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  1. Hey, Zulu here! (Insert people whispering in confusion about random guy)

    Lemme tell you this funny, cute idea I have! I have been reading up on the Monster Girl Encyclopedia and that amazing show Monster Musume. And let me tell you... I have never wanted to do this more! I want to keep this as open as possible. It is set in modern day Japan. I will be hosting this and I'm very excited to do this!

    You can be literally anything you want, from the MG series or make your own!

    There will be some changes to fit this, Your charas will not be lustful rapists. (kinda) but be like humans with their needs, desires, and wants. How you play is up to you! But their species and abilities will and should have affects on thei OCs you make.

    No Gmodding
    No Mary/Garry's
    No murder

    At least one paragraph
    Sex in moderation. Or Pm
    2-3 characters

    ~Back Story~
    The year is 2016 and times are peaceful. Sorta. About a year ago, when the human world discovered the entire world of Monsters. They weren't evil or anything! Nay! That want to integrate into human society, and what better way than to have them live with humans like foreign exchange students? There is a strict set of laws in place to protect humans and Monsters alike, as such, the monsters cannot be alone in public, they must not hurt people or be hurt by people and must attend Human interaction courses with their hosts!

    Host 2: (Reserved!)

    Host 3: Jorge Thompson

    Agent: (Funny and sarcastic please! :D Need an active person for this)

    Multiple People here for the Monsters!

    (Simple Character sheets here please!)

    (If I missed anything or should add, please let me know ^~^)

    OPEN SIGNUPS - A Crazy Household With Monsters!
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  2. Name: Kazuhiko Amano

    Age: 26

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Appearance: 37e12320e4f3ae4c9df5fe8975a69998.jpg

    Personalty: He is a good guy, laid back. Doesn't try to start arguments but always seen trying to diffuse the situation. He is respectful of other peoples ideas and space. Not afriad to stand up for someone. He doesn't like looking at people for what they're based on by stereotypes, seeing them as the people they act as instead of rumors.

    History: Kaz was born in a middle class family in TTokyo. He joined the military, staying in the service for 4 years. Where he learned many skills for home, fighting and etc. He worked for most of his life and when he finally earned enough money to buy a house, he did. When he had some trouble paying the bills. He got a roommate. He lived peacefully for a couple years until the Monsters were discovered. When that happened he signed up for the home stay program. Within the week, his house was remodeled for all types of creatures.

    Likes: Food, Reading, talking, taking care of people, learning.

    Fears: Dying, heights.

    Othe: He is a Manga writer, his side job is a cashier. He is very good with his strength and able to aptly defend himself if need be.

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  3. Roommate - Host 2

    Name: Jorge Thompson
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Personality: Usually calm, laid back, but when mad can become fierce, he can be protective and even dangerous if really mad
    Bio: Born in the US, he came to Japan due to being transferred to work at the branch of his company over here. He has always been a natural worker and for some reason people have always started fights with him so over time he became incredibly strong for a human
    Likes: Reading, relaxing, sleeping, his job, an occasional smoke, and when mad he loves seeing his foes face when they realize they poked the wrong bear
    Fears: Others getting hurt because of him, him accidentally hurting those around him
    Other: When in desperate need for quick cash he participates in an underground fighting ring where he's gone undefeated wherever he goes for the the past 7+ years (could be longer but not even he cares enough to remember his record)
  4. Name:
    Shark Girl

    Lolly is a naturally curious girl with a tendency to also be cautious around basically anything out of the water she was raised in.
    Lolly had been living a rather boring life back in her home ocean, and was arranged to marry off to a male shark boy for the sake of preserving their species. However, when she heard about the H.S.P, she immediately signed up to escape her pushy family and betrothed to a place she could be free in.
    Raw fish, sleeping, learning about humans, exploring, changing her pearl earrings from her collection
    Being confined in any type of net, hooks, other shark monsters,
    Other :
    Lolly has always appreciated the male human form after seeing them on her trip to Japan, and has a tendency to be a bit gropey to satisfy her curiosity. She has a couple day heat cycle every month, and loves to try anything that is fried or seems to be greasy.

    Atum is a Naga that deals with more water than land and darkness of the caves he used to live in, so his personality is a bit shy when it comes to being on the surface with others. Even then, Atum is still a sweetheart that tries to not get in anyones way and help as much as he can.
    Atum was left to fend for himself since he was a pup, as most Nagas are when they are a few weeks old. He lived underwater in special caves that allowed him to breathe and hide away from the world to not cause any trouble. He happened to overhear some other sea creatures about a program that could allow him a change in his boring life, so he took it at the risk of coming out of his shy shell.
    Fruits, meat, cuddling with something warmer than himself, helping out, learning about human romance and courting/dating
    Being returned to his boring lifestyle, getting in someone's way, scaring children with his appearance, biting his host accidentally
    Other :
    Atum has a fascination with anything shiny, and will be urged to hoard it if no one claims it. He can't stand the cold, even when he lived alone in clammy caves. Being a Hermaphrodite in terms of genitals gives Atum the chance to have pups, and he hope to be able to have some soon to have company of his own kind.​
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  5. Love them both :D

    Accepted :3
  6. Accepted :)
  7. You're welcome :D Just waiting for a couple more... o-o
  8. Let's hope we get a couple more people soon, then. c:
  9. Thinking of putting this in Libertine as well o-o and link them both to the same forum XD

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  10. That might get you more people to be interested as well, and it only makes sense with the nature of the inspiration behind the rp ^^
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  12. Whenever you make a new thread on another forum or just a thread in general, I'm pretty sure it gives you the choice to copy a link to another thread that could be the ooc thread or IC thread. I don't know if the choice is gone, but it should be there so you can link to this thread and vice-versa.
  13. :3 thanks
  14. This still open for another cs?
  15. Yes, we are still looking for the monsters :3 or an agent :D
  16. f you want, I can play the agent. I am pretty active. Though Don't be surprised if I take most of the day not responding as quickly, I have work and school in the morning and afternoon.
  17. That's understandable. I work usually everyday as well.
  18. K. I woll have my agent and a monster up today. Any particular gender for the agent i need to know of?
  19. Sarcastic Female maybe. She could pull off a freeloader/whatever vibe without being creepy lol
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