a couple RP types you will have never heard of, but might enjoy, [bully and castle!]



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I've created two types of RPs. The first is bully RP. In a bully RP, either you play one of your own characters that fit a certain criteria, or we decide on a picture to use. The "Victim" in a bully RP is always either A: A big jerk or bratty character, who has to be bullied to learn the error of their ways, or B: one of those characters who is TOO cute, TOO perky TOO optimistic TOO perky and overall just TOO PERFECT, like something out of a kids movie, singing and dancing and looking cute all the time. The second RP type is called castle RP. Castle RP is like a video game in RP form. I play myself, and the other person plays the "enemies" It's set in a castle, and each room has a different enemy type. At the top, there is a treasure to recover. Some people may not approve of these types of RP cuz of violence against cute things like puppies and such [lol games always have cute things as the enemies <3] so if it would be best, send me a PM and we can do it that way. I just wanted to get these RP types out to the mass though.
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Yep, those would be Miscellaneous RPs.
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They are interesting to say the least. See what others think!
Doesn't look like anyone's interested.... Dia, would you be?
I think I already told you the last time we chatted that I dun care for those sorts of RPs. XD Someone else might, though.