been specifically Sci-Fi to forums like this as well as role-playing in games like Neverwinter Nights and the D&D scene. I just happen to play like 99% females that are usually homosexual (mostly because I am as well, go figure), but range my roles from anything to a princess to a hardened mercenary. I also tend to enjoy fantasy more than Sci-Fi and Sci-Fi more than Modern settings.

    I am recently a housewife, but plan on trying my hand at starting a book too, seeing where that takes me, and run a Minecraft Modded Server as well. I've been browsing for several days now and really like the feel of the website, though no role-plays have stuck out to me yet. I might try an idea I had before in trying to sort of GM a role-play where I just start off like writing a book and just keep going, even if no one shows up ... but I dunno, lol.

    Anyways... *Cookies* <3
  2. Welcome to the community Lydyn! :D
  3. *smiles* hello, I am Hollow! Welcome to the site...(Be my friend)
  4. Thanks for the welcome guys. :)
  5. welcomes....belatedly
  6. Thanks Humming. Sadly, haven't found anything just yet, lol ... but it has only been two days. Probably doesn't help I'm in a bad mood. xD