A Cold Winter's Night (Taken)

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  1. The air was painted with a bright glow that night. Like a beacon had been placed on the mountainside to warn others of the treacherous rocks which had just moments before claimed the life of the little puddle-jumper airplane. Its mangled carcass was little more than a flaming shell of its old self, metal was twisted and gnarled in odd shapes and ways. Several boxes were strewn across the snow covered rocks, a mixture of food, money, and supplies. There were also various implements, cuffs, bindings, traps, and cages all sized for various different creatures.

    Richard looked down on all of them with a look of smug satisfaction. Thinking of the irony those now broken cages meant. The traps and the cuffs were empty of their purpose. A purpose he had once filled but no longer. They were not meant to keep him prisoner, they were meant for Pokemon trapping. A practice which Team Rocket had been the leading supplier for on the black market. A market which Richard had been the leading salesman of. Something had changed though, he realized the monster he was becoming… no, it wasn’t that was it? Perhaps he just didn’t like them keeping him caged up like that. He was like their prized pokemon but just like a pokemon all he was meant to do was follow orders. Or perhaps it was some mixture of the two. Whatever it had been it was over now.

    He’d ejected himself from the plane at the last possible moment, pulling his parachute early, luckily it wasn’t very windy that night, under the cover of darkness, all they’d ever see would be the plane. The burning wreckage of the plane and they would assume something had gone wrong. Richard was finally dead to them. Just the way he wanted to be. No longer taking orders, no longer trapping pokemon to live lives of mere servitude and pain.

    Landing hard on the snow he ducked and rolled forward, the cloth of the parachute falling around him covering his body until he could untangle himself and pull the harness from him. Looking at the bright burning flames he laughed a little before shaking his head. He had to admit, that was pretty cool. Bundling the parachute up and taking it over to the burning fires Richard tossed it in. It would eliminate the evidence however he doubted they’d be sending anyone soon.

    His clothes were made for the colder weather, a red long sleeved shirt, black pants, with a pair of heavy boots. He also wore a heavy trench coat in black to match his pants. His eyes were a soft blue and his hair medium length. Pulling his coat around his body he stayed where it was warm for a few moments longer. Then he looked at the money, picked up enough to get him started again and began to walk towards the town he’d sighted near the bottom of the mountain. It seemed small enough that no one would know about it and large enough that he could find a little work. Turning around one last time to see the flaming wreckage of his past life he smiled, “Good riddance…”

    It wasn’t long before he could make out houses in the distance this spurred his steps forward anxious to check himself into a hotel or an inn where he could take a warm shower and sleep in a warm bed. Shivering a little he shook his head against the cold as if his denial would make it go away.

    A noise jerked him from his waking dreams of a warm room and plenty of food, it sounded like a soft moan heard just above the wind. As he began to wonder whether he’d heard the noise or not he heard it again. It sounded pained whatever it was. Something moved him to action and he took off at a jog towards the sound his body fighting him at the sudden change of pace. Coming around a large rock he almost tripped, bracing himself on the stone with one arm he was now looking straight down at a girl. She was small and breathing only slightly. Grey hair adorned her head, along with a grey and black coat wrapped around her small frame. It had been torn badly by something, leaving her legs, arms, and stomach exposed to the elements. The other odd thing about her was that she wasn’t just a girl, she was an Absol.

    Thinking quickly he knew that he didn’t have a whole lot of time her breaths seemed slower and slower as lay there. Taking his coat from his body he wrapped her tightly in its warm grasp before picking her up bridal style and taking off at a careful sprint. Not wanting to trip and injure her even further. It took him minutes to reach the town but once there he was able to enlist some help. The doctor in town took them in for the night, Richard made up some story about how he was a hiker who’d gotten lost after leaving Lacunosa Town and happened upon the fair village of Cevel in the mountains. It wasn’t long before the doctor believed him and left the two alone with a bowl of soup apiece.
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