A Cup of World-Class

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  1. With the sound of bells came clacking shoes, and clatter, and Vivi having to (politely!) shove her way past several classmates just to make it to where she wanted to go. It involved a lot of dainty "excuse me"s and carefully sidestepping bodies upon bodies, but the hallway cleared enough after the first dozen or so heads for her to scurry to the room they'd been allotted for club business.

    Upon opening the door, she found --

    An empty room?

    Oh, was she really the first one here after all that?

    She walked further in, placing her rose print bag by a nearby chair. The only sounds in the room were her own movements and the soft whistle of her breathing. The blinds were shut -- goodness, blinds were dreary enough in the first place! -- but sunlight poked through the slats and left columns of bright, horizontal lines along the floor. Vivi swept over and opened whatever blinds she could find, allowing trapped light to spill into the room.

    If this club was going to be for fun, it had to look it, at least! Plus it would let whoever came in next know that someone else was here.
  2. Miku walked down the almost-empty hall, her footsteps echoing in her platform shoes.
    Running a hand through her hair, she entered the room labeled "Dance Club".
    She usually wasn't into this type of thing, but she decided she needed to get into new things.
    Taking a deep breath for courage, she opened the door and stepped in.
    "Hello! I'm Miku Isakki! Nice to meet you!"
    She smiled brightly.

    Iruki walked down the hall, hands in his pockets, ignoring the stares from
    all the cute girls.
    He wanted to say hi and talk with them, but for his "tough guy" look, he had to ignore them.
    He reached the room labeled "Host Club" and walked in.
    There was only one girl in there- a girl?
    He smiled slightly.
    "Hello. I'm Iruki Kawatai. I'm here for the host club?"
  3. Kyle skipped down the corridor, trying to avoid older students who enjoyed knocking him down. He looked left and right checking nobody was looking at him (not that anybody ever did), then quickly stumbled into a room labelled Host Club. He hoped nobody recognized he was a boy, in his sky blue, silk dress in his. "Hello~" Kyle lilted, "This is the host club, right?" Kyle grinned brightly, glancing at the few other individuals in the drab yet brightly lit room.

    Sangre stormed down the corridor, unusually ignoring all the other tyrants. "Stupid, unreasonable teachers," Sangre muttered, referring to the art class she'd just had. She didn't even bother to check she had the correct room as she swung the host club door open with great might. She looked around the room, unimpressed by it's emptiness and lack of interesting people. "Is there even anybody worth talking to here?" she boomed.
  4. It had already been a freakishly long day, and it was about to get longer by the looks of things. Juliette wasn't too excited for the crop thus far.

    Only a few of the boys were any good, the rest were just awful. Terrible.

    She hated them.

    But Vivi had enjoyed them, so they were let in. Vivi was just way too nice.

    Smoothing out her hair, she strode in after she heard a very loud voice. It was even louder than hers, which was quite an accomplishment. "If you're just gonna come in here to bitch, I suggest you leave." She wasn't about to tolerate some snotty girl running around like she owned the place.


    Ryan hadn't yet arrived at the host club yet. In fact, he hadn't even started to head over that way. It seemed like Erik was tied up with something in class, so now he was just... waiting.

    Deciding it was best to just sit outside the classroom, he sat on a bench nearby and took out his phone, yawning as he opened up Angry Birds. This shouldn't take too long, right? Hopefully.

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  5. Leilani made her way down the hall, provoking some nasty looks from a few freshmen girls as she strode right through a cluster of them. When will people learn that you aren't supposed to block the hallways? It's not that hard... She thought, ignoring their looks. Soon she located the room for the host club and took a deep breath. She heard someone yelling. "Oh great..." She muttered, entering the room and bracing herself for possible conflict. There weren't nearly as many people as she had originally anticipated, which was nice.
    Shivering, Leilani quickly found a nice spot that didn't have too many people near it. She recognized a few of them, bu as long as there was yelling she preferred not to be near anyone. Scanning the room, she zipped up her fuzzy, pink Northface and pulled the sleeves down over her hands before crossing her arms. This room was even colder than the last one! She always hated the school's love of air conditioning. Her warm clothing caused people to stare and whisper quite a lot. It wasn't her fault that she was always so cold...
  6. Vivi whirled around at the voice from behind her, finding that it was one of the boys she and Juliette had picked to play host. In all honesty, she'd been the one who put in most of the good word about him -- mostly because she found him cute and... well, they couldn't just pick only guys that were their types! They had to have a spectrum! That was what she told Juliette, at least... She was just lucky it worked.

    "Oh! Hi there!" She pulled away from the windows and strode over to Iruki, some of the brightness from outside spreading to her face. "You're..." She strained her memory, pulling at a strand of hair that unraveled itself from her bun. "Oh no, I think I forgot...! There's an 'I' in there somewhere, right? Oh, gosh, I'm sorry!" She really hated to have just forgotten something so important! She must have looked so rude right now! "Well, anyway, I'm really glad you could make i --"

    A pair of voices cut her off, one questioning and the other sharp. Vivi figured instantly that they had to have belonged to clients; for one thing, they both sounded feminine but not at all like her sister's voice. The voice that came afterward -- almost as loud as the second! -- was definitely Juliette.

    Vivi eased away from Iruki to tend to the two clients.

    "Hi! I'm so sorry most of us aren't here yet, but have a seat -- please! And thank you for co --"

    "Who is that screaming and blocking the door?"

    Oh. Vivi recognized that voice, too, and instantly wondered if maybe she'd just never get to finish anything she wanted to say today. She'd been cut off left and right. Of course, just as her knowledge told her, Finn ambled in behind Juliette. That wasn't a surprise, and she was sure it showed because she could feel her smile slipping against her will.

    Yeah, Finn wasn't exactly who she'd have picked to be in this club, no matter how nice a face he had... Not that she'd ever say that! Ever...

    Finn's face contorted from a stifled yawn, then straightened up into an interested, raised brow. "They were as loud as Juliette -- almost." He'd heard Juliette at her loudest. It wasn't comfortable for his ears. He looked over what seemed to be a couple of girls, the curiosity in his face quickly dropping.He hoped this wasn't what he had to look forward to; there were many nicer girls in this school than ... that.

    He brushed past the group without a word, dropping his bag by one of the emptier corners of the room and guiding his bass toward the closest wall.

    The look that shot across Ageha's face once Miku entered the room was a rare one. She actually paused in mid-sentence, her mouth falling open. Oh, God, this girl... She looked like she'd stepped right out of Harajuku.

    The bad part.

    Then again, all of Harajuku was the bad part.

    She conceded and placed Miku as being from the especially bad part. What was she trying to accomplish here?

    Ageha closed her parted lips, swallowed to clear up the dryness in her throat, and set her jaw firm.

    "Are you lost or something?"

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  7. "Are you lost or something?"
    Ageha asked, looking grim.
    Miku squirmed and bit her lip.
    "N-No, I'm here for D-dance club?" She said, almost a question.
    Looking around, she noticed that she didn't really fit in with all the other girls, which made her feel even more uncomfortable.

    Iruki laughed. "Yeah, my name is Iruki."
    He looked around and Vivi walked off- there were a few loud people here.
    Sighing, he sat on a chair and took out his phone.
    A new message had appeared, his favorite sewing shop had a sale going on today!
    Oh, he HAD to get out of here as soon as possible...
  8. "If you're just gonna come in here to bitch, I suggest you leave." a girl who'd just walked in stated, louder than Sangre. "Well usually clubs manage to get organised before they start, and your breaking the school noise rule by 7 hertz while swearing. I..." Sangre started, until she caught sight of a certain boy. Sangre felt like the world had fallen over. She shook her head, and continued, "-ahem- I, am willing to over look this though, and oblige by your rules- for today."

    Kyle squirmed as the two girls next to him screeched at each other. Not exactly what he expected from a host club. Since everyone hard ignored him- as usual- he walked over to the pale wall, squatted down, and sat against the chilling wall. Kyle started humming the tune he'd been practicing in quire earlier, waiting for something to happen.

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