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  1. So, I've had these ideas few brewing for a while but they still need much thought with me and of course... my partner! If your interested, as always I would prefer a message as opposed to posing below -don't be shy I love to talk!. I will alter this topic to let know if one idea has been taken or filled.

    What I look for in a partner is of course, is partly consistency in posts. A few replies a week at minimum would be appreciated, I am an artist, a student, and have a part-time job so I do get the occasional busy week as we all do but more often then not I try to get in at least one reply a day.
    As for posting length, I write long intros but posts are generally 2-3 paragraphs long depending on what has been given to work with. Quality over quantity for me, give me lots to work with and I will return he favour. With that being said, I would appreciate a partner to move along the plot with me instead of just tagging along. Swapping ideas over message and OOC chat is always fun too c:

    Business Man x Personal Assistant (open)

    For this idea, I am looking for someone to play the female or male personal assistant to a rough and mean, up-tight; high-up and definitely power hungry CEO of a multi-million dollar company who is going through personal assistants faster then he can hire them. Previous workers tell of his cruel, cold, unfair attitude towards even the slightest slip-up and unreasonable demands but if you can keep him happy by beaconing to his every command the pay is ridiculously handsome.

    - I was thinking, this would start out on the assistants first day of the job.
    - The boss is going to be rather harsh and cold, so if you get offended or hurt when he bullies your character -it will happen, quite a bit- a little bit then this might not be the best for you.
    - I don't mind other characters being brought in on the side to help the plot along but the main focus should be on these two.
    - This is definitely NOT a pure smutt, I want there to be a definite amusing plot and maybe a bit of sexual tension between the two characters but this will not be a 'jump into the sack' roleplay despite the cleche' assistant x boss tittle (sex scenes are to be expected, but also plot as with all most of my roleplays)
    - I think a strong character with a good determination would be best here, not particularity a weak-willed person. Male is preferred, but female could potentially work.
    - I would rate this one verbal abuse, possibly age difference, possible dude on dude depending on he gender choice, and finally possibly hurt and comfort/BDSM.

    Demon Queen x Unfortunate Human (open)

    For this one, I will be using my main and fave character; Isabella Strifer. The redhead who thinks she's all that, brimming confidence, a sharp know-it-all 'I'm better then you' attitude, quick tongue, and of course a reckless soul. A bit of information can be found on her on my blog but in this roleplay her temper will be altered slightly to something more angry and unstable due to past events. I am looking for someone to play the male human, who in this case looks exactly like a past lover of the demon queen causing much anger and grief on her part; a lot of pain and confusion and grief and unnecessary/uncalled for abuse on his part his part when the human gets captured or picked up and taken in to be one of the slave workers for the castle.

    - This would be set in something of a fantasy realm, not as far as dragons and magical pink unicorns flying around but enough for hints of magic and unexpected twists :>
    - The human must be male and fit the description of 'her past lover' -which can be anything you want, any appearance I don't particularity mind- but personality and other is all up to you -my partner!
    - Isabella might get a little bit violent and will definitely be a little bit nuts... Just warning.
    - I really want an interesting plot going with this, considering the odd connection these two are bound to have eventually and reminding this will also not be a 'jump strait into the sack' roleplay.
    - I would rate this one... verbal and physical abuse, possible dubious consent, probably a little bit of BDSM in sex scenes -although, the demon is more on the dominant side so two dominants would be more amusing to me then a dom and a sub.

    In-experienced Kidnapper x A Kidnappers Worst Nightmare (open)

    I am looking for someone to play the -male- kidnapper in this one, although there character would be somewhat new to such a job and working under the influence of a might higher dog -with the promise that if he fails he won't live long enough to seek out another job. I will also be using Isabella for this one in her natural human state. Whether he is doing it for the money, experience, whatever, the job seems relatively easy and loosing/killing the target is not an option. His only commands are to get a hold of the target, keep her contained, quiet, alive and out of sight until receiving word to bring her to a designated area. Then he can receive a handsome pay and be on his way... simple enough sounding until the man realises two things; One: he has the most troublesome, annoying, bitchy, hard to contain or keep quiet target in the world and two; as soon as she goes missing he has a dozen head hunters and detectives on his trail looking for her.

    - Expect to have me throw some seriously tough shit at both characters with the detectives in play but also I would like a partner that can contribute to this plot and spice it up with their own ideas without having to run them by me first.
    - Obviously, Stockholm syndrome might come into play but I don't care what happens to Isabella -rape, abuse, just know she will bite back.
    - Actually, that's about all I got. This needs some thought but I was hoping someone would just take this and run with it with me.
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  2. I would be quite interested in Business Man x Personal Assistant. :3
  3. Interested in Demon Queen one.
  4. I'm never good with kidnappings, but if you'd ever like to do the business man assistant rp again, I'd be open ^_^