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    • ❄A Broken Fox❄

      ❄Information❄Male X Female
      Kitsune X Human
      This is a new version of my old rp: Lost Fox. I felt like making a new one, uncertain it this one will have better success or not!

      ❄Setting❄Within medieval Europe, the snow is falling freely from the cloudy skies above. It stains the ground in blankets of clear, sparkling white. It weighs down on the bare , leafless trees and covers most any path that is left unattended to. Everything is coated in a dazzling white. The air is cold, very much so. As a result not many people have chosen to head outside. Most every person is within their homes, tending to their fires and residing within the warm confinements of their home. Save for a few unfortunate kinds people: merchants, hunters, travelers, and the oddities who reside within this world. Within this Europe, many unnatural people exist, and these people are despised. People hate them with a burning passion, and yet at the same time people adore what they can provide them with. Fur, magic, labor, humans steal away all of these things from the creatures who live among them. They refuse to allow them to live within their communities unless they happen to be slaves or workers, and as a result many of these poor oddities are left to wonder the world without a home or a soul who would care for them. Some humans do support them, offering them an environment and a place to feel secure, but this doesn't happen often. Even when it does, the paradise is normally short lived for these creatures, due to the danger they can bring about to their caretakers. Hunters will come after them, the village could protest, often supports are targeted and forced to abandon those who they have tried to save.

      "Why am I even trying?"

      Quietly, the fox walked. His ears were hidden away under the cover of his cloak's hood, while his tail had been covered by the thick body of the same, dark cloak. He panted softly, each step seeming to drain him of more and more energy, while each and every breath made his throat and lungs burn in protest. His usually bright, emerald eyes were dull and blurred as his mind too was beginning to distort, growing more and more distant just as his mind was attempting to fall away from him. It was hard to think, to keep his consciousness and his wits about him, all of this being the result of his currently injured form.

      "I should just stop, why do I keep going?"

      The night was cold, terribly so. The jaws of winter kept nipping at the fox's covered skin, sending small sparks of odd pain through his already hurting self. Yet again, it had happened to him. He had stumbled into a bear trap, one hidden underneath a layer of deep snow. It's metal teeth had immediately swung upwards, and just like that they had ripped and damaged his calf. It hurt terribly, at the time it had even beckoned a cry from his throat. It had been this pained sound that had caught the attention of the hunters who had set it all up, and upon catching sight of his previously uncover tail and ears, they had attacked without a hint of mercy or guilt. One had stabbed a blade deep into his right shoulder, forcing him onto the ground and holding his down, while the other had taken a grip on his tail. Bending it, twisting it in ways it wasn't supposed to move only hurt the fox more. It was sickening, as if they were merely tormenting their prey before taking what they wanted, and it seemed almost as if they had enjoyed it.

      "I'm all alone anyways. What do I have to live for anymore?"

      Just before they could steal away his fur, the fox had managed to flee from the other's grip. Everything hurt by then, he had been kicked, hit, and taunted, but still he managed to make his escape. His only option towards life had been to push himself through it all, and in time he did manage to hide himself away in the forests dept. He was hurt though, and alone. He didn't see any way for him to survive now in this could and without anything on his own form to heal himself with.

      "I don't want to live like this... I want to die! It would be better than all of this!"

      He suddenly stopped walking, eye lined by a small shine of withheld tears. His pale hands clutched at the dark fabric of his cloak as he looked around from where he stood, and from there he turned in a new direction. He stopped in front of a large pine tree, it's bristles holding away the snow and creating a small show of dirt below it. He eyed the ground, seeming to be thinking. It was still so cold, even without the snow. If he were to sleep this night, he would surely die by morning. He was certain of this, yet still he keeled down onto the dirty ground below him.

      "No one cares... No one would even notice if I died. What would I get out of fighting anymore?..."

      He lowered himself onto the dirt ground below, curling into a small ball and slipping his tail over his waist. He hugged the warm fur close to his body, running his hand through the now tangled hairs of black which had been created from the hunter's harsh grip. He felt so tired, his eyes were heavy. His pain was beginning to fade away into a certain numbness as his consciousness leaked from his body in the form of red liquid. His eyes shut and slowly, his fingers ceased their stroking upon his tail. It slipped away, now laying limply upon the ground as the rest of the tension left his body.

      "If I just sleep forever... no one can hurt me anymore."
      What the fox didn't know, was of you're whereabouts this night. While most people had already fallen fast asleep, you had left the comforts of your home in search of more fire wood. Your own had just burned out after all, and in a night as cold as this warmth was essential. You needed a warm home before you slept, or else the morning might not even come for you. The forest was such a vast place, and already your arms were full of discarded sticks the trees had lost in the harsh winter. Now, you were making your way back home, content with the size of the pile within your hand, but then a stick up ahead had caught your eye. Under the cover of a huge pine tree, it was untouched by the snow. It seemed like an excellent choice, for the snow had yet to wet it. Easily, it would burn.

      Seeing this brilliant choice, you rushed forwards and took the stick into your hand. You slipped it onto the top of your pile, but just before you were about to begin walking, something new caught your attention: A sliver of black. Just on the other side of the tree, there was something else, and curiosity got the better of you. Curiously, you peeked around the truck, unknowing of what you would come to see... The site was certainly unexpected. The body of a man, a black and white tail crossing his waist, and a dark red staining parts of the ground below him. The only thing that suggested that he was still alive was the small, stained movement of his chest with every breath he took. What will you do?

      ❄My Character❄
      ❄My Character❄
      0325152102a.jpg 0325152104a (1).jpg
      5ft. 8in.
      Weight: 130 lbs
      Name: N _Nameless_
      Age: 17
      Gender: ♂ Male
      Race: Kitsune _A fox person basically._
      Skills: While N rarely talks, he can talk himself out of situations from time to time when he manages to gather the courage or reason to raise his voice. In addition, he is very good at numbing his emotions. This isn’t truly a good thing, but it is indeed something he excels at. Not wanting to get hurt, he can easily lock himself away and simply numb all the bad things he happens to feel, but from time to time it does become too much for him to ignore any more and as a result it comes out much too vividly. He knows how to fight, even if he may not look like it, and often he can get the upper hand in a battle by tricking or out speeding the other. He needs a bit of encouragement to talk however, but this doesn’t mean he isn’t good with words.Lastly, he is a very smart person. His problem solving skills are amazing when he decided to show them, and he often can figure things out without any guidance or prior knowledge. He finds his own way to do most anything, and often his way is better than what the previous method had been.
      Abilities: N has the capability to morph himself in three forms: His human, his fox, and his monster. As a human, he doesn't look very intimidating. He isn't very muscular, and while he is tall, he isn't the tallest person around. The same goes for his fox form, for not many people fear such a small and perhaps even cute animal. His claws aren't huge, nor are his teeth, he looked much like any other fox with the exception that his fur is a dark black with a white tail tip, paws, and stomach. However, his monstrous form is very different. It is nearly his height, despite holding the shape of a fox. It looks as if it is made of a black, tar-like substance, but still it's claws can slice and its teeth bite. It's the scariest he can make himself look, and it is his strongest form as well. However, he doesn't use it often, for this form can't be activated on his own command. It is only called forth when he wants desperately to achieve something that he can not do in his other two forms.
      Personality: N is a very shy, quiet man. His mind isn’t something he speaks often, in fact it's rare to even get him to start talking. Around strangers, he may often appear scared and as a result he often draws away from any social contact. This does however conflict him, for in reality he does want to gain a friend. He just doesn’t want to take the risk of trusting a person, for if he would offer up such a thing then they would have the power to break him so easily. He had been abandoned and left behind many times in his past, and so he now has a lot of difficulty trusting anyone or even speaking to others. Yet, whenever one does manage to get close to him, he becomes a very kind and open person. He will speak much more, no longer would his eyes avert nor his ears fall down in insecurity. He doesn’t mind showing his affection in front of others, and he can be a bit clingy. Yet, he is hurt by these people very easily for with the simplest action, he can twist around words in his head and discourage himself, losing his faith in the relationship until the matter would be addressed. Whenever he is sad, he tends to distance himself from others and take to his own lonesome. He locks himself away, hiding wherever he can as long as he is out of sight. It is the way he learned to handle his emotions, for he never had an open hand to comfort him in the past. He doesn't accept another’s comfort’s easily, and for him to do such a thing would show quite a bit of trust.
      Bio: N was abandoned when he was very young, handed over to a small orphanage due to his ears and his tail. They accepted him, or at least his caretakers would. The other children would often pick at him, tugging at his more animalistic appendages, claiming him to be scary and weird. At times even labeling him as a monster. As a result, he often tried to stay close to those who took care of him, distancing himself from the other children as much as he could. It was a time he hated, but still it was a time of security and perhaps even peace compared to what life held for him in the future. The first time he caught a glimpse of just what was in store for him happened to be when a certain man had visited the orphanage, saying he planned to adopt. He was a scruffy, big man, one with quite a few visible scars. He was peaceful for a while, but this changed the moment he laid eyes upon N. It was at this time that N was brought to the realization that what he was, would indeed trouble him in life. The man had placed a scar on the base of his left ear, before the caretakers had the time to throw him out of the establishment. The fur of mystical being such as himself could sell for hundreds and hundreds of gold, noble men sought to wear such valuable and rare furs upon their own self, and it was for this reason that hunters wanted to capture and mutilate N of his oddities. Perhaps even kill him.
      He was scared, terrified of the outside world even at a young age. This made it all harder on him when he was forced out of the orphanage at the age of twelve. His caretakers had abandoned him, because he brought danger with him and therefore threatened the lives of all the other children back at what he thought was his home. This was the first time he was hurt so terribly that it had stung for days, much longer than that rip on his ear. He was scared, horrified, he didn’t want to keep going. He wanted to just curl up and die, but with time these things did fade. He took to hiding himself under his cloak, living on his own with not a friend around. Anytime someone would happen to get close to him, they would abandon him the moment they found out about what he was and what this brought about. He has been damaged many times, and now at the age of seventeen he finds himself near breaking. People turn against him, hunters try to kill him, in his mind the whole world is against him. All alone, he is truly living one of his worst nightmares, but he has yet to end it all. He keeps going, having just enough strength within him to keep pushing on, but it was wearing away. He needed a friend, or else he wouldn’t be around much longer.

      ❄Character Sheet❄
      (Inset image(s) here.)

      Skills: (Optional.)
      Abilities: (Optional.)
      Personality: (Optional.)
      Bio: (Optional.)

    • Fragments


      Male X Female /or/ Male X Male
      Familiar X Master

      This is something I kind of had, thought I did change it up a lot from what it had been~ I suppose it could be called another revision. As such, I am a littler uncertain of where I want this to go, so I'll just wait and see how things end up turning out.


      ---13 years ago---
      "Yoru, we will be having a guest over in a bit," announced master, peering down at his child familiar: Yoru. The boy crossed his arms , a look of pout crossing his pale face and a tad bit of irritation brightening his icy blue eyes. He glared sharply, and almost immediately the older man knew he planned on protesting. He sighed, his old voice rough and aged as he planted a hand in Yoru's dark hair, ruffling it into a small mess. "Now, now, be kind. This guest is special Yoru!"
      The boy tilted his head, a certain curiosity and a dash of disbelief crossing his gaze. "Special?" he scoffed, his voice almost taunting the other. It seemed more like he was daring Master to prove him wrong, acting as if this man could do nothing to change his mind, and it was just as the familiar thought.
      "It's my grandchild."
      Yoru turned away on his heel, forcing the other to see only his back. A low pout escaped him, eyebrows displaying a clear disappointment while his taunting eyes glared at the other once again. He narrowed his gaze, voice bitter. "I couldn't care less about one of your relatives, old man. Why should I give a crap about some little kid, just because you know them? I'm going to the basement, don't bug me." Yoru had been confident in his words, certain Master would allow him to leave just like that, but before he could take even a step away, the other's old hand clutched the back of his shirt. Yoru paused, icy eyes peering over his shoulder and meeting the man's scolding gaze. Quickly, a bit of an apologetic look crossed Yoru. While he never was really well behaved, he did respect and look up to his master more than anyone could guess.
      Master shook his head, pulling Yoru closer to him as he stated firmly, "You will be present during her visit, and you will be kind to her. If you're unable to complete such a simple request, then you are unfit to be a familiar." Master's grip fell away from Yoru's shirt, and instead allowed it to fall away. Yoru hid it, but at the other's scold a few tears had indeed entered his eyes. While he never did seem like it at first, with how rude he could be, as a child he was certainly quite a crier. He crossed his arms over his chest, huffing out a small 'Fine!' Before quickly leaving. He ran off, and into the basement he had mentioned moments before, crying quietly to himself. He hated to be scolded by his master, more than anything else in the world. It put such a terrible feeling within him, always. As a result, he would always end up like this.
      "Are you ok?
      Yoru tensed, his eyes averting from the ground and rather looking upon the face of another child, one about his age. Quickly, a florid coloring plagued his face, embarrassment being shot to through his veins not that he knew someone had seen him crying. He quickly pushed the other away, a little roughly with his hand. "G-go away!" he growled, turning his back to the other child...
      This was your first time meeting Yoru, the very man who would soon become you're familiar in the future.
      ---One day ago---
      Last week was the week, your grandfather died. At the age of ninty-eight, he perished due to a midnight heart attack which stole him away, forcing him into his now eternal rest. Oddly, there was never an invitation for any sort of funeral. You were told of his departure over the phone by a woman you didn't know, but she told you nothing more. "You're grandfather died today of a heat attack, at 12:53 a.m." That was all she said before hanging up. You tried to call her back, many times, but there never was an answer. You never got anything else, no mail, no calls, nothing. You tried to get his address from you're parents, but they never would give it to you, not after that first visit... They had seemed appalled when they came to pick you up, but you never could remember why. You only remember their scolding in the car, telling you not to play with monsters. Yet, you don't remember any monsters.
      Today, you were walking home from you're outing, moving along the sidewalk quietly. The sky above was dark, the only thing lighting your path was the flickering street lamps above you. The air was crisp with a spring chill, a slight humid feel to it denoting the rain soon to come. As such, you were indeed trying to hurry you're way home, in order to escape the storm before it hit. However, as you were walking, you heard the roaring of a car behind you. With curiosity you peeked over your shoulder, gasping when you saw a rather large van coming straight towards you.
      Every bone in your body grew tense, expecting an impact that... never came. The roaring had stopped, everything for a moment was still. Curiosity got the better of you and cause you to open up your eyes once again, finding the car parked right at your side. The window began to slowly role down, relieving the face of a young, blonde woman. Her green eyes stared down at you, a grin clear upon her red lips. "Hello, deary. I'm so terribly sorry to disturb you, but I've got a little task." She informed. She pulled from her purse, a folded letter, handing it to you swiftly. The car drove away, leaving you all alone in the middle of the empty sidewalk, and curiously you eyed the letter. Opening, you read it quietly.

      Dearest grandchild,

      Hello, if you are reading this, something terrible must have happened to me. I hope you don't feel too sad, little one! Regardless, you do remember me right? It's been so long sense your last visit! Those damned parents of your's don't seem to enjoy my influence. They are just closed minded people, I hoped you turned out different than those fools. Regardless, now that I am gone, I have a little task for you, sweety. Please, take care of the mansion for me. I have left the task of my burial to Yoru, do you remember him? I hope you do, because he now belongs to you. Ask him to explain the rest, and if he doesn't just tell him it was an order from me!

      From, Grandad
      The rest of the letter consists of information on the house, including it's address and the hidden location of the keys: Underneath the doormat.
      --Present Day--
      You now stand at the door of you're grandfather's mansion, a huge white and gold structure. How were you to ever find someone in this big of a place. How were you to even take care of it? You were not sure, but you couldn't allow the final wishes of your grandfather to go undone. You flipped over the door mat, finding there the keys your grandfather had hidden. With a small click, and a big push, you were inside...

      My Character

      K2.jpg K1.png
      Height: 6ft 2in
      Weight: 135 lbs
      Name: Yoru Hikage
      Age: 22
      Gender: Male
      Race: Familiar
      Skills: Yoru is a talented fighter, having experience with nearly every sort of weapon. From blades to guns, he had practiced himself with most anything he could get his hands on. Yet, even though he is dangerous with a weapon, without one the man simply isn't that great of a fighter. He never did learn how to partake in hand to hand combat, making him terrible in anything that may require him to through aside his weapon. Aside fighting, Yoru is also quite good at tending to others. When he was still serving under his previous master, the old man would often request that he clean or cook, even when Yoru was very young. It was these simply commands that made his cooking and cleaning abilities accelerate with age. He is well rounded with music and arts, well educated, and a good reader, all of these being skills his master enforced him to learn in order to become what he claimed was 'a good servant.'
      Abilities: As a familiar, Yoru has the ability to change himself into the shape of a nine-tailed hound. With black fur, icy blue eyes and highlights, it is easy to see the resemblance between both his hound and his human forms. Both forms are have different abilities, his human form being better and handling weapons, while his hound is better with his claws and jaws. In addition, he has the ability to keep an eye on his master at all times, through an invisible connection. Whenever his master his hurt, he'll feel cold and worrisome whether he wants to or not. When his master his happy, he will get a warm feeling, and a comforting one. The intensity of these feelings get stronger whenever he is close to his master. Lastly, whenever he is hurt by his master, it doesn't always hurt. Rather, depending on the mood of his master it can either pain him, or pleasure him. It's a method of punishment and praise automatically placed in every familiar, so that their masters may have an easier time establishing superiority.
      Personality: In many ways, Yoru is much like a tsundere. At first, he cold, rude, and often mean. He can place a blunt comment wherever he pleases, or perhaps even a tease here and there. Arguments are not uncommon with him, and it seemed almost as if it were his goal to be difficult. He can be rather picky, and insulting when he doesn't get what he wants. Yet, as someone gets closer to him, he does begin to soften up. His insults fade into implicit compliments. His rudeness turns into a tender kindness, with an occasional tease or two. He becomes loving, protective, and much easier to deal with. It's hard to reach this stage of affection with him, and really the only person who had gotten him to lighten up so far had been his previous master.

      Character Sheet

      (Inset image(s) here.)
      Skills: (Optional.)
      Abilities: (Optional.)
      Personality: (Optional.)
      Bio: (Optional.)

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