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  1. Below are couple RP ideas I've have floating around. IDEA #1 pulls from the Assassin's Creed world to create an original story with original characters in a world you know and love. Meanwhile, IDEA #2 acts as a sort of cross-genre, creative hub where players will share in one another's worlds and push their own imaginations as they work to answer the question -- just how did the world begin?

    I am looking for feedback and interest. Whichever idea is the most popular will continue to development at your pleasure. Questions, suggestions, and ideas are welcomed. So, let's get started!

    IDEA #1: Assassin's Creed: Shattered Memories

    SUMMARY: The Assassin's Creed Universe is expansive and a unique, multi-genre world built around the idea that a person can explore their Genetic Memories. It is from this point, the Memories, that AC: Shattered Memories takes a departure.

    Utilizing the Animus Omega, a group of friends will dive into the past to a time when their ancestors crossed paths -- for better or for worse, as allies or as foes. Modern Day characters will have the opportunity to uncover conspiracies, seek out the Assassin or Templar Orders, or even join or create an independent organization such as Erudito or the Instruments of the First Will. Historical Characters will serve to uncover the secret histories within various cultures, as well as exploring lesser known periods not already covered in official AC Canon.

    PREMISE: The year is 2014 and Abstergo Entertainment's Animus Omega is quickly spreading throughout the market. While the product is quickly becoming a household staple, there are those who believe their true purpose to be more sinister than mere entertainment. You and your friends recently purchased your own. Before you can use it, the techy among you, a software designer, describes what they found while Googling about the device. You humour them and what they say, crazy as it sounds, has you spooked. You allow them to fiddle with the Omega as it will "allow you to experience the past without being tracked." Once the Omegas are all modified, together, you all dive into your Genetic Memories.

    INSPIRATION: Assassin's Creed, A Scanner Darkly, Minority Report
    THEME(S): Science Fiction, History, Mystery, Modern

    IDEA #2: Creation

    SUMMARY: History is subjective. What is written and what is chosen to be remembered is displayed as factual and deemed irrefutable -- however, humanity is known to manipulate and to manicure. Creation is built around the idea of unique perceptions and beliefs. Each Player Character will represent their own philosophy and their own take on how the world began. The story will follow the Beginning of the World from each perspective, allowing for great diversity in genre, and wonderful opportunities for character development. Players are free to create their own philosophies, to alter existing ones, or to simply portray real world beliefs.

    PREMISE: A group of wandering philosophers, holy ones, and shamans amongst their own peoples cross paths along a long road. Weary from their travels, they sit with one another to rest. Out of curiosity, and perhaps a touch of boredom, they begin to recount their peoples' beliefs as to how the world began. Some stories are rooted in the natural world -- reasonable to say the least. Others strike a deeper cord, using the fantastical as metaphors along the way.

    INSPIRATION: The Last Temptation of Christ by Niko Kazantzakis, The Gnostic Bible, The Divine Comedy, The Purushu Sukta
    THEME(S): Historical, Fantasy, Science Fiction, 'Create Your Own World'
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