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    It was a beautiful, clear, starry night when Adrian Deblair arrived for the ball. He had to admit himself to be somewhat in shock at the moment. He was doing his best to conceal it but when he had changed from his horse drawn carriage to this...this metal beast that he was expected to ride inside. Well, he had heard stories but it was entirely different to be sitting here experiencing it. If a mage put a lot of effort into it they could make something similar but why when they could simply fly themselves around for far less energy? It was fascinating to him, this technology that anyone could use. Everything he passed by just looked different. It was all made of different things and in a style you would not find in his homeland.

    The palace too had all sorts of things that he could barely guess the function of as he passed through doors that spoke and opened themselves without any casting by the man escorting him. Even the clothes seemed to be made differently. He looked down at his elegant white embroidered mage robes and looked back to the suits that all the servants and men from this realm were wearing and decided he would be getting some of those. They had the basic shape as that which the peasant men would wear in the fields yet subtly different and really quite nice. He wasn't sure how comfortable they would be compared to his robes but he was certainly interested enough to try them out.

    Finally they arrived in the ballroom and his eyes immediately sought out the newly adult prince. He was hard to miss with the whole room doing that 'we're going to give them space for others to approach yet somehow circle the whole room around them' thing that only royalty and nobles know how to do. The flow of the room always told you who was the most important person there. Even in this strange technological land, he all of a sudden felt very at home. These were still just people, nobility that acted just like all the rest, and he would have no problems dealing with them.

    He put on his charming smile and swept into the room. He did not go immediately for the prince but followed the 'flow' in the room. He could tell several people took him for some slow bumpkin prince and he made a point of seeking these people out and having intelligent conversations with them, leaving a wake of bemused and perhaps even slightly charmed nobles behind him. Finally he arrived in front of the prince and swept a smooth bow. "Your highness." He stood up and gave him a very warm smile. "Happy birthday." He reaches into his robes and pulled out a small box, with he held out with another small bow. "I spent many days thinking of a most useful gift to craft, I hope you enjoy it." Inside was a simple silver ring with a well cut sapphire in an equally simple setting. "It is a shielding ring. Useful for rainy days or attacks on your life." His smile said he was joking with that last bit, though if it came to the ring would indeed do the job in that circumstance as well.
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    The prince smiled softly towards his guests, and greeted everyone whom came up to him politely. It was just a party like all the other he had attended. Though this time was slightly different. At least in everyone else's eyes. It was his coming of age celebration, he was no longer a child. For him it was just another birthday, but for everyone else it seemed to be an opportunity. People whom still thought that coming of age meant marriage and thus they should hurry before someone else swept him away.

    His parents wasn't trying to force him into a marriage, as some other families did, but they did pursue him to try and find a partner as soon as possible. And they loved to point out whom might be a suitable partner. "Wasn't that a lovely girl, Paris?" His mother could mention in-between the moment a guest walked away and another one came to greet him.

    Paris sighed silently, what was such a big deal for everyone else, was such an insignificant thing for him. He wasn't planning on dying anytime soon, so why all the rush? It seemed like rushing was all they could do in their advanced society.

    The party had been going on for quite some time when an interesting young man came towards him and bowed. Clothes could tell him a lot, but for the first time in his life it was impossible for him to pinpoint which country someone came from. The only thing he knew was that the man weren't from any of the technologically advanced countries. He could remember hearing rumors about some of those countries finally wanting to open up to those whom embraced technology. But he hadn't expected to see anyone of the higher class coming to another country so soon. Maybe he should listen better when his servants is trying to tell him whom has accepted the invitations.

    Paris smiled warmly, not the fake smile he had given to most of the other guests with the exceptions of his close friends and family. He had heard many stories of those countries, some good, some bad. Many people disliked their kind because they didn't want to embrace technology, but Paris couldn't understand what was so wrong with enjoying nature in its purest form. Sometimes their world seemed like a much more exciting place. "Thank you, I am sure it will come in handy sooner or later." He replied. "We do have quite a dry season at the moment, but I'm sure at the very least someone will aim for my head." He then joked.

    "I hope our country is to your taste. I have heard that most people have a hard time adapting to the changes." He continued on a slightly more serious topic. It didn't matter which side went to the others, the loss or gain of technology usually took people by surprise.
  3. Inwardly, Adrian cheered. His first contact had gone better than he could have hoped. Firstly, the prince did not seem to question the fact that it was a magical ring. Perhaps he was just being polite but even then that was promising, especially since he then proceeded to meet his joke with another. Secondly, the other prince actually seemed interested in engaging him, which only made his job easier. He had a feeling that he was really going to enjoy his time here. Outwardly he tried to not seem quite so jubilant, though he did laugh and fix his fellow prince with a wide grin. “Well it certainly was a shock when I crossed into your borders.” He gestured around the room extravagantly.

    “It’s all so…different. I had heard some stories of course but from my parents it was always words of warning.” He turned slightly bashful then and he looked away from the room and back at the prince. “I must admit though that they never had their intended effect. Ever since I heard about such wonders I have wanted to come see them for myself and…” He sighed softly and looked distant for a moment. “Now that my parents have moved on and my more lenient brother is in charge I was finally free to do so.”

    He turned cheerful once again. “So of course I jumped on the chance to accept your invitation. My brother no doubt is hoping I will find some noble lady to marry and get me out of the palace.” He chuckled self-depreciatingly. “Whatever it takes to allow me to experience this.” He did not need to fake his wonder at his surroundings.
  4. Paris chuckled at his comment about marriage. It seemed it didn't matter where they came from, both sides were stuck in the middle ages when it came to marriage. "We have our fair share of warnings and myths here too." The prince mentioned.

    "The uncivilized people from across the borders. They sleep in caves, eat with their hands and throw curses on anyone that approaches them. And most of them has never taken a bath in their whole life." He did lower his voice as he tried to imitate an older mans voice. "At least that's what my grandfather used to tell me when he was alive. I liked my mothers version better though. The people that became one with nature and embraced it's powers. Those whom lived beside nature instead of taking it over." His voice was soft as he remembered his mothers goodnight stories. If he hadn't been their only child, then maybe they would have dared to let him go across the border. But both his father and mother was paranoid, as he were the only heir to the throne. And no one really knew how dangerous it was on that other side.

    Then he stopped himself in his thoughts and cleared his throat. "Excuse me, I shouldn't get carried away like that." He started and put the present aside. "I am Paris Lecarte, it's an honor to finally getting to meet someone from your side of the world." He said with a polite bow. Sure, everyone that was invited already knew his name from the invitations, but if he did meet someone he wanted to speak more to, then he rather introduce himself even if they already knew who he was. It was his way of showing that he acknowledged them as more than just one of those people in the crowd that tried to get his attention.
  5. Adrian found it equally fascinating how they both had had rather similar upbringing’s in that manner. It was good for him, he didn’t even have to try to start to get close to the other prince, and it only seemed natural for them to exchange stories about their differing lives and countries. And since he was a man no one would be expecting him to seduce their prince away. Inwardly he smirked and bowed once again in response to Paris’s introduction. He did not miss the second meaning behind those words. “Ah I have been quite rude. My name is Adrian Deblair of Laesin, second son and current heir to the throne while my brother gets his marriage sorted out.” He couldn’t help a mischievous grin. “I am quite pleased to meet such a likeminded personage here.” He made a more discreet gesture, indicating the hostile and wary glances of the nobility his way.

    He then acted as if he had indicated nothing of the sort and smiled cheerfully at Paris. “So how are you enjoying evening so far your highness?” He looked forward to speaking with him much more in the coming days. Both of their parental personages did not quite have things right and that was a good starting ground. He would have Paris show him the wonders of their technology and he would teach the prince about the mystical powers that ruled this world. It would not take long at all to wrap Paris around his finger.

    Then his stuffy parents and even his brother could be damned. He wasn’t going to wait around and be the third wheel, useful for his skills in magic and being an ambassador and not much else. He had been trained to do so much more and he intended to fulfill that promise.
  6. Paris hadn't really noticed the hostility that was aimed towards the guest before it was discretely mentioned, but it was no shock that it was there. After all the stories people had heard, it was just natural to be slightly frightened of the unknown. Even though one would think that sane adult people would know better than that.

    After a fast scan of the room, his eyes locked on a small group of gentlemen and ladies whom hadn't even bothered concealing their hostility. At least not before The crown prince looked straight at them with a raised eyebrow and a not so amused facial expression. Two of the women looked embarrassed and silently apologized with their eyes, while the others in the small group just turned around as if nothing had happened.

    A sigh escaped his lips. "Well, if we don't count my mothers constant reminders about all the lovely women in this room whom I could get married to, or all the women that have tried to charm me this evening, or the long political discussions that some have felt the urge to bring up during my birthday party, or the fact that my guests are acting incredibly rude towards our other guests, then it has been quite nice actually. It only leaves around five to ten minutes of enjoyed time, but it could have been worse." A small smile played on his lip. He was completely serious, but it still felt quite comical.

    His expression did grow a little bit concerned though. "I do hope no one has offended you though. If so, I hope you can forgive us. Even now when we're trying to open up to a different culture than ours, many are frightened of the stories they have heard. I'm afraid there will be many years before our people can see each other as equals."
  7. Adrian beamed at the other prince’s humor, they were really quite well matched in this area. He also was pretty sure those 5 to 10 minutes included himself. He had definitely enjoyed these past few minutes as well. “Oh don’t worry about me your highness.” His expression was somewhat cheeky now. “I enjoyed making the rounds and leaving half the room stunned that I was not ‘some dimwitted barbarian that had been smoking the mushrooms too long’.” His tone indicated he had probably overheard the phrase at some point and found it more amusing than anything.

    “It is their choice to believe what they will and that is certainly part of the reason I am here, to banish some of these rumors.” He rubbed his hands together and looked rather excited at the prospect. “I am of course an accomplished mage, as you might have guessed from my gift.” He gave the ring a proprietary look. “I made it myself you know. Or at least I set the spell myself. Casting rings and setting stones is another skillset altogether.” He waggled his fingers. “And the effort it would take to do so by magic really would not be worth it when there are wonderfully skilled craftsmen that can make such lovely items for us.” He paused and let himself blush just a bit. “But don’t let me get started on such things. As you may have noticed already I am a bit of rambler. My brother constantly threatens to have me gagged sometimes.” Just to have a little fun he made a swirling motion with his hand and conjured an illusion of a miniature him gagged and flailing it’s arms about.
  8. Paris listened intensively. The magic aspect of their culture was the most fascinating thing he had ever encountered. It had mainly been through books, and many had been unsure if those stories was true or not as their society had forgotten their magic heritage a long time ago. The stories told that when technology increased, magic decreased. They didn't need it anymore as other things could do whatever they magic could. Well, mostly anything.

    His eyes grew wider as the other prince showed him an illusion, it took him some seconds to give a reaction. "Amazing." He said as his hand had frozen in the air on it's way to the illusion, to afraid that it would disappear if he touched it, and to curious not too.

    He shock his head slightly as he forced himself to remember where they were. "It's okay." He assured as he looked back at the man, trying to get back to topic. "I can be quite the rambler myself if the topic is right." While he probably wouldn't care to conceal his excitement for magic while alone with a mage, it was a completely different thing when he were in a room with hundreds of eyes watching, waiting for him to do a mistake that they could use to their advantage.
  9. Adrian chuckled softly at the other prince’s fascination. If he was this amazed by a little illusion…well he already knew he was going to have a lot of fun here. He too had forgotten somewhat where they were but Paris’s withdraw reminded him that he should perhaps not push too much. He also didn’t need to have people trying to kill him on the very first night for getting too close with Paris. He reluctantly decided it was probably time to rejoin ‘the flow’ and let the next person take their turn. He could see them hovering and looking rather hostile at this point.

    He gave a depreciating smile and a soft sigh. “Indeed. Well your highness, while I look forward to enjoying your company more over the coming days.” He tilted his head just a little and made a slight bow as if to enforce that promise. “I think perhaps I should move on for the moment, before your admirers turn into a mob. I’m sure your highness will be able to find me later.” It was so hard for him to resist the temptation to show off to the whole room. He could think of so many showy magic’s that were essentially harmless. He reminded himself that this was neither the time nor the place however.

    “Take heart your highness, the night can’t last forever.” He gave a sympathetic wave and disappeared back into the crowd. He kept an eye on the other prince but did not approach him again that night and left the room well before the ball was actually over to go to his room. He had succeeded in his goal for the night and he decided it would be best to leave Paris wanting for more. That way he would be the one seeking Adrian out. So for the meantime he took his leave and retired to his room. The next morning was still going to be a bit of a mosh pit around Paris but he was content to wait until he was sought out or the crowds had thinned once enough daughters were rejected.
  10. Paris was quite disappointed when his new found friend decided it was time to leave, but he did understand why. It was important that he didn't chatter the night away when there were guests to take care of. Even during events like that, it was important to make good connections with the other countries and make sure so that their own nobles were in favor of the royal family. An uproar could happen over the silliest of things. History had proved that too many times.

    He bid farewell to Adrian and then continued his evening as if nothing had happened. Some people did ask him about the person from the strange land. Even though they tried to hide their hostility and faked curiosity, it wasn't enough to fool Paris. He did his best to tell them that there was no difference between them and that man. But it was always met by skeptic eyes, as if his judgement was flawed, or he had been fooled by a barbarian. He tried to pay it no attention though as it was highly improper to start shouting at his guests.

    His mother had been rather curious about the stranger too, though she had waited until the next day to ask him. His farther on the other hand was a bit skeptic towards 'them', probably because of influences from his father. But at least he weren't as extreme as Paris's grandfather had been.

    Even though most of the day after the ball consisted of rejecting marriage proposal in a way that wouldn't hurt their feelings, which wasn't an easy task, and biding farewell to guests that had no time to stay for a longer period, he couldn't get Adrian out of his mind. He wanted to meet him and learn from him. About the magic, about their people. Instead he was stuck with people he did not care much for. But eventually he was able to sneak away, irresponsibly leaving the rest of his work to his poor adviser, as he himself had some 'urgent' business to attend to.

    Once he were able to find whom he was seeking, he had a hard time not calling out his name from afar as a child would. Instead he tried to hurry in a graceful manner towards the man. "Deblair." He bowed his head slightly as he was close enough not to need to scream to be heard. "Would you mind if we take a stroll while we discuss our countries future collaboration?" He asked as if that topic had been brought up before. For people around them it would sound as if they had planned on speaking about that for some time now, but it was mainly so that people wouldn't think he was running away from them. His eyes did almost beg Adrian 'please play along and get me out of here'. Even though he were used to such gatherings, it did not become less exhausting with time, especially not during the few times he found someone he actually wanted to speak with.
  11. Adrian spent most of the next day lurking around the edges of groups of nobles that seemed to form all over the castle. It was also a good excuse to go sightseeing while doing a more acceptable activity for a prince. He had made himself not expect too much from Paris today so he was pleasant surprised when he heard his name called by a familiar voice. He had to take a moment to school his expression to more pleasant than triumphant before turning away from the vapid countess who had wanted to see all of his magic tricks. “Ah, your highness.” He smiled gently. For some reason the excuse Paris made amused him. “Of course. I had not expected you would have time to speak with me today. By all means, let us discuss.”

    He gave the countess one more minute of his time, as it was expected. He said his goodbyes and gallantly kissed her hand before strolling calmly over to Paris and letting the other prince lead the way to a more private area. Once he was out of the countess’s sight he dropped his pleasant expression and sighed heavily. “That woman was exhausting. I must thank you for saving me from her.” He ran a hand through his hair and grimaced. “She saw the illusion I made for you last night and wanted to know what else I could do…” He shuddered a bit. “She was also strongly implying that question also implied skills in bed and that she would like a practical demonstration…” He could function with women but he had no interest in that sort.
  12. Paris waited patiently and even had a small chat with a gentleman whom hadn't been able to greet him the other day. Once Adrian was done, Paris said goodbye to the man and went with his friend. It was surprising how alike they were. Even Adrian had felt suffocated and needed a break. Though the reasons were a bit different.

    The young prince couldn't help the blush that appeared on his cheek, though it was quite faint. "It seems you have had a rough time." He laughed lightly. "I needed to escape myself, there's way too many people for one man to handle." He complained with a little hint of a joke in his voice. "I won't have much time though, my adviser will kill me if I don't get back soon. It might end very ugly if he finds out that I didn't have a meeting to attend to. So if anyone asks.."

    He made a small gesture with his hands and begged slightly with his eyes, as if to say 'it's just a tiny lie'. "Either way, this will be a good place to get away for a while. No one comes here if they're not ordered to." He said as he stopped in front of a door. He didn't say that it was his room, though the bed might give it away.

    The room was quite big, at least in comparison to a normal room in a normal house. In difference to the rest of the castle, his room was decorated with flowers. One stood beside his computer, one stood on the bookshelf hanging on the wall with only three books, those he were currently reading. He loved books, and his family had a room dedicated to only books. Six other plants was standing on the window sill in the two windows. One small vase with a single flower was standing on top of his piano. And one last houseplant was standing on the floor right beside his bed.
  13. Adrian had to fight down another grin at the sight of a faint blush on the other man’s cheeks. Paris was suddenly too adorable for words. He chuckled softly and gave Paris a reassuring nod. He had no reason not to go along with the lie. If it encouraged Paris to trust him, all the better. He followed the other prince into the room and blinked a few times in surprise as he took in the furniture and realized just where Paris must have taken them. He was decidedly bemused and wasn’t quite sure what to think of it.

    “Ah…” He shook himself out of his surprise and looked around with a smile. “Yes, I think it will do quite nicely.” Oh the layers in that statement that there was no way Paris was aware of. “I like your taste Paris.” Now that they were safely away from the judging eyes of other nobility he felt safe in taking that first step of calling the other prince familiarly. He was going to take a seat when the computer caught his eye. “What is the purpose of that box? There was one in my room but the function of it was truly beyond me.” He tried not to show it but he was very much suffering from culture shock and the only way he was making it through the day was by reminding himself that they were just normal people and focusing on his mission.
  14. Paris didn't bother to lock the door, as no one would dare to walk into the prince room without permission. When he stepped into the safety of his own little world, his posture immediately became much more relaxed. Sure, Adrian was there which meant he should hold up the facade. But non of them seemed to care about that.

    The compliment did make him rather happy. His family had never understood why he bothered keeping those things alive inside the house. Flowers belonged to the outside, no reason to take them in. But he didn't agree at all. Sure, they did die easily if they weren't taken care of, but it was worth it. It took him some seconds to actually process that Adrian had called him by his first name, except for his mother and father, he could not remember a single person whom had done that. Your highness, prince, prince Lecarte, or as it was with some of his closer advisers, prince Paris. But it was never just Paris. It felt good, to be just Paris.

    He let out a small laughter as Adrian confessed how he couldn't understand the computer. He could still remember how his grandfather had told him about when computers was a new thing when he had been a teen. While he had adapted fast, his parents and grandparents had barely been able to understand them at all. For Paris generation, they were a natural part of life. "It's a computer, its main role is to contain information. Though most people use it to play games on." He explained as he turned it on. "You could say there's two kinds of computers I guess, those with internet and those without." He mainly tried to make it a little bit simpler to understand. "If your computer doesn't have internet, then it's up to you to put all the information you want into the computer. But if you have internet, then you can just use that to get information from other people around the world. It's like a big history and science book inside one tiny box."

    "There are only a handful of things you can't find on the internet, since millions of people world wide are giving information to it daily. There are even stuff written about your people, though most of it is from before the borders opened so it's probably not very accurate."

    The screen had just left the welcome sign and logged him in. He had never bothered with passwords, it wasn't like he had the countries secrets on it. The background was of a winter landscape, a few trees stuck up from beneath the snow, but everything else was completely covered. Some icons showed on the left side of the screen and the start menu on the bottom, like any other computer. "So in short, you can play games or you can use it to search for information. Oh, and you can also talk to people across the globe if they are connected to the internet too." The last thing had completely slipped his mind as he wasn't too keen on the online community thing. He had tried it a couple of time, since he never could get the chance to be anonymous in his real life. But even though he grew up with technology, he still couldn't get into talking to people through a screen. He preferred face to face talk.

    "So, do you want to try it out, Adrian?" He smiled warmly, and made a small motion with his hand towards the chair to show it was okay for him to sit down. It wasn't very comfortable to use a computer while standing, at least not when the desk was that low down. The back pain would most likely be tremendous.
  15. Adrian stood right next to Paris and stared down at the box as he listened intently. He had no ulterior motive here aside from trying to understand the differences between this mysterious technology and magic. A lot of it just made his mind hurt at the thought. Speaking across the world was a simple enough thing. Having a giant library just…somehow on this ‘internet’ that could be accessed from anyone with one these boxes? He had never even dreamed of such a thing. And then to also be able to play games on the same machine? He had a feeling he had no idea what was really meant by ‘games’ in this instance.

    Adrian sat down slowly, his mind still spinning from all he had learned in even this short amount of time. He had to force himself to snap out of it and instead leaned forward to examine the screen, pressing close to the other man without seeming to think about it. “Yes, how do you control this thing?” He had seen Paris using the mouse but that had not enlightened him particularly. He was also rather fascinated by the purpose of the keyboard. “This…internet, how do you do it?” He didn’t even know what he wanted to search for but he was determined to learn all there was to learn. As he stared at the screen an icon caught his eye and without even thinking about it he reached out to put his hand over the other mans and moved the mouse to click on it. His brow furrowed as the icon changed colors, but nothing happened.
  16. Paris had to try hard not to laugh. It felt quite strange to be with someone whom didn't understand something as simple as a computer. But the laughter got stuck in his throat as Adrian put his hand on top of his and he suddenly felt quite stiff. Needles to say, he wasn't used to people touching him. Even his closest friends kept their distance as they never wanted to offend the crown prince. Apparently they had the belief that if they happened to make him angry then he would throw them into prison. At least that was what it seemed like.

    "You would have to double click on the icon for it to respond." Paris explained as he relaxed himself again. Then he moved the mouse to the internet icon and double clicked. Even though internet had been around for forever, google was still the most used search engineer, so that's what he decided to use for Adrians first test run. He fast typed in the web address to google, and the computer only needed a second to get it up. "Okay, all you have to do is write something on this keyboard, anything you want, and once you're done you'll just click on the search button, or click on enter which is this key." He explained and pointed a finger towards the one of the keys with arrows.

    "If you happen to misspell something, then you can move backwards with this key" He continued and pointed at the other key with an arrow on it. "Also, after each word you'll have to click on space, so that there becomes space between each word. Or else one sentence becomes one long word no one have ever heard of." He really hoped everything sank in. He tried to talk slowly without sounding as if he questioned Adrians intelligence, but it was still a lot of things to remember for someone whom had only used pen and paper before.
  17. Adrian sat back while Paris took over, still watching his every move like a hawk. He made note of where the other man had typed ‘google’ whatever that meant. It seemed to be the magic word that opened the way to the great library. He filed that away for later and studied the keyboard as Paris spoke. It was helpful that the keys had icons that sort of indicated their function so it was somewhat easier for him to remember. He did move for a few moments, taking a moment to breath and let the information process. He also wasn’t sure what he wanted to search for. Didn’t Adrian say there was supposed information on his own country?

    “Laesin!” He exclaimed, half expecting it to just register his voice but of course this was no thing of magic so he belatedly remembered to actually type the word in. He was slow and using the hunt and peck method. He disliked that he was so clunky with the machine but he had no idea how Paris just put his hands on there and spit out words so quickly on such a mixed up ‘keyboard’. Who had thought of putting the letters in such a weird formation anyway? He couldn’t help but voice the thought out loud. “Whoever made this thing should have been executed.” His voice was a soft growl as he finally found the ‘N’ and hit the backspace button. “…Damn it!” He found the ‘N’ again and hit the enter button correctly this time.

    He blinked as the screen changed to a list. He figured they must be the equivalent of books and started scrolling. “Wiki..pedia?” He tilted his head. They had strangely named books.
  18. Paris could barely contain his laughter as the prince complained about the keyboard. Once he was able to collect himself and dared to take away the hand from his mouth, he breathed in deeply and started to explain again.

    "Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, it is the website that has the most information on it. Some people even goes as far as saying, that which isn't written there does not exist. But that is pretty ridiculous since it's just everyday people that puts information onto the site." He decided not to tell Adrian about why the letters was put into such a weird order yet, but he probably would at some point. Like when his friend started to noticing how much easier it was to write on it once you had used it for a while.

    "You can right click on the mouse." He then continued, and pointed on the thing Adrian was keeping his hand on. "And then you'll get up some alternatives. Click on 'open in new window'. That way you won't have to go back if you want to try another link." That information wasn't completely necessary as it only was his preference. Paris always felt like it saved him time to click it up into another window which he could close down, instead of having the page load as it backed to where he was. Sure it was just a matter of seconds, but still time saving.
  19. Adrian actually stopped his intense gazing at the screen to give Paris a shocked expression. Everyday people were contributing to their biggest encyclopedia? Could it even be called that then? If this was the quality of their information well…he wasn’t quite sure how these countries had made it this far. He glanced back at the link and frowned. He wasn’t sure he was looking for such poor quality information but he went ahead and clicked on it, utilizing the ‘new window’ method Paris had suggested. The fact that the thing he was using was weirdly called a mouse was completely lost in the blasphemy of letting just anyone touch precious information. He blinked as the screen he was on vanished and was replaced with another one. “Where did it go?” He couldn’t believe he was having so much trouble with just one piece of technology.

    He decided he didn’t care for the moment and started skimming the article on his country. He wasn’t sure what to think of it. Obviously someone with a certain amount of training had written at least part of this piece so it didn’t sound like some confused child. The information was very much out of date, as far as he could tell anyway. He tried to use the mouse to ‘grab’ the page and move it up, as that seemed the most intuitive way to move it down to read more but ended up just highlighting half of the page. His brow furrowed. “This thing has many strange functions…” It was just as well that he was so focused on mastering the computer that he was oblivious to his companion’s mirth.
  20. Paris could only imagine what might be going on in the poor guys head. It was such a strange thing to be with someone whom didn't understand how to use a computer, and on top of that be so confused over it. When he himself had used a computer for the first time, he had never thought that anything was strange, and it was easy to understand. But he had known of the existence of computers even before he used one for the first time, and that was the biggest difference between them. Everything in his world was completely new for Adrian, so of course it would be much harder for him to get into it.

    As Adrian highlighted half the page, Paris couldn't help but let out a small chuckle. At least he hadn't laughed hysterically so far. He was fairly certain what his friend was trying to do, which was the reason he felt so entertained by the action that was made instead. "If you want to scroll down you'll need to either click the down button on the keyboard." He said as he pointed at it, "Or the page down button, or you can just take the cursor to the side and drag that thing down."

    He had never thought about how much you actually did with a computer daily without thinking about it. Everything he was teaching his friend was things that came naturally to him. He never thought about which button he had to click to make the page go down, or how to copy and paste a text. It was as natural as breathing air.

    "Oh, and when you're done and want to go back to the previous page, you can just click that x button in the right corner. That will close down this window." It did worry him a bit over the fact that Adrian was reading about his own people. Who knew what was written there. Sometimes, real scientists and historians actually took their time to write information on these kind of sites. But for the most parts it was the average Joe that write what they had read. When it came to things that no one was completely sure of, they usually got it very wrong and went with myth instead of facts. There were even people whom deliberately wrote things wrong just to get a reaction or to fool the gullible. That's why the sources on the bottom were so important so that they could see if it was reliable facts.
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