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  1. Idea One:

    [The Sun Will Set...

    A small group of people (ages 18-25 and up to about 8 max.) have taken it upon themselves to become the reapers/judges of society. They move from town to town, finding people and deciding when these people die. From criminals to single mothers, no one is safe when it comes to these monsters.

    Soon enough, though, the government decides that it's time to create a special task force to take these people down. (8-10 task force members, ages 20-28)

    The problem is, somehow these people manage to remain anonymous. Meaning, no one shows suspicious behaviour, no one strange is seen stalking the victims before they die. In other words, it's as if the "reapers" are invisible. Not only that, but it's almost as if they were pulling a Senjo (when peoples' souls leave their bodies. Not the official word for it, but that's what I call it, because of a story I read).

    Without much to work on, the investigators have their work cut out for them.

    {Genre= Horror, Modern, or ModFan, I'm not sure yet}]


    Idea 2: (A lighter plot)

    [League of Super-humans

    It's every child's dream to become a super-hero. Whether they want to be strong like Superman, stealthy (and wealthy) like Batman, suave and awesome like Ironman, or have the ability to shoot webs like Spiderman, they all want to be someone special. Of course, they always grow out of this phase. They get older and their ambitions are about becoming doctors, lawyers, actors/actresses, etc.

    This was the case for four teenagers, all in different cities around the world. They all grew up, each having their own unique dream.

    One day though... Fate decided otherwise and tied their destinies together.

    In one fell swoop, these four fell unconcious and woke up the next day safely in their beds. It wasn't long before they began to notice something was different about themselves. They were feeling strange and experiencing odd phenomena with their own bodies. Something happened while they were blacked out, giving them super-powers.

    The four eventually found eachother and formed a League dedicated to helping all of humanity.

    However, they soon discover that they are not the only ones with powers. (because the story wouldn't be fun without super villains!). More teens are found with super-human abilities. Unfortunately, these other kids chose the "wrong path", using their new powers to wreak havoc around the world.

    And, of course, they'll all want to know who changed them. So, with hunting down mad-scientists and saving the world, this League won't be getting home before curfew and, maybe, they may not be getting back home at all.

    {Genre= Fantasy or ModFab}]

    Post if interested :) Tell me which one you like the most/which one you'd rather play in.

    Since there's a limited amount of characters in each, I may have to reserve characters (so... A private group RP) ^^;
  2. Ooooh~ I would definitely be interested in the superhero one! :D
  3. *dons his Plot Brewing Assistant's hat*

    Always up for helping to get a few more Horror RPs on this-here forum.

    Your first idea reminds me of 'The Destructors' in a very good way (old short story; if you've seen Donnie Darko you've probably heard of it); murderous people capable of astral projection/Senjo wrecking havoc on society. They make for suitably imposing antagonists, largely because they could be anyone.

    I'd recommend you have a good idea of why they're doing what they're doing, even if it's never revealed in-game. Even the Joker in 'The Dark Knight' has a motivation, after all; people don't just up and start murderin' without a cause, however insane or bizarre. Perhaps they have taken in upon themselves to purge society of those they see as unclean or unworthy? Perhaps it's some sort of strange drug that triggers their psychosis and also allows them to Senjo? There's lots of opportunities here; have a good think about it.

    Also, food for thought; instead of it being a group of young adults, perhaps you could make it a group of teenagers? That would really add to the creepiness. You'd have to adjust the plot somewhat to accommodate, as they wouldn't be moving around; perhaps the player characters are local teenagers looking into the weird deaths, or local people/law enforcement who's lives have been affected by the killings? But yeah, just thought that could be fun.
  4. Hmm, thanks Grumpy! >:3 I believe I'll have some fun evil-plotting for the horror one. I'll take your thoughts into strong consideration
  5. Glad to help; if you need someone to bounce ideas off fire me a PM and I'll help where I can.
  6. .. I am a dork. I would TOTALLY go for the superhero one! *laughs* Not sure if I'd be evil or not (I am trying to spread out of my comfort zone and evil is one I normally don't do) but if you get this started, feel free to hit me up!
  7. I shall keep you in mind :D
  8. Interested in the superhero one. I might go the MPD route. Meaning one side is a hero with certain powers while the other is a villan with other powers.

    And he doesn't realize it.
  9. MPD eh? :3 That sounds like it could be fun. It'd certainly add to the story-line :D I like that idea
  10. I am really liking your first idea, although I would prefer to play as the ones judging society. I would be really interested to see what drove them to question the law and their society so much, and what gave them the power to do so.
  11. im interested with both
  12. First one sounds really good -)
    Though one problem I see with it, is that if they travel from town to town, it will be too easy to track them down. After all, if there are same people arrived in town where strange murders occurred, it's not hard to understand that these very people are into it.

    Maybe it will be better if this happens in some big city, with big population, where it is easier to hide...
  13. It'll be easier to track them down if they stay in one city. I'll take that into consideration though :)

    So, I think I'll start getting to work on an OOC for these roleplays :D
  14. I like both ideas o_O The super-hero one more so though, but that's only cause I'm somewhat a bit of a comic book nerd xD
  15. I would be interested in both, personally. Did you have any idea when you were planning on starting one or the other?

    PS: While I'm interested in both, if forced to choose I would pick the first.
  16. Not sure when they will be up, I'll probably be posting Idea 2 first, since I'm still thinking up things for the first one.

    If you're interested in idea 2, PM me with your character's name so I can reserve a spot for you :D
  17. can you give us a characther sheet?
  18. Here's a quick one, though I may add things later:

    Power (nothing too god-like):
    Occupation (before/during):
    Hero or Villain: