A Crazy Household With Monsters!

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  1. Kazuhiko Amano sighed as he walked through his house... it was so much... bigger... He stepped into the hallway and noticed the stairway and the hallway extending to the upstairs, which would be everyone's rooms. He rubbed the back of his neck as he turned around and went into the living room. Everything was so... spacey. He didn't know what kind of Extra-Species people were coming to stay with him exactly, his agent -Sonia was supposed to have one or a couple dropped off today. He sighed as he went into the kitchen and started preparing his dinner. Since it WAS around seven.

    Nori was sitting in a big truck. It seemed like one of those moving trucks. Well, she couldn't really complain since it allowed her to be comfortable while the agents brought her too her Host's residence. She gulped as she looked at the other occupant in the truck. "H-Hi... are you going to a homestay with a man named Kazuhiko Amano too?"

    (Whoever wishes to be with Nori may put themselves in here, or if multiple :D)
  2. Lolly

    Lolly quietly picked at the cloth of the bikini she had been given to wear, more for the sake of the people escorting her than for her own. The curvy shark girl was used to being nude in the waters, since the weight of any kind of clothing would just weigh her down when swimming around. No sea creatures wore clothing or knew much about it, so Lolly agreed to wear it to be able to inspect it closely.

    She sighed as she reclined against the wall of the truck she was resting in until she could be delivered to her new Host for her stay, holding a large drawstring bag to her bust. While she was fine with being helped onto the trucks after spending years without walking by humans, she did not trust anyone to transport the large collection of pears without her being there to supervise. Lolly glanced over at the other side of the large truck to a quiet eel-like creature who was reclining lazily on the cushions the agency provided.


    Soft hisses through his sleep escaped Atum's partially opened mouth, his purple/blue tongue visible to anyone who got close enough without being scared of the large fangs resting beside it. Atum enjoyed the silence of the truck, especially since there were other occupants besides himself in it, and he didn't feel like socializing just yet. He'd much rather sleep and relish in the dry, warm air outside of his murky caves than be dragged into a social circle with the other monsters that would be staying with him in the home.

    The tip of his tail flicked about every few minutes, the large Naga taking up plenty of room with his long tail. Atum had his golden accessories in place; an intricate bracelet around his left bicep and two long golden cuffs covering the majority of forearms. He couldn't wait until he got to his new home so he could pile up his pillows and blankets and sink into their warmth. Maybe one of the Hosts would even cuddle with him or provide heat to the quiet Naga.​
  3. Shiori bided her time by wrapping her own tails around her for cushioning, making it fairly difficult to make out her silky pink yukata underneath. Her eyes darted from wall to wall of the truck, trying to wedge herself into a corner. She grit her fanged teeth.

    "No clue who they're sending me with right now, really..." She muttered in response to Nori, before shaking her head. "I definitely called shotgun before, why can't I ride up front?" She pouted. "No respect for social contracts, I swear!"

    She was a little wrapped up in herself, so Nori would have to make the first move.
  4. Nori kept her long tail away from the feminine Naga. She really didn't want any ideas thrown around... She looked at the curvy shark girl and then at the kitsune. She pulled down her top some and straightened her skirt. Her brows furrowed. She hoped she looked good for her new host. She didn't want to leave a bad impression. "Hi everyone... Um.. I'm Nori, what's yours?" She asked them, she then blushed, feeling shy at meeting all of these people. "Um... Do you have your papers with you, guys? It should say the name of your new host..."

    Kaz sighed as he made a large dinner enough for multiple people. Meats and veggies began to be put out onto the table. He called out to his roommate. "Hey, Jorge! You awake?!" He called out loudly, hoping to see if the man could hear him from the kitchen. "Get ready, the guests should be arriving soon..."
  5. Jorge was actually using a computer to find out about these guests since if there were any particularly weak species among them he would be extra careful to not hurt anyone, the one that stood out strangely to him was the shark girl (Lolly) since he actually had some experience with sharks from long ago and knew they were more than capable of withstanding his strength and then some
    Hearing Kaz call him he put away his computer and got out of his room saying "Do you really think I'd be rude to our guests dude? I mean really, I may be rough around the edges but I am not some idiotic punk" He smirked and went downstairs, he thought about lighting up a smoke but decided against it since it would not send the right impression, he grabbed a soda from the fridge and took a sip as he sat down calmly at the table as he glanced out the window to see the darkening sky
  6. "Paperwork?" She nearly spat the word, laughing. "Who has time for that?? It's all common sense and yadayada anyway!"

    She fumbled around with a napsack, pulling out a messy clump of various multicoloured forms and slips. "I wanted to be surprised, but sure, lesse..."

    She raised a white sheet of paper to her face, carefully scanning the characters. Her mouth moved as if muttering to herself.

    "...Oh, hey! Kazuhiko! And, ah, Thompson? Whatever!" She scooched over to Nori, her tails twitching excitedly.

    "We're gonna be neighbourinos! I'm Shiori!~" She shot an arm forward like a slingshot towards Nori's face, stopping just in front of it. It seems she wanted a handshake. She was absolutely beaming - her sharp canines plainly visible.
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  7. Sonia

    Sonia drove the truck, carrying the species that were to room with the specific humans she was assigned too. As she drove, she put out her current cigarette and worked on trying to light another while also watching the rode. She gave up after a few minutes when her lighter wasn't working and she could reach for her purse to grab another without serious consequences. The reddish-brown haired woman grumbled and decided to make a sharp turn around a corner in frustration, not entirely caring about the passengers in the back. Accessing her Bluetooth device, she made a quick call to the to give them a heads-up on her arrival in fifteen short minutes.


    Stryker silently watched the other monsters talked amongst themselves or introduced themselves. He heard something about paperwork and looked towards the monster girl that said something about it. Tilting his head to the side, the pale demon male just stared with unblinking yellow eyes for a few minutes before another monster piped up. He decided to quietly give his two cents, even if he was unused to doing so. Just as he was about to speak, he felt the truck make a sharp turn. Stryker instantly dug his clawed feet to hang on to the area he was seated in as the truck moved in a way it couldn't have unless the woman driving them was a reckless person. Once the truck straightened out and went back to a smooth ride, Stryker released his grip. Looking back at the reptilian woman, he attempted to give her a small smile.

    "M-my name is Stryker..." He greeted quietly. "A-as for the paperwork.... I am sorry but I do not have it. The lady driving us seems to know where we are to go so I guess we should trust her..."
  8. Lolly

    Lolly looked up from her bag of pearls to the shy Lamia introducing herself, quietly nodding her head in acknowledgement before stating her own name. "I'm Lolly. I'm also being taken into the care of the same hosts as everyone else. At least I think everyone is going to the same hosts." The tall shark girl gave the occupants of the truck a soft smile and set her bag of pearls in the middle of her curled tail to keep them from spilling everywhere.

    The sudden sharp turn sent Lolly sliding into the wall she was leaning against with a yelp, her smooth skin not helping her stay grounded where she used to be. She also didn't have anything sharp on her body other than her tail or her teeth, so sticking them into the floor of the truck would be a bad idea.


    The dark Naga had been just happy sleeping on his couple of cushions, curled up in a deep sleep that even the excited Kitsune couldn't wake him up from. The slightly warm air of the truck was perfect for someone who had spent his entire life being underwater in cold oceans all alone. Since he had been sleeping on his soft cushions when Sonia turned the truck, the sleeping male rolled off of his cushions and crashed into Stryker, waking up with a startled hiss.

    His bright blue nails dug into the truck during his scare, and he blinked his sleeping eyes up at the tall Demon before shaking his head lightly. "Sorry about that.." he murmured with a soft yawn, curling his tail in so it wouldn't hit anyone in the truck as he rearranged his cushions to go back to sleep for the remainder of the ride.
  9. Nori looked at everyone and smiled. "Wow, he is taking everyone, isn't he! Well... its nice to- AH!" She yelped as the truck swerved. She kept herself up but huffed as she looked at the front, irritated. "Hmph... well... its nice to meet all of you, I'm Nori.... And I'm guessing we're all going to the same place!" She said excitedly. She quickly shook Shiori's hand and blushed at everyone. Wow... they were all so different! She looked at the demon and the Naga and giggled at the their predicament. "Do you guys think the hosts will be nice?" She asked everyone. She looked at each of them inturn.

    Kaz looked at Jorge and grunted. "I never said any of those, you twit..." He chuckled and looked at Jorge as she flipped the stir fried chicken he was preparing in the pan. "And I expect you to behave though. That means hands off, Jorge. We cannot hurt them and vice versa..." He put the pain down and looked at Jorge. His eyes calm as he spoke. "That means sexually too." He went back to stirring the chicken.
  10. He rolled his eyes and said "You're opinion of me must be horrific if you think I'd actually hurt them, plus I wouldn't force myself on anyone, you know about how I feel regarding hurting others outside the ring" He sighed and said "You're the only one here I've ever thought about hurting outside the ring and that's just because even though you're a Mangaka you tend to say things I interpret as provoking me to hit you" he sighed and took a swig of his soda as he calmly cracked his fingers and neck before laying back, he saw the chicken and said "I wish I could at least offer to help you cook, but you know what happens whenever I try" He sighed remembering all the times he accidentally broke the pots and pans and once even broke the entire stove, he has been banned from cooking since then. He sat back till he got a message, he read it silently, he had a fight tonight so he would likely duck out after dinner to head to the arena
  11. Kaz smiled as his friend got triggered from the teasing. He looked back at the buff individual. "You know I'm kiddin'... but I meant even if its consensual. Sonia made it pretty clear... but it might change sooner or later... And to be honest? I expect you'd treat them nicely, I'm just yanking your extremely short chain, Jorge..." He chuckled and added the sauce to the chicken and flipped it a couple times. "Its fine, I rather not have you break the house since it just got finished remodeled yesterday," He said, he then put the pan to the side to let the chicken soak. "And Sonia is apparently bringing most of our guests today... though she didn't say when. So I'm making a dinner big enough for a bunch of people."
  12. Jorge smirked and said "If you know I have a short chain why tug it at all" He sighed and shook his head then said "Guests or not, I'll be going out tonight, got a match" He said calmly as he expected Kaz to either put up an argument or just accept that there was no stopping him, after so many years fighting is in his nature and the day after a rare good match he is at his most mellow, he had no plans of losing any time soon and these fights were how he made deposits on his personal savings/eventual retirement fund since his day job barely payed enough for living expenses and things of that sort. Besides these fights were the best way for him to actually be able to let loose and not have to control himself as he had to do every day of his usual life
  13. @-Toxic-Madness-

    One of Shiori's ears twitched at his conundrum. Her jaw dropped.

    "Wh-what?? You don't have the papers??? Oh no oh no, what if you get deported?" Shiori looked genuinely worried, with an exaggerated frown.

    "It's okay, it's okay, I got my forms here! A-and let's grab some ink and papers, I'll draw some up for you! My calligraphy is AMAAAAAAAZING!~" She beamed, fumbling through an assortment of mismatched forms and scraps of paper, before rushing to his side and slamming a sheet on the floor of the bus.

    "OKAY! I'll try to copy one over for you, lesse... waiwait, these are coupons, uhhh... wait, what's this legalese stuff aahhhh!" She groaned, before scribbling as fast as she could. Her writing and penmanship was really good despite her current mood! She almost had a forgery prepared...

    ...Until the bus swerved and her hand swooshed along the paper.

    "Ahhhhh shoot, I signed it accidentally..." Shiori muttered, crumpling up the paper. She was about to fish for a new leaflet. This was insane and probably completely unnecessary, all things considered.
  14. Sonia

    When Sonia got nothing but an answering machine, she decided to hang up her Bluetooth and focus on driving again. Since this was a transport vehicle and this, in a sense, was a mission, she couldn't turn on the radio. "Great. No smoke and no music... Someone just end my life now before the boredom does." She muttered stopping at a red light and waited, the unlit cigarette hanging in her mouth just waiting for a fire to light it. Once the light turned green, Sonia sped off and hoped to any sort of Diety that they had no accidents along their trip.


    Stryker was startled when a body crashed into him during the swerve and he looked down to see that the creature that was flung at him was a naga. Hearing the apology for slamming into him, Stryker offered a small smile and wrapped his long tail around the mass of pillows and the naga to keep them from flying again if the driver decided to swerve again. "It's alright, I don't mind since the swerving is what caused you to crash into me." He answered before turning his eyes to the really excited fox girl. He vaguely heard her name to be Shiori or something like that and he put both clawed and black furred hands up. "Y-you don't have to do that, Miss. I will just ask our handler if there is possible to get me any copies." He told her.
  15. Kaz looked at Jorge. He nodded quietly then spoke. "Yeah, you can leave once you've eaten and greeted our guests..." He said in his usual calm tone. He rubbed the back of his neck as he looked at Jorge. He should really get a better job... He's going to come back really messed up one day And Kaz won't be there to patch him up as usual.

    Nori giggled at the eccentric cast of characters. "I'm sure Sonia can get you another set of papers, Stryker. And um... Shiori. You should stay seated... Unless um... It- gaah!!" She yelped when they took another sharp turn. "Hey you, drive carefully!"

    Nori sighed as she got up and realized the vehicle had stopped. She looked at each of them with an excited look. "This is it!"

    (Sonia leaf us all through so everyone respond now then sonia bring us to the door then Kaz opens the door yadda yadda)
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  16. Lolly

    Lolly took off the pair of white pearls keeping her hair in its ponytails, setting them back in her bag to pull out a bright blue pair instead. They matched more with her bikini and the color of her eyes, so she opted to switch them so they would match. She looked over at the other females in the truck and then the male naga resting with Stryker before glancing at her pear collection.

    Maybe she would give them a pair or a single pear of different shades as a gift of sorts once they settled in. When Lolly felt the truck come to a stop, she curiously shifted closer to the other monsters near the entrance so she would be able to see her new hosts.


    The young Naga could feel his cheeks heating up in his half-asleep state when Stryker decided to curl him up in his tail to keep him from shifting if the truck made sudden turns again, offering the tall demon a small grin as he curled up in his cushions. The excited Kitsune kept him from getting any sleep since he wasn't used to so much noise in one room.

    He rested his chin on one hand while he laid on his stomach, finding the exchange between the two creatures amusing. His bright eyes flickered over to Lolly's pearls, their shades distracting him until Nori made them aware of the truck stopping. He curled himself closer to Stryker and lifted his head to look at where the door would be lifted so they could get to their new home.
  17. Sonia & Stryker

    Sonia pulled up to the curb of the house and turned off the car. Quickly getting out, she moved to the back and opened the door, pulling a list out of her purse as well as a full lighter. She lit her cigarette and looked over the list, calling out the names of the monsters that were in her care during the drive to the new house and to have them stand at attention. "Alright you lot, listen up. We will all be living here for the duration of this program. Once this has come to either a good decision or a bad decision, you will all be given a choice on whether you all think being up top with humans is where you belong or being with your fellow monsters where you all came from is more comfortable for you. You cause fights or attack the human hosts, I will be the first to respond to detain you and vice versa. Any questions?" Was all she said, bored out of her mind. Just when she thought no one was going to ask anything, a tentative black furred hand raised that could only belong to Stryker. She was about to answer when she noted that his tail was holding up the naga known as Atum along with the pillows the male reptile brought to nap on. She had to take a moment to register that the demon male seemed to have forgotten to let go of the other after stepping out of the truck. "Um... yes Stryker?"

    Stryker put his hand down and looked a bit self conscious for a brief minute before looking at the busty woman. "I seem to have lost my papers, Ms. Ruble. Is there any possible way I could get a copy of them so that I know I am in the right group?" He asked. To Sonia, he almost sounded like a kid who got into trouble for getting into the cookie jar. A sigh escaped her and she looked at him. "I'll get you a copy once we get inside. Just make sure not to lose the copy." She answered and led the group to the door. Standing in front of it, she decided to knock hard on the door instead of searching the black hole she calls a purse for the key to the house.
  18. "Oh, okay... i-if you're sure!" Shiori was hesitant, but she really had no time left to attempt another copy. They were already here!

    She bounced to her feet, though she paid careful attention to Lolly's pearls. They were really pretty! She liked pearls... they were shiny and triggered a needing within her. Maybe she could just... take a look and...

    She stumbled off the truck first, jostling her out of her greedy little thoughts. She surveyed the impressive building before being called to attention, planting her arms at her side.

    It was more of the yadayada. Ohhhh welllll. At least the demony guy wasn't getting deported!

    As Sonia turned her back towars Shiori to knock on the door...


    She took on the guise of a gentle, shy looking school girl. The transformation was pretty thorough - she ended up with a sailor skirt, her hair colour turned black, with long hair blanketing her shoulders, and she was trembling as if an errant glance could break her in half. Her forehead was wrapped in bandages.

    At least Sonia would know what she was up to, though it was hard to guess at 'why'. She was already aware of what Shiori was capable of.
  19. Kaz eyes opened wide as the knock sounded through the house. "Oh... That must be them! Jorge. You stay here... Prepare the table!" He ordered as he took off his cooks apron and quickly walked out of the kitchen/dinning room and went to the front door. He opened the door to see an irritated Sonia and a conglomerate of monster... and a school girl? His eyes widened as he looked st them and he rubbed his neck. (Like the pic) "hello everyone. You all can call me Kaz..." He was about to speak more lightening struck and thunder boomed, rain began drizzling. "Oh dear," he motioned for them all to come in, "no use for you all to get wet... Welcome home," he said in his normal calm tone. He smiled and shut the door behind them, the house was warm and smiled of very delicious food. "I have dinner all ready of you're all hungry..."

    Nori smiled at the host and looked at everyone, her eyebrow raising at the Kitsune now school girl. She jumped and eeped as the thunder boomed and quickly went in. "Nice to meet you! I'm Nori! Hmmm... Smells Delicious, sir!"
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