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a couple RP types you will have never heard of, but might enjoy, [bully and castle!]

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by trueliesaa, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. I've created two types of RPs. The first is bully RP. In a bully RP, either you play one of your own characters that fit a certain criteria, or we decide on a picture to use. The "Victim" in a bully RP is always either A: A big jerk or bratty character, who has to be bullied to learn the error of their ways, or B: one of those characters who is TOO cute, TOO perky TOO optimistic TOO perky and overall just TOO PERFECT, like something out of a kids movie, singing and dancing and looking cute all the time. The second RP type is called castle RP. Castle RP is like a video game in RP form. I play myself, and the other person plays the "enemies" It's set in a castle, and each room has a different enemy type. At the top, there is a treasure to recover. Some people may not approve of these types of RP cuz of violence against cute things like puppies and such [lol games always have cute things as the enemies <3] so if it would be best, send me a PM and we can do it that way. I just wanted to get these RP types out to the mass though.
  2. oo it says this was moved. moved where? It's certainly a "bizarre" RP. I think it belonged in misc ]
  3. *restrains oceanic sarcasm*

    Yep, those would be Miscellaneous RPs.
  4. I moved it from the Misc forum, because that's where you post the actual roleplays, not the suggestions and idea plotting. XD

    They are interesting to say the least. See what others think!
  5. Ray

    He got what he needed. He found both blueberries and chocolate chips so he was torn as to which he should make.


    He turned calmly. "You know, that's technically breaking and entering, Gwen. You realize that right?"

    (He knows he's in the dog house XD)
  6. Ray

    He had an idea. "Oh yeah, and mine will be quite unorthodox." He grabbed both and put them by his ingredients. He got to work making his batter.


    "It wasn't a crowded space. I didn't even kill anyone. I went there for information, then 4 out of the 5 took cyanide. I guess they had capsules stored in their cheeks. Check the ME report and you'll see I'm telling the truth. I'd never lie to you. The 5th one told me everything I wanted to know. I even offered to help hide him, but he said just to let the building go down. He had faith that God would save him or something. Turns out it was the Hunter instead."