A Corrupted Love

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  1. Alright, this time I'm looking for something...pretty strange and a bit of a definite plot which I dont normally do. The idea is that theres a pair of best friends, or perhaps new couple. In this realm that has a very dangerous forest or land nearby that at some point the guy heads into, and as a result gets captured by something powerful or perhaps the land itself corrupts him and changes him, this is where the plot is a touch loose, since I know not everyone would enjoy a more nightmarish form doing this.

    I'd like to add, that for ratio of plot to smut I'd probably like about 60 or 70 percent plot to smut. Also he will not (probably anyways) kill her, only other people. It helps lend to the fact that he's still in there and she might be able to save him. Abuse will happen though and injuries will happen to both our characters.

    But anyways depending on preference it'll either be his more monstrous form or just a very creepy evil looking version of his normal self coming back and his friend/girlfriend is the first thing he encounters and then violently attacks before sexually assaulting, the rp could go in either two directions, one she manages to somehow restore his sanity and mental health, so while he's still kind of a monster he's in control. Or she becomes corrupted just like him and enjoys everything he does in their evil borking.

    Another note, I'm leaving this a bit open to make sure this is something people want to do, and its not just...a line that we go along and get all bored cause the plot is set. I prefer to work with my partners and figure things out so we can do what WE want to see instead of what I want to see.

    So...yea, I prefer to play the guy in this context and it goes without saying I'll be dom. So...just looking for anyone who'd be interested in a very dark, gritty rp with abuse and sorrow as heavy themes. I dont really know WHY I'm craving this but I am. Thanks for taking the time it read this, if you dont mind reading a bit more I have a list of my kinks and no gos

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