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(I figured out that i had it in the wrong area and thats why it didint get much attention)
Well im stiing on a pile of ideas but the simplest ones i can come out with is
Full metal alchemist: the story that was never told- its based in the FMA world but about the side story of alchemist/ soilders/ state alchemists/ etc. One whole story is gona be hard to end, but i had an idea where we would have mini storys and when one ends anouther will start.

Assassins cred: the undocumented files(or documented)- we will play as assassins in training after ezio has over thrown the templar leader but there are still teamplars roaming the citys of italy(or the ottaman empire if you want to do the newer one).

Music is my life- My idea was that teens in the same schools but diffrent personalitys and social status join a rock band and.....wellll every thing is going blank after that T-T

Too cool for school- I kinda want this to be an action pack comedy of a group of frends finnly go to a party but wittness a robery and this itiotic kids cover there faces and grab any thing they can find to fight the robber and save the day.