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  1. Sooo... with most of my RP partners having gone silent I find myself with little entertainment again- time to start up a new search thread! I still prefer feminine x feminine roleplays, meaning females or futanaris in any combination, and I adore action + romance/sexytimes in equal amount.

    I should add that I do prefer more advanced posting, a couple of paragraphs is usually enough though four or five in scenes that can be expanded with detail is great! I can usually post once a day outside of rare complications and on days off can post more than that too.

    I'd be happy to provide a kink list or just discuss fetishes involved via private messages, if you'd like! I would like to note that if you really want to pique my interest (besides proper grammar and spelling :P), I vastly prefer RPing in the third/second person perspective, where each player describes their own character in the third person as 'she' or '[name]' or 'her', and describes the other player's character in the second person as 'you' or 'your'. Doesn't work for group RPs but for this sort of private message roleplay with erotic content, it's rather enjoyable. :3

    Now on the RP ideas I've had! If you have some of your own, feel free to suggest something! Keep in mind what I've posted above (in terms of action vs. "plot" balance and feminine x feminine pairings~).

    Human and Mecha girl

    In a science fiction setting not unlike Titanfall, ground combat has drastically changed, with augmented soldiers and automated fighting robots serving as infantry and giant bipedal combat mechs replacing tanks. In an attempt to maintain good public relations as well as gain a psychological edge against human opponents, these large mechs are designed to look like human females (albeit with mechanical modifications). They are equipped with an artificial intelligence to allow them to operate without a pilot, but with one they operate as fierce vehicles of battlefield domination. One of us would play a human pilot and the other a 30 foot tall mecha musume within whom the pilot can ride to take control of her actions, though the mecha girl can still operate autonomously. Together they complete missions in a variety of science fiction settings, working with other mercenaries to combat human enemies and perhaps alien foes alike, and in between they learn that there is more to their relationship than simply that of pilot and hardware~

    Human and Monster girl

    The world has always known that monster girls exist but they've hardly been part of society. Kept as pets by the ultra-rich, hunted for their supposedly magical body-parts or simply ostracized or forced into ghettos/reservations, monster girls have had a tough fate. But now the lobbyists and protesters have finally gotten through to the government, and a law was passed requiring integration of monster girls into civilization, ending segregation and discrimination... legally, at least. One of us would play a monster girl, being newly introduced into a high school/college or work environment (if playing in a modern setting, could also go with medieval fantasy!) while the other would play as a human who doesn't respond with the same racism/distrust as the rest of the humans to these newly integrated members of society.

    Disabled Person and Super Hero

    No idea why but the idea of someone with super powers (like super speed or flight or something) falling in love with someone who has a disability (blind or deaf or missing a limb perhaps) strikes me as a potentially interesting scenario to explore. Maybe it's the notion of romance in spite of feelings of jealousy and a fear of pity or... I dunno, but I'd be interested in trying it!

    Space Adventurer and Artificial Intelligence

    This one is pretty flexible but I like the idea of someone whose occupation involves interstellar travel and laser guns (perhaps a mercenary or bounty hunter or treasure hunter or something) meeting and/or helping or working with an AI of some sort. Could be the Cortana style hologram living in a data chip style, or maybe a sentient space ship with a physical or holographic representation. They could go on daring adventures together, in whatever kind of setting we'd like- Halo and Starcraft both come to mind, though I'm open to others and we could certainly come up with our own!

    That's all I've got for now. I might add some more later but like I said, if you like FxF/Futa AND enjoy plot and "plot" in equal proportion, hit me up with other ideas! I only do libertine RPs in private messages, not threads, and would prefer private messages to discuss ideas though you can post here if you'd prefer. If you are going to suggest your own plot, a handy thing to know is that I have a special place in my heart for RPs about very different characters who fall for each other and find a way to make their romance work in spite of the social stigma or biological differences that would complicate their relationship.
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  2. I'm interested by a FxFuta "HumanxMonster Girl"
  3. Okay, I am actually still looking. Had some folks drop out on me so... take two! Or three by this point, I suppose. I've posted some new ideas and just like last time, if you have an idea of your own feel free to suggest something!

    I'd also like to emphasize that I'm looking for someone who can reliably post every other day or so, and someone who won't vanish after a couple of weeks of playing. Things like being able to write descriptive, paragraph-sized posts are nice and all but so far my biggest problems have been people disappearing or going silent or going weeks without posting. ._.
  4. eh could do the disabled though have my own version. Of a disability i mean.
  5. Mkay
  6. cool which would you be?
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