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  1. Hello all! I'm looking for someone to draw a couple characters from the horror section of my original universe. Well, one of them is a specific character, and the other is a general race. I don't really need color unless you want to, but if you can manage a full-body sketch that would be fantastic. They're far from human so I'm happy to provide any additional details you need!

    The character: Yer'on (open)

    Yer'on is a devilish little creature who thrives on chaos and bloodshed. He looks like something of a mix between raven and bat, about the size of a common house cat. His body, legs, and wings are those of a vampire bat, but with shimmering black feathers in place of fur. He has a large beak shaped like that of an eagle at the front of his dark plumage-covered head, complete with a predatory hook at the end. Inside his beak are rows of sharp, short teeth. His back feet are tipped with short talons, while his front feet have sharp claws. His dull red eyes are always full of glee and he's usually seen wearing a wide, toothy grin.

    Yer'on delights in messy slaughters and uses the blood, skin, and bones of his victims in his twisted art projects. The bodies of otherworldly beings -- especially those with non-red blood -- are of special interest to him. He has a history of a slave, however, so it's possible to overpower his lust for anarchy with firm enough orders.

    The race: Somni (open)

    The somnus is a creature hailing from a planet called Exul, where the dominant species is the Exulian demon. Demons from this world are far from the Earth stereotype -- in fact their culture isn't too far away from that of human hunter-gatherers -- but they're known to be rather terrifying to look at, by human standards. Somni are what their nightmares are made of, the predatory abominations of this dark, frightening world. They live in small clans in the shadowiest reaches of Exul and draw young demon children into their fold, getting their sustenance from their victims' fear. Every aspect of their appearance is designed to strike as much terror into the hearts of their demon neighbors as possible.

    Somni have a roughly humanoid skeletal structure, but their thick skin sags in long, leathery folds that hang all over their body, especially around the waist and hips. In older specimens, this can create the impression of a skirt. Most somni have pitch black skin that allows them to blend into the shadows effortlessly, but some lack some or all pigmentation in their skin, resulting in visible bones and internal organs. Their fingers -- four and a thumb on each hand -- are spindly and very long, nearly a foot on average, with four highly visible joints each. Their legs are very flexible and can fold up comfortably against their back, often hidden in the low-hanging folds of their skin. This is usually combined with their natural penchant for levitation, which gives them a haggard, spectral sort of appearance. (They can still walk normally if they so choose, of course.)

    The face of a somnus is mostly taken up by its nose: shorter than a human's, with three large nostrils. The ears are large and triangular, pointing backwards to hug the side of the face. There are no discernible lips, though their mouth is full of specialized fangs that can fold up into the mouth, lying horizontally against the jaws to allow for limited speech and food intake. When the fangs are folded outwards, they don't interlace well and sometimes jut outwards at a slight angle (think a cartoon anglerfish). Their eyes, by contrast, are very small and weak, like black pinpricks in comparison to the rest of their face.

    Their appearance isn't the only weapon that somni have in their hunt for fear, of course. They are also gifted illusionists, able to magically craft both visual and auditory illusions. Somni who have been exiled from their clan for some reason or another have even been known to use their magic to disguise themselves, so that they might live among another race entirely.
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  2. I can draw them for you if you're still looking for someone to do so
  3. Really? :o I'd lost hope on this, haha. That would be great!
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  4. I'll try to get it done later today or tomorrow :3
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  5. Thank you!! If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them to whatever level of detail you need. :3
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  6. I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to redo what I already have, therefore, I'm pushing the date back to later tomorrow.
  7. And one question, what do you mean by "three large nostrils" ?

    I mean, how would you want that to be drawn. Two with one on top, or like, three in a row?
  8. No rush at all! I wouldn't mind if it took you a week, haha.
    Three in a row.
  9. Pixlr_20150927220509018.jpg 20150927_214838.jpg

    If you don't like them, I'll be fine with redoing them
  10. The somnus one is great, thank you. o3o I guess I was a little unclear on Yer'on's wings, though; you know how a bat's wings are a sort of extension of their front legs? The mix is a little more seamless than that. owo' He's mostly bat; the raven parts are just his beak and talons.
  11. I forgot the wings part...I just remembered that it said something about bat wings with feathers, so I was more focused on that.
    I'll have it redone by tomorrow
  12. Take your time, really. Usually my descriptions are pretty dense so I can pack in a lot of info without writing an essay.