A couple RP ideas!

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  1. Since I am pretty much open season and my RP's that I have been in have been slow, I figured it'd be alright to see
    if anybody else was interested in an RP! Here are a few ideas I had in mind

    1.) -A rather masculine princess sees herself being an adventurer of the great unknown rather obliging to her father's wishes and becoming a queen to the people. She has multiple dreams of a fair young woman, is determined to set out and find the woman. In hopes that this is a sign of something more than being part of a monarchy; she sets out on her horse to find this woman...-

    I left the girl she dreams of open ended, I would rather much have this girl not be human
    but rather something mystical or something of importance...Anything that'll build a problem and why she connected to her in her dreams. Anything!

    And yes this is a romance. FXF please.
    (I'm not much for romance, so I would expect there to not be full out intercourse on the first thing...I want it to build up.)

    2.) -A RP based around Harpie ladies and the flock. Possibly a group that is tamed by humans.

    Another idea I had which can be discussed with someone if they are interested in this.
    The genre of this is open ended, in which a plot can be made around it quite easily.

    3.)- A reverse Beauty and the Beast. A man wonders into the forest. It is late and freezing outside, no way to get back home. He soon
    stumbles upon a castle in hopes to find someone, in hopes he could stay there. He soon finds out it is inhabited by a beast-woman (More-so anthropomorphic and appealing to the eye.) And it follows the same setting as the original Beauty and the Beast except swapt genders and the father isn't kept captive.

    I thought this would be a really cute little romance one. And we can discuss more upon plot
    and how to add more twists to it. Another Romance but not as intense as the first one.

    4.) -A Pokemon RP, in a region where every Pokemon from every other region could be caught. New trainers, Gym leaders, and others alike have come from all over to defeat the final four. A trainer named Jenni has come from Nembasa City, Unova to compete and has already gotten 3 badges in this region. Along the way she meets a trainer. They either become good friends or become rivals.

    This RP can be turned anyway you like. If this RP gets really good we can always ask others to play
    other characters and make it a group RP. (Although a little unsure how but we can talk it out) I play Jenni,
    the character she meets up with can be anything..To a breeder, secret gym leader, etc. And you can make your team.
    This also can be up for discussion.

    There are my ideas! Please leave a comment or PM me if interested! Thanks!

    2 RP's left!

  2. I am also free for any ideas that anyone else has!!! Don't feel like you need to choose from these three, we can always discuss something up between via PM!
  3. I'm interested in the third one! ^^
  4. Awesome! Send a PM so we can discuss about it <3.
  5. 2 RP ideas left~
  6. 3 RP's left since one was abandoned without a notice.
  7. I'd love to do the #3. I'm on everyday so I can post.
  8. Yayy! PM me for ideas and discussion of whats to come and such <3
  9. Added another RP idea!
  10. I would love to do the first roleplay idea. Have never one a roleplay with FxF that wasn't strange, but I would love to give it a try. :)
  11. Awesome!! PM me to discuss about it!