A Composers Kiss

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    It was two months into the school year and no one had found out yet. Sam was just thankfull he was able to keep his life simple. Go to school during the day compose at night. He didn't want to have to deal with fan's or the press or anything. He just wanted to keep things quiet and simple. So instead of not DJ'ing live, he created a personality. He was Death Jr. Whenever he went to a party or show to DJ, he always wore the same hoodie, and mask to hide his personality and he never spoke to anyone. It's how he got his kicks. and thankfully he was a able to avoid his father finding out. He wasn't popular, in fact he was a loner, always going three life alone, with no one to help him or guide him. He just did what he needed to do.

    Sam slowly walked threw the school and made his way quietly to the music room sense it was almost never visited after school. Thankfully, his boss gave him the day off so he didn't have to work and he could spend the day finishing his newest. He found his usual spot and made sure no one was around before pulling out a violin and walking over to a large piano he set down and began working out the newest song he planned on releasing. Thankfully he didn't have to contend with other people. He was in a league of his own. Every song he made was spontaneous and just flew out of him like wind threw the air. He hunkered in and after bout a half hour he had finally got his muse and he couldn't be stopped he laid out a simple beat on his laptop and began playing strumming chords on his violin as the PC bumped out a beat to keep him going. As he played he closed his eyes and began to move around the room letting the music flow out of him.

  2. AJ really liked basketball season. It gave her an excuse to get home late from school. She was tired of the superficial, 'apple pie' family her mom had going on. It was nice, but it was way to fake. She could hear her mom and dad fight, and it made her mad that they could just pretend everything was okay. She wanted to bust into their room sometimes and start yelling at them sometimes, of course, she'd never do that. She wouldn't want her mom to have some emotional breakdown or something, so AJ would play along for now.

    After basketball practice, AJ showered, dressed in street clothes, and walked out of the locker room. She didn't want to go just yet, so she started wandering around the school until her hair dried more. It was so peaceful, without all of the students shouting and chattering. Quiet enough, that the music came as a surprise. She followed the sound to the music room and peeked in, wondering if it was a radio someone had left on. It was.. beautiful. However, AJ saw a kid playing the violin with beats coming from a laptop. It was so melodic, she could hardly believe it.

    She didn't say anything though, instead, AJ backed away quietly. The kid had talent, he probably knew that. He didn't need to be told, so AJ just walked off down the hall and to the parking lot. Her house was in walking distance, but she'd brought her car today anyway. It was kind of cold and she heard it was supposed to rain.
  3. About an hour went by of fine tuning and cleaning the song layer by layer until he felt it was perfect and he posted it onto his Account on youtube. He Packed up his gear into his back pack and began to walk home his body still soar from the beating he'd received earlier that morning from his father. He had been drinking again and thought it would be interesting to put out a cigarette on his chest to wake him up. When sam's immediate reaction was to scream out what the fuck. His father decided to beat some respect into him. As he walked outside he zipped up his hoodie and began to walk home. It took about 15 minutes for it to start raining and only a minute more for t to start pouring. He would have continued to walk if he wasn't freezing and his equipment was in danger of being damaged. He quickly walked under the nearest porch over hang and set down his bag making sure everything was safe before sitting down.

    His jacket was soaked through and he was beginning to shake. He quickly slipped his jacket off and laid it out on the proch to air dry leaving on his only other article a black wife beater which thankfully covered up the majority of scars on his chest as well as bruises. His upper arms were a little bruised but that was normal for him. Sam slowly sat down and curled up bringing his knees to his chest as he tried to stay warm while he waited for the rain to stop. However it didn't look like it would stop anytime soon. He would probably spend the night under that overhang and then walk to school the next morning.
  4. AJ was in her room, playing her video-games as usual. Well, at least, the usual for when she didn't feel like doing anything else. "AJ!" her mom called from downstairs. "It's pouring out there, can you bring my book in from the table on the porch?" she called up. AJ rolled her eyes a little, It won't get wet under the porch, she thought. Though, she paused her game and stood up, grabbing a light jacket. If she didn't go, her mom would nag her to death.

    Stepping out, AJ yelped a little, startled when she saw Sam curled up on her porch. "Dude!" she complained, putting a hand on her chest. "What the hell? You gave me a heart-attack." She leaned over a little, looking at him curiously, he looked familiar. "Are you okay? Do you need help?" she asked, looking a little worried.
  5. Sam looked up at the girl stunned for a moment before inching away slightly saying "I-I'm s-sorry! I''m f-fine!" He didn't know what to do. He was so scared he just sat there stunned unable to speak for fear he'd stutter some more. He wasn't used to people being worried about him or even noticing him for that matter. He quickly scrambled to grab his sopping wet jacket and slipped it on before she could even notice his scars that ran down his arms. His father was never very kind and he had a habit of beating him. So he wasn't eager to head home, but he'd lost his shelter for now. He'd have to find a tree or something else to hide under and keep dry. Even though he was freezing and he was starting to see his breath he was about ready to run.
  6. "Hey, hey, wait!" AJ said quickly, grabbing a hold of his arm. "You can't go out, you're soaking wet and it's raining really hard," she told him, "Just come in for a sec?"

    AJ knew for certain her mother wouldn't mind her bringing in a random, wet, teenage kid into the house. She was all 'community service and helping people. Sunshine and rainbows.' She would love it, being able to help out some random kid. He was small and jumpy, so AJ doubted he was a psycho-murderer or anything. Besides, he just needed to warm-up and call someone to pick him up. Hell, her mom would probably make her give him a ride or something.

    "Come on, don't worry," she assured him. "We'll get you... Tea or coffee or something while you warm up. If my mom finds out I let you leave like this, she'll through me into the yard without a jacket," AJ joked, smiling at him.
  7. Sam slowly stould up staring at the girl saying "I d-don't want to be a burden. I'm p-perfectly f-fine. I'm used to this kind of w-weather." He tried to convince her that he was used to this which he was but she wouldn't here it and it wasn't long before he was promptly dragged inside dripping wet. Sam stayed at the door dripping water on the lanoliam saying "I uhm, I'll just stand here. I don't want to track water through your house and If I sat down I'd ruin the f-furniture." As he looked at this girl he couldn't help but admire how beautiful she was. But he recognized her from somewhere he just couldn't quite place it.
  8. She shook her head, heading towards the stairs. "I have a brother who's kind of the same sizeas you," AJ said. "I'll bring you a towel and some warm clothes. Don't you dare say no," she warned, climbing up. "Mom! We have a wet and bedraggled guest!" she shouted as she walked out.

    Almost immediately, a woman popped out of the kitchen, a worried expression on her face. She looked like an older version of AJ, her mouth moving into the same position as AJ's did when worried.

    "Oh dear! Are you alright? Come in, don't worry. It's just water, it'll dry out soon enough," she said, ushering him in. "AJ! Bring clothes!" she shouted.

    Soon enough, AJ was back with a sweater and some sweat pants. "Come on, I'll show you to the bathroom," she said.