A Complicated Relationship

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  1. It was late at night when Rose was finally leaving the library. Hopefully all of that studying will pay off she thought. If not...well..there was always next semester. Rose knew that she shouldn't have stayed so late to study. All of those warnings her friends had given her about walking around at night. She was safe as long as she was on the campus of her college though...right? Rose noticed a shadow behind but brushed it off as her mind playing tricks on her. She did however speed up her pace to her apartment. Why didn't I choose to drive tonight? she thought again.
  2. (hey can I do this roleplay with you)
  3. PJ had chosen to go out tonight. In most cases, people would have thought he was going out to a club, but really he just needed blood. It was a downside to being a vampire, but a naturally vain human had once decided he wanted to live forever. When he walked onto the college campus, he couldn't help but wonder what would be waiting for him to take advantage of. People walked alone despite the fact it was a bad idea for them, and it gave him an opportunity. He was never one to kill, he just took a little here and there. A large building was beside him at this point, and similar to a stalker, he waited near the bushes. A girl emerged alone, and while her pace quickened, he followed her anyhow.
  4. Rose could definitely tell that there was someone behind her but who or what they were she could not be sure. Even with her quickened pace she knew that her apartment was at least a good ten minutes away. Those ten minutes were starting to feel like an eternity when someone was behind you. Now, now Rose let's not get all worked up maybe it's just someone walking home just like you are she thought to herself trying to calm down. She ran her fingers nervously through her hair messing up the curls that she had worked so hard on getting perfect this morning. Just breathe, you'll be home soon enough. Nice and safe she thought again.
  5. He considered just catching up with her, apologizing profusely for the fact he'd scared her. He was just headed in the same direction, was all. He just didn't want her to scream or try to take off, because that meant a game of cat and mouse that he didn't have time for. He wouldn't even hurt her, and if he did her memory of it would be gone anyhow. There wouldn't even be a mark on her throat to say that he had existed. Her fingers ran through her curls, and he took that as enough of a signal to tell him that, if he did so properly, she may calm down. Or she may grow even more fearful. Two entirely different extremes. He quickened his pace until he drew even with her. "I apologize if I scared you. I promise that was not my intent."
  6. Rose's heart skipped a beat when she heard someone talking beside her. She let out a breath that she didn't realize she was holding and said, "Oh that's alright. I'm just a little tired, so I guess my mind was overeacting....Ummm...I'm Rose by the way." She turned towards him and held out her hand for him to shake as a way of showing that she wasn't completely afraid. See what did I tell you? Nothing to be afraid of the little voice in her head said. Your friends were completely wrong she thought. Rose studied his features for a few minutes. He was quite handsome. Tall with rugged good looks. How have I never seen him before? she thought to herself.
  7. He heard the breath rush out of her and smiled slightly, nodding at her words. "That doesn't mean that I couldn't have avoided it had I refrained from following you." He pointed out lightly, voice apologetic even though he certainly wasn't. "I'm PJ." He said, shaking her hand, watching how she acted. "It's nice to meet you, Rose." He was a pleasant enough person to chat with, at least while you were able to remember him. She was very pretty, to a point where she was probably right to be scared when someone began to follow her home from the library. "Now, I insist that you let me walk you home. I'd hate for you to disregard a real threat after me. Not everyone in this world is so nice." He told her, letting go of her hand.
  8. Well he sure did sound apologetic but something about him told her that he may not have been. When they shook hands Rose noticed that his were slightly colder than hers but she waved it off as it just being a cold night. When he insisted on walking her home she considered it for a moment. It would be nice to not have to worry but then again what if he is a crazy stalker. There's goes my mind again with those crazy scenarios she thought amused. She hesitated slightly before saying, "I guess you are right. That would be terrible if something bad did come along. Alright let's go." And with that she started walking again.
  9. His cooler temperature was part of his being a vampire. No beating heart, no blood rushing through his veins, even though he certainly had it. Sustenance was still necessary, even for the undead, and while he wasn't certain how the mechanics of his body worked, he believed blood filtered into your veins and moved through it, except with no hangover. She had to consider his offer, but when she agreed, he was happy. Apparently, he was far more convincing than he'd originally thought, and that alone was good for him to know. Maybe finding a source wouldn't be so hard after this one. She took off, and he followed after her, pretty quiet for the most part.
  10. Rose wasn't entirely sure why she had agreed to let PJ walk her home. She was fine with walking by herself...ok well not really but letting a complete stranger walk her home may not have been the best idea. I should have just called one of my friends to come and pick me up. The walk was pretty quiet so Rose asked, "Does PJ stand for anything?" Kind of a silly question but heyy silly questions are better than silence in her book.
  11. They both remained quiet for the most part, the occasional scuff of a shoe on the pavement audible but disregarded. It was either Rose or his, as no one else was out and about. Apparently, college had changed a lot since he'd attended, when people would never sleep if there was a chance for something far more fun to do. They were probably too focused on their studies, like many had been back then. "Um, yeah. Peter James. PJ just was easier to say and spell." He told her with a light smile. Sadly, he couldn't return the question. "What's your major?"
  12. Rose wasn't really surprised that there weren't that many people out tonight. Tomorrow tons of them ,including her, had to take exams for their various classes so a good nights rest was definitely a must. Rose couldn't wait until the day after tomorrow. That's when all of the parties would start and Rose was excited to be starting her weekend earlier. Rose took a minute to consider his name when he had responded. It had a nice ring to it. "I like your name." she said, "And as for my major, it's environmental science. What's yours?"
  13. He didn't really have a clue what was going on with the campus, so he would have to just follow her lead and do everything as her exact opposite, seeing as he couldn't have too many similarities, or she would expect to see him in class. PJ was strange. He didn't want people to have expectations for him, not with his being a vampire and all. She seemed to have to think about his name, and he let her. He smiled his thanks, glad for the fact he had retractable fangs. "Thank you." He said, and then nodded thoughtfully. "Religious theory." He said with a shrug. Oh, the irony of the degree he'd gotten when he was younger.
  14. PJ had the nicest smile Rose had ever seen. Mentally shaking herself out of her daze she said, "No problem." PJ was the first person that Rose had met whose major was Religious theory. She wondered what you had to do and what kind of job you could get with that sort of degree. After a few more minutes of getting lost in her thoughts, Rose finally voiced one of them. "That sounds interesting. Tell me about it?" she asked curious to know more. She was always intrigued by why other people chose the majors and or professions that they did. She didn't know why but she always found their answers quite...interesting.
  15. He couldn't quite grasp how she was looking at him, but then she seemed to snap out of it and continue on with their conversation. He had no trouble recalling the information of religious theory. Retaining information was his strong suit, and it was a serious talent to be had, 62 years after he'd first learned it. She asked about it and he grinned. "It's just like it sounds. It's theorizing the religion of past, present, and in a way, future. The polytheistic believe that was predominant in the past still exists today, much to the monotheistic religions' despair..." He trailed off with a shrug. "And I'm probably boring you to tears." He said, glancing her way finally.
  16. Rose hoped that she hadn't been staring at him in a strange way. The last thing she wanted to do for this complete stranger to think that she was a weirdo. She didn't know why but it bothered her to think that maybe he did. Oh well she thought. Rose waited patiently for the summary of his major. She listened intently and was almost sad in a way when he stopped. "Oh no. It's actually quite fascinating. Continue?" she asked. If she could listen to other people talk about their major all day she would. Out loud she said, "Also why did you choose that major? If you don't mind my asking"
  17. He found himself studying her, the ability to figure out why she cared about any of this either nonexistent or absent in this particular case. She told him to continue though, and thus he chose to do as she asked. Fascinating? That was the first time he'd ever heard that. "Well, the monotheists are actually a huge bunch of elitists. They think that polytheists are a dated people, as gods were originally created to explain things that science had yet to do. As time went on, they became something they could blame. At some point, they decided they just needed one perfect, omniscient being to blame all of their troubles on, or thank because they'd managed to do something successfully." He stopped at that, just in time for her next question. "It's what I'm good at, and I'm interested in it. There's no jobs for it, but that's alright. I can get a book published or something."
  18. Wow she thought. All of this new information really made her head spin. But in the good sort of way. Rose had never thought of religion in this way until he shared his theories with her. She didn't know why but she continued to want to hear more of him talking but she figured that that was enough for now. Rose could believe that weren't any jobs for this sort of major. "Well if you ever do write a book, let me know. I'll be one of the firsts to buy it." she said honestly. And why not? She enjoyed reading just as much as she enjoyed partying...and trust that was a lot. Especially reading anything that made her think and question things. Rose looked up and noticed where they were. "Well this is my apartment building. Thanks for walking me here." she said.
  19. He'd been laughed at when he'd received his degree on the subject. His father had let him get it simply because he believed PJ would be finding himself a job in the business sector, just as he had, and his father before him. So, when PJ disappeared one night and never came back, he was probably distraught at the end of tradition. His mind reverted back to her when she spoke. "I will surely do that." He lied. He'd never see her again. It wasn't safe, it could bring back the memory he would soon make and then erase. When they stopped, they were at her apartment building, and he smiled. "No problem." He murmured, and then stepped toward her, judging her reaction before going further. He would take his time if he had to, but this was easily rushed when the climate was right. No one would be leaving the building tonight, hardly anyone seemed to be out and about on campus.
  20. Rose had the feeling that he didn't mean for them to see each other again. Why she suddenly had this feeling she wasn't sure. More importantly why she cared about it was even more puzzling. When he took a step towards her, she began to really rethink her decision to let him walk her home. She wasn't sure what he was about to do so she took a step back. "Well it was nice talking to you. And thanks again for walking me home." she said before turning and starting to walk towards her building. That is the last time I go anywhere without my car she thought to herself.