A Cup of Roleplay

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  1. :jump:So it's time for another partner request!:jump:

    What do I like? Oh how nice of you to ask!
    • Fantasy. Dragons, yay! Unicorns, yay!
    • Mystery. Where's my magnifying glass?
    • Horror. Boo, AHHH!
    • Romance. Kissy kissy.
    • Yaoi. OMG, yes!
    • SciFi. Aliens.
    What do I not like? Oh must you ask?
    • Yuri.
    • Realistic.
    • Fandoms.
    Plot Ideas?
    • Master x slave
    • Student x teacher
    • princess x knight
    • Cop x Criminal
    • High School drama
    • Post-Apocalyptic
    • Futuristic Rp
    • Any other ideas XD
    If we're doing yaoi, I would really wanna be uke, but it's okay if I can't be ^.^

  2. \(o.o) May I interest you in a Yaoi RP? I have a huge list of pairings that fits under "any other ideas". :3