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I want to play a mad scientist in a FxF romance. This would be set in futuristic times. There are a few different ideas we could try out, but I would prefer our characters to be married no matter which we build from.

1. My character’s latest experiment goes terribly wrong and causes my character to become unconscious. When she awakes, she finds herself in the same room as your character who’s been missing for five years.

2. After your character’s in a terrible accident, my character saves her life along with some somewhat minor complications. Those complications are super human abilities.

3. One of my character’s experiments becomes uncontrollable and causes much chaos. Since this isn’t the first time my character’s experiments damaged property and endangered human life, she is sentenced to life in a high security prison that has no visitation. Your character and mine decide to flee before the authorities come to collect my character.


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This sounds like a really cool idea!! Is the offer still open??
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