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  1. Hey guys, I'm Len and I'm searching for more rps. This is what I'd like to do:

    •Harry Potter
    •Supernatural (show)
    •Guild Wars 2 (you don't need to have played the video game in order to do an RP with me. I just love the gw2 universe and want to do more with it, so I'll gladly direct you to more information or simply inform you myself on anything you'd need to know. If you love fantasy realities with different, magical races, then I think you'll like this)

    If you're interested in another topic, then please ask. I like to have a mix of OCs and canons in my fandom role plays, rarely am I interested in just one or the other. I've got plot ideas, the more * a plot has! the more I'd like to do it.

    Harry Potter
    1)*** This is a romance RP. Some rps I like romance to be just a small part of the whole thing, sometimes I like romance to be the main course. This is a fluffy romance RP with the clichéd arranged marriages (just cos it's cliché doesn't mean it's not fun). In the RP, the new minister of magic has decided that it's best for young wizards and witches to get married when they are ages 16-20. Whether that be to teach them responsibility/how to be an adult or because people are more likely to protect their spouse in times of war then they would a peer, it doesn't really matter. Housing would be in the RoR and each pair would receive a rule book that can come in handy in our RP whenever we need it. I'll be playing my OC, and I'd like you to play Neville for me. I'm assuming we'd double, unless you don't want to of course, and I'll play whoever you'd like me too.

    2)* This RP follows the events of the golden trio's 5th year. While Ron and Hermione are out looking for people to join DA, they stumble across a girl who they don't really know, but they believe she is a Ravenclaw. Yeah, no, turns out she's actually a Slytherin who just happens to be wearing her friend's Ravenclaw tie for a reason I do not yet know. She's part of the inquisitorial squad (not by choice) so she decides to go to the secret meeting at the Hogs head to check it out. I'm thinking that they find out she's a Slytherin at the meeting, she might be wearing a Slytherin scarf or something, I dunno. The Slytherin is my OC and I'd like you to play Harry for an eventual romance. If you'd like to double, I'd happily play Ron so we can do Ron/Hermione.

    Okay, I'm into destiel, so most of these ideas will be that, but not all.
    1)****** this one is optional destiel, I originally planned not to have it destiel but if you want destiel, I'm down for it especially since I'd really, really love to role play this. My OC is a creature known as a Demangel (half angel, half demon this obviously isn't a canon creature) who grew up in another dimension (that has no angels, no demons, no nothing) , believing she was human. She's kind of like that half demon half human kid, only a little more powerful. I'll tell you all about Demangels if you wanna role play this with me. She doesn't get her powers until she begins having these headaches. During these headaches, she also has visions that describe Demangels in detail. When she begins to realize that she is one of them, that's when her powers begin to come a knockin'. The angels in Sam and Dean's dimension notice this power source in a dimension where there shouldn't be one, and they go and get her. Now, this RP could go two different ways.
    -----número uno: Raphael wants to use the Demangel's powers to help him become god. There's some type of macho showdown or something between him and the winchesters +Cas. Now, either the Demangel comes from the dimension where supernatural is just a tv show and so she knows Sam and Dean are the good guys or she could just have a sense about the fact that they are fighting on the right side and Raphael is not. I dunno yet, but she ends up siding with them.
    -----número dos, the one I prefer: we make this whole fic even more AU by doing a reverse!verse. Raphael is still an angel who is competing for his chance to play god, but there are a few angels against him. He discovers the Demangel and brings her to his dimension but she escapes, knowing he's a bad dude. She finds herself in a small town, and out of impulse, she decides to talk to a priest in a small church for guidance (not telling him about her exact situation though). The priest is Castiel, and when she leaves, a while later, an angel who is going by the name of Dean, goes to ask Castiel on information about the girl because he's trying to keep her away from the angels competing to be god. Castiel's brother, who's a hunter (cas didn't know this) is named Gabriel and he already knows about angels so when Castiel tells him about this encounter, he becomes a part of the story too. Raphael tries to go after Castiel for information but then Dean, who now has the Demangel on his side (he's not looking to be god, he just doesn't want any of the other angels to be god either and since a Demangel is almost a sure fire weapons to help someone become god, he is trying to keep her away from other angels) is there to try to protect cas and gabe.

    Now, obviously I'll play my OC. There'll have to be doubling. I'd prefer to play as Dean, but I will play as either Cas or Gabe if you prefer to play him. It isn't fair of me to ask that I'm the only one who plays as an OC in this particular fic. If you don't want Destiel to be involved or if you just don't want to play two of the three canon dudes, then you can play your own OC, who can be a human or a creature (I think making him/her a Demangel would be too difficult) and they somehow get wrapped up into the story.

    2)** A much more simple, destiel idea (that I don't have a plot for): body swapping.
    3)** if you haven't read Out of the Deep by riseofthefallenone (aka Jen), I highly recommend it. It's a destiel fan fic on AO3. If you have read it, wanna role play it? Either with AU fang fin Dean, or just a continuation of the story, I don't care either way.

    Guild wars 2

    Alright, this is my absolute favorite video game of all time. I love the graphics, I love the characters, I pretty much love everything. Like I said before, you do not need to have played this game to role play it with me. If you haven't, just treat this as if I made up a fantasy universe and wanted to RP it. I'll put a little bit of info in the spoiler (it's in a spoiler because it turns out a little bit actually takes up a lot of space) so those of you who want to get a feel for this universe can do so.

    Races of Tyria (open)



    Sylvari are plants that take a human-like shape. They are not born, rather they simply awake after being created by the Pale Tree, which is located in the Tarnished Coast. They're all bound together by the Dream, a collective state that teaches them before they are awakened (fully grown), with some knowledge of the world around them. The race is the newest in all of Tyria (the world in which all of this takes place), only having been around for about 25 years. They come in any color that you might see on a plant (so basically every color). Most Sylvari are very laid back, not too aggressive usually. If you want to play as a member of the Sylvari, I'll show you a bunch of different options you can pick from on how your Sylvari looks (I'll do this with any race you pick too, by the way).



    Asura are quite small, but they are the smartest of all the races. The major city for Asura is called Rata Sum. Asura almost always work in groups called a krewe. There are three various colleges in which an Asura is involved in: the College of Statics (builders and architects), the College of Dynamics (inventors), and the College of Synergetics (theoretical researchers). They are all neutral colored with big, floppy ears. The average Asura is pretty proud and sometimes cocky, usually arrogant about their intelligence.



    The Norn are very similar looking to humans except for one tiny difference.... they're huge! If I had to guess, I'd say they probably stand at about 7'6 to 8'0 feet tall (I don't know how many cm that is, but it's pretty tall, ok?). They also have the ability to shape shift. They can be either a wolf, bear, snow leopard, or raven (they can only turn into one, not all 4). The Norn mainly reside in the Shiverpeaks, a snowy and mountainous area. They are a larger than life race that is aggressive and prides themselves on their honor… and ability to party. Yes, the Norn love to drink and have fun.



    The Charr are big fluffy kitty cats, basically. Their main city is known as Black Citadel. They're the largest of all the races (probably as tall as a Norn but much wider and stockier). There are three legions in which they can choose to be apart of: the Iron Legion (manufacturers-not as lame as it sounds, this legion practically built Black Citadel and they make war machines), the Ash Legion (practitioners do espionage and subterfuge), or the Blood Legion (the warriors of course). Despite the Charr looking cute and cuddly, they are anything but. They have no room for the weak within their ranks, and are very aggressive, more so than the Norn. They are fearless and ruthless, but are very loyal.



    To be honest, I'm a little disappointed that Humans are an option in the game instead of another fantasy race, since this game is fantasy and we're all human, wouldn't if be more fun to play something else? But, I am impressed with the game's ability to make the Humans be just as strong and prominent as the other races. They settled in an area known as Kryta, after their original land (where they basically ruled the world), Ascalon, was taken over by the Charr. They are resilient beings, able to bounce back from the worst. There are three social classes among the humans, high, middle, and low class (you can probably figure out what each class entails).

    Now, there's an Undead Elder Dragon called Zhaitan, and he's got an army called the Risen, which is made up of everything that has ever died (so zombies. Were talking zombies here). We'd be role playing our character's attempts to stop it.

    Ooooorr, we could role play just average life in Tyria too, either is cool with me. We can work out more of what we want to do with the plot later.

    For those of you who have played, here's a list of all the canon characters that I know, and could double as. If you want to double, I'd prefer that you pick someone off of this list, I'll go in order of races.

    I don't know any Norn, sorry
    -Lord Faren
    -Logan Thackery

    Allllrrrriggght, I think that'd everything. Please write at least 2, decent sized paragraphs and actually give our RP a chance (what I mean by this is don't plan the whole thing with me and then never post, this has been happening to me a lot lately). I look forward to hearing from you!
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