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  1. Character Roll Call:

    Alicea Reecila
    Age: 17

    D.O.B: March 1 3023
    Personality Traits:
    Stubborn and Sarcastic
    Mainly the reason why she ends up being kicked out of groups over the tiniest thing.
    She has lived this long alone without being killed by all the mythical beings around, but has created her own way to survive.
    but is no scaredy cat, has saved men from pirates and mythical beings, since she was orphaned from her parents death in a shipwreck.
    Bad tempered
    She can give just a glare and make the toughest of men scared and to cry with her temper. She can scream like a dragon's roar that can feel like someone can be burnt in more ways than one.
    Kind hearted/Sweet
    Apart from her bad temper she is the sweetest to every animal creature. A dog she saved from drowning in a bag that was thrown into the sea and now the dog won't leave her side.


    Christopher Harlock II

    Age: 20

    D.O.B: 3020

    Personality Traits:
    Witty & Sarcastic
    Mostly the reason why he and by extension, his crew get into unnecessary squabbles.
    At times he can come off like a flamboyant idiot but he didn't become a pirate captain for his good looks (despite his insistence)
    but cunning! There's no doubt that he'll sacrifice his life for his crew but why do that when there's an option #2?
    Surprisingly, he is a very patient pirate. He's got a fuse
    that can wrap around the whole deck in one go. That just makes
    his true anger even more terrifying.
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  2. The sails of the Arcadia unfurled just as majestically as it had when it first left the ports of Barbados. Everything else about it has more or less been upgraded or replaced from past air raids and continued technological advancements. The only thing that has remained untouched is it's signature skull insignia and the crew that had first boarded it's steel ramps. Surprising to say the least for all the amounts of battles the vessel had seen and with a well known pirate steering it's helm. Many yarns, legends, and tales had been spun about none other than Captain Christopher Harlock II depicting him as either a man of justice, a gentleman of the heart, or a plague to all mankind. Suffice to say he is as hated as much as he is loved.

    What you can be sure about however is that he is the most slippery man alive. None have yet to successfully capture him nor his crew even with the Empire hot on his trail for the past 5 years. Even at the age of 15 he had been as elusive as a well-oiled street rat and avoided capture for years. But you know what they say about good things, they always come to an end and unfortunately for Captain Harlock it seems as if this may just be his final voyage. Or technically hours since he's stuck in a cell no bigger than a pub outhouse (with very authentic smell) complete with steel bars and a laser lock pad which would most likely cut his hand off the moment he tried to disable it. What Harlock wouldn't give for Chip Frier right now but obviously not everything in life was all that fair.

    To think that he could have reached his six year mark for being a "a goddamn **** eel ***", a lovely observational quote from General Sanchez of the S.S. Empire, if it weren't for a convincingly distressed maiden with the most beautiful pairs of melons. Even from a distance he could tell their genuine quality by their smooth, green surface. Knowing that organic anything was rare these days he didn't mind spending a few extra gold pences on a couple of exceptionally voluptuous ones. Especially when their seller was so desperate to get rid of them. He of course hadn't taken into account the possibility that micro tracking devices could have been injected into the fruit and were triggered by the gastric acids of the crew causing their whereabouts to be minutely tracked by an entire Empire air ship force. Boo for him being so gullible.

    For that bit of creativity Harlock had to give it to Sanchez for being such a clever snowflake. Maybe the man did deserve a bit of leeway since he had spent most of his life tracking Harlock down and maybe having him chained inside a steel cage was the highlight of the General's career. Albeit a bit kinky but the pirate wasn't one to judge. At least he wasn't really in the position to at the moment.

    A sigh made it's way past the captain's lips as he slumped back against the soot covered bars. They had made a point to separate him from the rest of his crew and apart from the constant guilt and worry he had for them, he was bored out of his mind. With no means of contact or communication he was in a bit of a stupor.
  3. Among the sea not too far away was a scoundrel of a girl named Alicea Reecila. She could be considered as a more of what you would see of as a lost boy from Peter Pan or even like Peter himself. She saw the ship she knew well as the S.S. Empire sailing towards her. That rotten, good for nothing, what she would call son of a b***h, called General Sanchez killed her father and kidnapped her mother. She threw what she made of a ball to her mutt of a dog that was near the bay. The ship banked the shore of which she called her territory.

    It was his bay to the forest that lead into town that she protected as her own. She once held a man captive for not paying his fine for stepping across her land. She was so mad that she cut off his right hand and fed it to crocodiles and sharks. She wasn't going to let Sanchez cross her land without having to pay for it ahead of time. She drug out her raft and threw it with all her might into the sea. She ran up and jumped onto it before it drifted to sea.

    She tied her raft with a tight rope to the chain of the anchor of the ship. She climbed up the chain with anger bursting throughout her body. The chain went as far as the windows that look out of the bottom deck within the ship. She took her large dagger out of her sheath that was inside the only satchel she owned and broke the window to pieces. She threw her dagger and sheath back into her satchel. She climbed in the window and looked across to see a man not much older than her in a prison cell.
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