A Cold Winters Night

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  1. Krystal sets out towards the grocery store to buy some milk and eggs for her mother. She grabbed her black coat and laced her scarf around her neck, halfway covering a portion of her face. She looked outside and watched a few snow flakes fall gently from the sky. It was 8 o'clock in the morning and the sun was nowhere to be found.
    "Damn this weather..." she whispered under her breath. She then stepped out of the house, closed to door silently to not wake up her father or grandfather, and walked down the driveway cautiously so she didn't slip on ice.

    Krystal came closer and closer to the grocery store with eagerness to be in a building shielded from the icy wind blowing against her skin. As she reached the door and walked in, the shop keeper greeted her with a slight smile.
    "Why, good morning little miss. Why are you here so early? Don't you know it's snowing out there?"
    "Mother needs me to pick up a few ingredients. She plans to make father a good breakfast when he wakes up" she replied and she returned the shop keeper a smile. Then she headed down towards the coolers to grad the items she needed.
  2. The snow was cold on his face, and the wind bit at his exposed skin. William pulled the coat's collar up a bit to protect his face a little from the cold wind as he walked towards the small grocery store. Though it was early in the morning, William had woken up some thirty-eight hours ago. The young man often had difficulty sleeping, and at times, would be awake for days on end. The past couple days had been even worse, and he had slept only about five hours in the past seventy. Something was making him worse, and he had no idea what. William glanced the store ahead of him, and with haste, he made his way into the store. The typical bell sounded upon the door entering and closing, and he took in his surroundings with a quick scan of the environment. There was a young woman in here, apparently picking a few things up.

    The shopkeeper smiled to him and wished him a good morning, making a small comment about how cold the weather was. "Yes, it's frigid out there. If I didn't know any better I would say the snow is endless." The young man commented with a quiet chuckle. William glanced to the woman through half-lidded eyes, immediately curious about her for reasons he couldn't explain. With slow and methodical steps, he approached the coolers, reaching into one of them and grabbing a small energy drink. He was going to need some energy to get through the day at this rate. "Good morning." William offered politely, his smile flashing to her over the high collar of his jacket. Strands of dark brown hair peaked out from under his hat, a few of which showed his hair to be almost brow-length.
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