A Comfortable Place

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    If you could alter your favorite room to suit your tastes, no restrictions on cost, how would you choose to furnish and decorate this room?
  2. I'd take my bedroom, enlarge it by three times so I could fit in a king size bed, two computer desks and a walk in closest. (There's two people living in my bedroom so it's a little cramped.) I'd also like those computer desks to be big enough for me to do art work on, seeing as how I don't have much space for that atm. As far as decorations.... I think I'd like the walls to have a mural of the ocean with sea turtles, dolphins and a whale off in the distance, something colorful but still soothing.
  3. Big screens, big leather couches, coffin style refrigerator built into the marble coffee table, indoor jacuzzi, bar. A retractable ceiling that gives way to glass windows would be awesome, for looking at the sky at night, or during a storm. Wonder if I could get a roof made of glass...hmmmm. Maybe plexiglass.

    Just a couple of the things I want once I'm rich! Ahhhhh, comfort!
  4. I think I would modify my bedroom and expand it in all dimensions so I have more space. I would put the window on the other side of the room so I would not have to stare into the sun as it goes down, not to mention that the rising sun would probably make me get up earlier than I usually do, leaving me with more time for the day. I would also make my desk larger so I can comfortably study on it even with all the stuff I put on there. Last, but not least, I would isolate an entire corner for my books, turning into some sort of a miniature library.