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  1. Please before you ask, I really like people who do long posts and post often. If you don't have the time then I may not continue the RP.

    Role combos

    Maid x Master
    Alice X Mad Hatter
    Mecha fighter X Alien
    Utena x Anthy
    Utena x Saionji
    Juri X Anthy

    Mirroed Intentions
    This is for the ones who have watched the movie mirror mask...

    When caught in her dreams world strongly tangled within her drawings and imagination. Helena is slowly growing darker, she had never found the mirror mask that would lead her home. Instead it melted to her face and only trapped the evil within her. She's killed the Queen of Shadows and poor Valentine was left to go into hiding. Without someone to help her bring out of this nightmare and prove to her that her mother in the real world is going to survive, she may be stuck there. (or an alternate ending where she is also presented with being the new queen of light after finding out the good news of her mother and goes off in search of valentine to tell him the good news or something along that line.)

    Empty Chest Vessle
    After a tragic accident (unspecified to change around the story line), the heart and half of a young woman's brain is transferred into a temporary vessel. The vessel is of the highest robotic technology, and she is being shipped to another planet to complete the surgery to become a complete human again. But something horrible happens along the way. She is caught up in the middle of a galactic war and her ship is shot down. They arrest her, thinking she's an escaped fighting android. She looks for the help of the human mecha fighters to get her to home.
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  3. I actually like the AlicexMad Hatter combo. However, I will say that I'll try my best to reply frequently.
  4. Ah don't be bothered by the demand, Luna. If it turns into once every couple of days or even less, I'm cool with it.

    PM me and we'll work out our ideas for alice x hatter.
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