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  1. So, I have a few other rp ideas that I haven't thought about doing before and I would like to see how they pan out.

    1. The Princess and the Knight- After years and years of trying, multiple attempts that ended in tragic failure, the king and queen of a modest sized kingdom have finally been blessed with a child: a beautiful baby girl. Not only is she the miracle they had been longing for, but she was born with a special gift: the gift of magic. Magic was rare in those times and those that could wield it were revered, looked to as saviors of the weak. However, there were also those that wished to control a magical being and use them for their own selfish gain: wealth, power, and glory. The ruler of a rival kingdom, after years of trying to keep it a secret until she was of age to solidify the good of her magic, had discovered the princess's abilities and plotted to kidnap her and use her for his own dark purposes. The princess's father and mother were desperate to protect her and thus, sent her away from the kingdom to protect her, sending a knight to aid her on her journey. She was to go to a far away kingdom across the sea to stay with the royalty there, but along the way, she faces struggles, fear, and most of all, love.
    2. Doppelgangers- (This can either be a fantasy rp or a modern one) A princess of a small kingdom has been forced into an arranged marriage with a prince from another small kingdom, a marriage she does not want to be a part of. The day that she was supposed to meet her betrothed, she runs into a foreign woman visiting her kingdom as part of her vacation who looks exactly like the princess. Said princess forces the woman to take her place, if only for a little while so that the princess may decide whether or not she was prepared for this responsibility or not. The foreign woman, in the rush of things, found herself falling into a role she wasn't prepared for: pretending to be a princess. She meets the prince and struggles to keep up appearances, but finds it hard to do so when she's just a regular person. Nevertheless, it's the adventure of a lifetime. She gets to pretend to be royalty, rub elbows with the rich and famous, experience things no other normal person could...and even fall in love with a prince.
    3. Big Screen Star- A young woman is dragged to a movie premier when her younger sister wins tickets from a radio show. After the premier, there is an after-party, where the contest winners get to meet the actors of said movie and even other celebrities, take pictures and generally have a good time. The older sister loses sight of the younger and is contemplating going home when she meets a rather famous and handsome actor/model or what have you. At first, she doesn't want to talk for long, having the idea that he would spend most of the time talking about himself and his career and how famous he was. She was then surprised to find that he could hold an intelligent conversation and still acted like a normal person. After that night, as magical as it was, she thought she would never see him again and it was something to lock up in the back of her mind. A couple of days later, she receives a text message and the next thing she knew, she is being taken on a roller coaster ride of adventure, love, scandals and heartbreak.
    4. Sign Language- A young woman who is down on her luck and in desperate need of a job wanders into a cafe one day, about to spend the last few dollars she had on a sandwich that she was going to try and make last a couple of days, when she notices the worker behind the counter is having trouble communicating with one of her customers. Turns out the customer is deaf, so the young woman, who knows Sign Language, offers her assistance and helps the worker. Turns out that that worker was actually the owner of the cafe who immediately gives the girl a job. It's here at this job that she meets a young man around her age who was also deaf. He becomes a regular at the cafe, coming in as often as he could in order to see her, feeling himself falling in love with her and the woman the same.
    Okay, these are all going to be romance rps and I will be playing the female in all of them.

    • No one-liners.
    • At least two-three paragraphs per post.
    • At least one post a day. If you don't think you can do one post a day, do not message me.
    • Don't be a follower. This is a story we're creating together, so contribute creatively.
    • Not a Grammar Nazi nor am I perfect, but have an understanding of sentence structure, syntax, capitalization and punctuation.
    That about does it. If anyone is interested, please send me a PM. Do not reply here. Thank you!
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  2. So are these Roleplays strictly mxf?

    And are you wanting to be the girls you mentioned in all of these?
  3. Sign Language idea is taken.
  4. I'd be interested in The Princess and the Knight if you're still looking :)
  5. Interested in doing the knight one with you
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