A Collection of My Poetry

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  1. This is a collection of some of my poems, the ones I believe are good enough to drag out into the daylight, at least. :)

    In any case, these are probably my most definitive poems, so enjoy.
  2. Flowers

    I don't understand, in this world of ours,
    How some can compare human beings to flowers.
    Roses are red, morning glories are blue,
    But I am still me, and you are still you.
    But flowers can fade, and wither away,
    like blood and flesh and bone.
    I suppose in that way we are very alike,
    For the gods are immortal alone.

    All of it Happened a Long Time Ago

    A long time ago, all the whales were just wishes,
    And manatees, Mermaids to farsighted fishes.
    And Selkies would sing to the moon, even though-
    All of it happened a long time ago.
    A long time ago, ocean dragons could sigh,
    And air dragons flew, dominating the sky.
    And land dragons hoarded their loot to and fro,
    And all of it happened a long time ago.
    The Phoenix arose from it's warm bed of ash,
    In uncharted Asia's bamboo.
    And the Firebird soared over red-rock formations
    In west North America too.
    And people still talk of them now, even though,
    All of it happened a long time ago.
    The banshee cry pierced- Ireland's foggy gloom.
    And a griffin stood guard over Pendragon's tomb.
    And faeries danced jigs all across the moon's glow,
    For all of it happened a long time ago.
    For stone gave shape and words gave life,
    To things that never breathed before!
    And ink gave form to many souls,
    who ran across the misty moor.
    Do you believe, Now that you know?
    That all of it happened, a long time ago?
  3. Not-So-Little Red

    The wolf approaches cautiously,
    As if the not-so-little Red,
    Wore gilded bracelets on her wrists,
    -And a crown upon her hooded head.

    There is a sparkle in her eyes,
    A shimmering-glimmering light.
    He sees forever without lies,
    She only sees tonight.

    There is a twinkle in his heart,
    Beneath the fur, unseen.
    Practitioner of ancient art,
    Collector of the green.

    And red and brown and silver,
    And orange, violet, blue.
    His humble cave's an art museum,
    And a palace, too.

    He'd never let her see his soul,
    No matter how she tries.
    Until he finds a way to steal-
    -The sparkle from her eyes.

    She thinks the wolf is so naïve,
    He can't see through her heart.
    The meager piece she wants to be,
    Her very tiny part.

    He doesn't care her pale facade,
    Just hides a hollow sham.
    He loves her more than life itself,
    And she can't give a damn.
  4. And despite how this is a collection of my poetry, I guess I'll show you some of my arts.
  5. A sweet collection of poetry, I love your style and imagery, very whimsical, lovely rhyme, strange to see the change in rhyming couplet but it's still wicked nice :3 well done
  6. Ah, thank you.
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