A Civil War of Their Own

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  1. [Light blue for Benjamin, and Dark Purple for Odette]

    "The two great planets; Herithae and Mesmordia are in a great war. This war has been going on for a decade, and the bloodshed and lies have not stopped, yet."

    Benjamin hated the war. He hated all kinds of war, and he wanted it to stay peaceful all times, but that wasn't very realistic thinking. Especially when his planet had the abundance of everything, and Mesmordia, the rivaling planet, had everything they needed, but they wanted more. Or that was the stories anyway. Benjamin sighed and once again heard the yelling down in the living room. His parents were watching the news about the war, and they were getting riled up about it. Ben's parents were die hard "all for Herithae" people, even though they had two sons in the opposing army. Benjamin scowled as they used foul language. He hated it when they did that. They were suppose to be excellent role-models and all that bull crap, but Ben knew better. He sighed once more and put down his book that he was reading about another far away planet that was called "Earth". He laughed at the name, it sounded so stupid!

    He knew why his parents were so keen on watching the television, his sister Odette was in Herithae's army, and they loved their precious little daughter, although she hated their parents with a mighty passion. Benjamin loved his sister, although she was a bit eccentric and a bit tough, but that was what he liked about her. He grabbed his laptop and turned it on, hoping one of his friends wanted to hang out with him. He usually could count on Anthony to be available, and this time, it was no different. They decided to meet at the park in fifteen minutes.



    Although this was a modernized planet, in the army they used old fashioned weapons. Like swords and spears and things like that. Although the weapons were designed out of the elements instead of the regular steel and such, they did very well in hand to hand combat or long ranged fighting. Odette Leonard was the one who used the fire mace, and she was damn well good at using it. She was well renowned for her fighting technique and in taking out Mesmordia's army. This war had gone on for too long, Odette had thought and she decided she would be the one to bring peace, in a very violent way.

    Odette was waiting for her commander to give the signal to charge into battle. It was in the country of Welsebee and of course the planet of Herithae. Odette loved the terrain and her fire mace was quite handy at bludgeoning it's victims to death. She stood still, her breath showing visibly in the night's air. She was wearing her own specialized armor. Armor that wouldn't catch fire, or be susceptible to burns. She was ready to fight, her adrenaline was pumping through her pale body and she took in a deep breath, she could see the other army waiting for their own signal. Then it struck, and Odette was racing towards the Mesmordians and ready to beat some skull in.
  2. Saige Didorus is Plum-- Kale Ivorin is Orange


    It's tale was as old as the lands and as deep as the ocean's but none of that seemed to matter now. The once regal setting that roamed it's plentiful fields of gold, spanning across the globe was nothing but the history one was forced to learn about in class. Whether they liked it or not. How many times had it been crammed in through her ear, it was honestly more than one could possibly count on all digits.

    Cuffing her fingers up through the reaches of her bangs forcing them to be tossed to the side, tranquil eyes of blue seemed to be searching the faces of so many for something. What, she had no idea either, but perhaps when she seen it she would know.

    Each revenged with the war that spanned longer than anyone really wanted to speak about, each side attempting to quell and throw the opposing side off track. Yet, it was for naught. They were still at a statement it seemed but neither side willing to put aside their weapons of forged steels and elements to speak on a neutral ground. Rather the fat cats who sat up in office pointing fingers at one another were content to have their denizen die at other's hands. Wars made money and they brought a sense of pride into each beating heart without much more than a simple side of hands. It was disturbing and yet... no one seemed to have an ounce of intelligence to say, this was wrong.

    Then why was she here, riding shot gun in the rickety metal clunker that she was almost certain was about to fall out from under her hind quarters, holding tight to the smooth as silk black barrel attempting to ready her nerves.

    They shouldn't be here and yet... they were.

    Checking through the corner of her eye the driver, his hands were gripped loosely around the wheel not a single care in the world on his face. Rather unlike the rest of the group in this vehicle, he seemed ready for this.

    Humming a bit as he caught her looking over him, a single momentarily fellow blue eye peered to her - arching a brow.

    Laughing nervously, hands waved wildly to him. "Nothing."

    Lips pursed seeming not to buy her little excuse before the hefty laugh came dispelling out from his mouth. One would usually expect that to be the end of his comeback but it wasn't, at least not today. The great mitt of a hand fell to the top of her head, tussling her back and forth with such a force she feared she would go tumbling out the door. "It'll be easy," he grinned slowly allowing his hand to recede back to the comfort of the wheel. "You just need to point that their beauty;" he gestured to the gun in her lap; "And you'll have them melting in their pants."

    "Say's the expert." she mocked him, eyes drawn down to her lap allowing her hands to fidget- "This is not exactly what I thought I'd be signing up for you know."

    He chuckled deep within his chest before laying a wink to her - "Buck up kid; we are only coming to sway them Herithaen's pigs into seeing eye to eye on a civil level." Tapping a finger to his temple, she could only shake her head. "Too much thinking, you're setting yourself up for failure."

    "This isn't the war front Kale," she shook her hands towards the windshield; "This is a low down dirty scheming way. We aren't military personal, we are nothing more than mercenaries that now is about to go about stealing the Herithaen's Pigs, as you put it rather than using our wit and knowledge to solve this calamity with resolve."

    Rocking his jaw back and forth, his attention became glazed before he turned his focus back behind them, to the trio of men that were listening to their conversation. "And this is what you get when you acquire a newbie in the field boys, panic. Should've known that a tactic dog wouldn't be cut out for the gritty jobs."

    "Gritty jobs are nothing, I don't like being sneaky." She crossed her arms beneath her breasts; "I am not a scumball."

    "Princess, you enlisted to us because you were discharged from the field. Be happy you are doing anything to help the war effort."

    Lifting the barrel of the gun to point at his head, she cocked the trigger her tongue touching the edge of her bottom lip; "I could help it with taking you out."

    "Saige;" his tone turned into a warning tone; "Shut your trap and put the damn gun down before you screw up this mission." Skewing her lips she huffed before placing the weapon back into her lap. "Women." He rolled his eyes.
  3. Benjamin slipped out of the back door of the two story house and down the sidewalk of the street. Winter was slowly reaching out it's mighty claws to the small town of Terwel and Benjamin loved the idea of snow. But he hated the cold, he wasn't as susceptible to the cold frigid winds as the others were. Sometimes Benjamin thought he wasn't even from this planet, let alone town. But he could never bring up that idea to his parents, being as he was adopted and all. Ben shivered and pulled his leather jacket closer to his frail body. Soon the park was in plain sight as well as Anthony. He looked very stunning in the soft light of the afternoon, and of course Ben had to keep his secret from Anthony, like all the other boys that he was Bisexual. He sighed and waved his tapered hand to his friend, and Anthony jogged up to him.
    "Your sister's name was mentioned on the news this morning. She won another medal!" He exclaimed to him and Ben laughed.
    "Good for her, I'm so proud of my sister." Benjamin told him, but mainly he was talking to himself. He shoved his hands into his jacket pocket and he walked towards the playground. He cast a sideways glance at his friend. He was busy looking up at the light purple sky. Ben turned away and watched as a few kids played on the jungle gym, without a care in the world. He wished there was nothing to care about on this world, but of course the war was getting closer and closer to his little town of Terwel.


    Odette swung at the Mesmordian's knocking them to the ground one by one. She loved the fire that ignited their bodies, and she screamed a war yell. She was like an animal in the battle feild, and she had no conscience to whether or not she was killing a family's Husband, Brother, Child, or Mother. She just felt invigorated. It was a few good minutes passed before the battle was over. Most of the warriors of her own kind were hurt, but that still didn't mean they couldn't kick ass when needed. She smiled and licked her lips. She had a cut down her shoulder and her lip was bleeding profusely. This was a good fight. She went to the paramedic tent to get all stitched up and ready to fight in the upcoming battle a few days away. She put her Mace away and sat down on one of the tables and gritted her teeth as they stitched up her cut.
    "Come on Odette, this is the third time you've opened this cut on your shoulder. Take it easy." The nurse that was attending her scowled and went to business on her cut. She laughed and pushed back her jet black hair with her free hand.
    "It's alright Pat, calm down. I can do what I please! I'm invincible!" She cried and then grimaced in pain as one of the stitches came out. The nurse swore and pricked her a little harder with the needle. She smiled and wondered if she could go to sleep tonight with all this adrenaline pumping through her veins.
  4. She felt uneven, like they were attempting to use her as fresh meat rather than what she was, a gunslinger. Well she wasn't even being that, she was being used as the one who was going to be riling up everything.

    They all laid on their bellies, some looking idly upwards to the strange hue of the sky and others attempting to see with their naked eyes the distance of the town office that had been rumoured laid in the middle of this rather tiny place.

    She was watching Kale with the heavy duty binoculars pressed up to his face, a smirk on his lips and a enlightened presence that seemed rather gross hearted. They were nothing more than a good couple maybe fifty paces away on the rolling hill with the truck out of sight overlooking the playground with some children still out wandering around and a few older ones too.

    This place hadn't been struck by the war... yet. And it wasn't just close now, it was living thriving breathing right under your nose close with them five here.
    "What's your ammo?" he asked softly, lowering the binoculars to rest under his chest.

    "Aeroshards, and knock backs." Not your usual everyday run of the mill ammo that one could purchase over the counter. No this was elite class weaponry. Aeroshards were still her personal favorite too. With the deep compression of the explosion in the barrel, it pushed the rather strange looking bullet out of the gun, leaving the shaft with a spiraling motion only due to the fact that thin blades sprouted out of the sides and weaved with an elemental assistance of wind. They were hard to explain but they certainly got the job done. They shot and torn clean through the person who had the wrong timing to be her target. Knock backs were exactly what they sounded like. They took you off your feet without harming you. They were nothing more than rubber shells that hurt like a hell but managed to make your point. "What are you thinking?"

    "Don't have any electro hammers?" Kale mused openly, rubbing a hand across the grizzled rough of his face. Shaking her head, she hardly ever used those. They weren't meant to kill but did they pack a pounding. Two bullets charged with an electric pulse that only made it into the thin top layer of your skin and shocked the living crap out of you, they were nothing more than a overpowered taser. "We need a hostage that is alive, not partially made ground beef."

    "What no, why who?" she yammered off pointing a finger down towards the grounds they were watching, "We are not stealing some little kid dumbass! I downright refuse!"

    "Sew up your bleeding heart Saige, I wasn't talking about some little gradeschooler,"
    He objected seeming rather insulted for even having the idea thrown at him, "We got a pair of older buggers down there, hammer one of them and the other three should be able to swoop in, rope him and get back before you have a mental break down."

    "You," She rapped her knuckles hard on his forehead, effectively making him curse - "Are the reason why I will have a mental break down."

    Rubbing his fingers to his brow, Kale blew out his lips.
    "Just get your gun loaded with KB's"
  5. [OOC: I like where this is going!]

    Benjamin sat down on the swings and waited for Anthony to take a seat next to him. Ben had a strange sense of being watched, but he got over it. It was probably one of the small creatures that scurried around the park. He sighed and looked at Anthony. He knew Anthony had a crush on his sister and so he wouldn't stop hearing about how great she was. Ben really loved his sister, but he hated hearing all this stuff about her. He was so afraid, one day he would hear she got killed. He couldn't imagine how heartbroken his parents would feel, let alone himself.
    "Ben! I mean come on. I've been talking about your sister Odette Leonard for the past fifteen minutes, and you seem like you don't even care!" Anthony whined and Ben pushed him with his hand.
    "My sister is amazing, yes. But I don't want to hear about her every two seconds. I get it enough from my parents okay?" He sighed and swung back and forth on the swing.

    Odette jumped off of the Nurse's table and put her mace in the weapons case as well as her dagger. She waved to the nurse and left the tent. The war field was rife with dead bodies, and the smell was disgusting. That was one thing Odette couldn't get use too; the smell. She walked a few feet to her own tent, and took out her cellphone and tried to see if she got reception on the field. Which she didn't. She scowled and threw the cell on the bed and sat herself in the chair closest to a table. The commander walked in as she was about to open a pack of cigarettes.
    "Odette, great job out there again! Have you heard that the Mesmordian Scum are coming ever closer to your home town and your precious brother?" He sneered at her, and she rolled her brown eyes at him.
    "They won't get that far Chief. Don't worry about it!" She laughed and pulled out a cigarette and lit it up and put it to her lips and took a long drag.
  6. Slipping her fingers up under the brim of the bunnet cap to tuck the spiral of strawberry blonde locks underneath, she scowled to herself trying not to turn right around to the hidden men and flip them right off. She was not keen on this in the first place and it seemed that no one was listening to her constant moaning about it.

    Yet, here she was. Having tucked the gun up in the belt of her pants beneath the trench penny coat, she still felt like she was a ravening lunatic naked in the brisk winter waving around the proud flag of Mesmordia, looking for someone to just pierce her through the neck. Hopefully with one shot if she was lucky.

    "Quit walking with a stick up yer arse." he muttered through the one way communication hidden behind her ear and out of sight due to the long tendrils of hair that covered it. "Sway them hips like you actually have some under there!" Cuffing up the collar of the coat, her lips muttered beneath thinking of ways she could pistol whip Kale without getting into too much trouble. Stupid commander's son, using the perks of his father to get his way and his position. Bastard.

    Fixing herself time and time again, boots crunched on the red pathway that ran through the grounds of the park and playground, as she stopped before she could be seen; took in a deep breath and took off in a flighty run past them all sitting;
    "Mesmordian's! They have broken through the borders! Run!" She bellowed, practiced perfect fear running through the velvet cry of her voice, eyes of blue wide as she frantically ran up to the pair of men, only to grab the thinner one with the scarf by his arm and cowered effectively behind him, being certainly not to ream him right off the swing, "Please we need to run!" her voice quivered as she heard nothing but silence on the road end of the transmitter.
  7. Benjamin raised an eyebrow at the woman running straight for them, screaming about Mesmordian's. Anthony laughed and laughed, but Ben wasn't to sure he should be judging this woman yet. She "cowered" behind him and he licked his soft pale lips and spoke to her, trying to be as calm and collected as he could be.
    "Shh, shh, it's alright. Nothing's going to hurt us, you don't have to worry Miss...?" He stood up and turned to her and brushed a strand of hair out of the woman's face. She was rather beautiful. Hopefully she wasn't as crazy as she seemed.
    "OH COME ON! Do you really believe this crack pot? I mean come on! Your sister is the Odette Leonard! She won't let the stupid Mesmordian scum get to us." He laughed again and shook his head at Benjamin and the mysterious girl. Ben scowled at his friend and looked back into the eyes of the woman with his own dark green orbs. He searched her face for anything else she would say.


    After Odette had three cigarettes before she laid down in her not so comfy bed and read a book. The same book her brother was reading. They made sure they would read it together, even though they were a few miles apart. She smiled at the thought of her brother and wondered what he was doing. She put the book face down in her lap and picked up her cell. She dialed his number, and finally got it to ring. But no answer from him. She scowled and sighed. It wasn't like Ben to not answer his phone, 'specially not when it was her calling. She shrugged, a little concern ran through her, but she decided it was nothing and continued reading.
    "Odette, come on. You need to eat sweetie." Her best friend and soon to be fiance called out to her from the flap of the tent. She smiled and placed her bookmark into her book and sat it on the table.
    "Coming dear. Don't wait up, I'll be there in my own time!" ‚Äč she called to him and soon joined the rest of the army in dinner.
  8. Stifling and swallowing the scum remark from the secondary male, she bit down hard onto her bottom lip using the moment to suck a breath through her teeth; "There are more than just a few mesmordian's here!" she whimpered back at the other man, oh she already didn't like him but who would like someone who dared call them scum. Especially to her face... but to his fairness she was playing up the part of being else wise.

    Still silent was on the other end, she didn't know if Kale was being overly cautious or attempting raise her guile but it was working none the less.

    "Nothing is going to hurt us?" she repeated seeming to be relieved as she rubbed her hands together releasing her hold on him only to feign a saddening smile, tears prickling at the side of her face. "I don't think you can promise that."

    Shuffling her hand back to retrieve the sleek gun from its resting place, she tasted the bile rise up into her throat as she jammed the barrel up into the shoulder blades of the man; snapping her other hand around his arm to twist it backwards, lifting it skywards until she felt the cusp of the giving point to separate the shoulder from the socket.
    "Down to the ground otherwise he will suffer the repercussions!" She snapped viciously to the secondary man.

    Leaping forth from their protective enclosures, the children playing ran off screaming when the first fire of a gunshot went up into the air. It was a signal, to whom she knew not and really didn't want too. The trio of men that had been quiet during most of her evening with the raid group, Kale brandished the ebony runed sword that she had only seen sheathed, the flashy glow of ancient words on the blade as she could only wonder what sort of elemental weapon he held.

    "Well," He smirked as he looked about the people fleeing from the scene rather proud of himself, reaching down to pick up the hat of hers that fell off at some point, dusting it off. "Nicely done Didorus , seems all that bitching about not doing this was only a stage."

    "Shuddup," she cursed back keeping the gun pointed into the back of the man, never revealing whether or not she had actual bullets or not.

    Snapping his fingers as if they were trained dogs, the men leapt in with nylon rope at the ready, one grabbing the secondary tight from behind to pinch at the base of his neck.
    "What about this one?" one asked as Kale seemed to give him a firm look over.

    "We only need one, so..." he flicked a hand as she swallowed hard; "Let's make him a example."

    "Stop it, we aren't here to kill anyone." she mustered through a leathery tongue, "Just knock him out for the loving sakes."

    Wrinkling his nose, Kale rolled his eyes
    "That damn bleeding heart of yours, how did you ever become a gunslinger?" Kale shook his head as he motioned for the man to concede to her words, though she grimanced to hear the bone to metal to render the other useless.Nudging her aside with broad shoulders, the two other men came in to relieve her. One was to tie and one kept him pacified so the man wouldn't injury either himself or them. Putting the butt of her pistol into her palm, concern and fret was present on her face though she turned away not to look directly at the one they had captured. "That'll do nicely," Kale nodded, "One Herithaen Pig, ready for show to the men upstairs. Take any of his gadgets or phones away, can't have him calling for someone other than vocally." Kale hummed before he pointed to him, "Should gag him too at least until we are back in our war zone."
  9. Benjamin was in shock at what happened next. He was now being tied up and taken away. He wouldn't let his kidnappers know of his fear. But then again, once Odette found out about this, she would hurry to save him. But would she be here in time? Of course not. But he still had a flimsy childish hope that she would. His phone vibrated again and again in his pocket. He wondered if it was Odette, it probably was. He wished for some way to activate the speaker so they would know his sister was Odette. Before they gagged him he spoke, yelling loud and clear.
    "I just can't wait to see what Odette thinks about this.." He smirked and waited for a reaction or response from the brood.

    Odette was still trying to call her brother when the commander came into the Food tent. He had an angry yet sad look on his face, and he was heading straight for Odette. She bit her black stained lip and waited for him to speak to her.
    "Odette..There was someone taken from your town today.. " He hesitated waiting for her to speak.
    "Go on Commander?" She was really worried now. What did he mean, by taken from her town? She leaned in giving him a look that said she couldn't wait any longer for him to speak.
    "A Mesmordian unit came into your town earlier and they took a young man from the playground at the park. This young man..he was your brother." Odette let it all sink in before she tore out of the food tent screaming and cussing in rage.
    "WHAT THE HELL? MY BLOODY BROTHER?!! WHERE THE FUCK ARE THOSE SCUM! LET ME AT THOSE BASTARDS!" she struggled with the lock on the weapons cabinet and ripped the door open and retrieved her fire mace. She was ready to kill someone.
  10. Brushing and clapping a hand to her cheek, Saige had no urge to see anyone surcome to the bloody woes of war but yet she was still here attempting to win this damnable war for her world. Was it really worth it?

    Itching his ear, a glazed look was settled onto his face peering up to the skyline with a little thought before he turned a slow deadly peer to the boy.

    It seemed this one had managed to get his attention, as he halted the men from picking him up right off the ground, kneeled down and stared right at those green eyes.
    "Odette you say?"

    Saige blinked before she felt the panic swell in her breast, that name was all to famous on their side.
    "You said nothing about that lunatic!" She waved her hands back and forth, "Are you trying to sign me up for a death mission cause I want nothing to do with it. I still have a lot to do with my life, I still haven't got the Ivory Kross Magnum that I had my eye on back at home!"

    "Finished?" Kale lifted a brow.


    "Good, put a lid on it," he shook his head as she puffed out her bottom lip, "Odette Leonard, well;" he stroked his fingers over his chin no fear or worry ever present; "Now this got interesting! " he flicked the boy hard in the head, "Now this game just that must more ever pressing, hell I hope she brings it all in. I could use a good fight, and she's got one hell of a bounty on her head. That could set me up for a lifetime," he rubbed his hands together, "Now you are just the perfect bait,"


    "What?" he lifted his attention to her.

    "This is Odette! The fire slayer!" she shook her hands only repeating the nickname that Odette earned from her people, "You are mad if you think you will survive against her!" Kale shrugged it off without a care in the world before he stood up again making a tipping motion with his head to return back to the van. The men retrieving the cell phone from his pocket, only to crunch it beneath his feet, she felt a great big piece of her self going with it. "Good bye beautiful gun I'll never own." she sighed longingly only sprinting after Kale as he was laughing more so to himself, enticed by the idea of gathering up this whelp that was Odette's brother.

    She yelped as she felt him grabbing her shoulder to pull her tight against him, looping an arm around her;
    "Oh you couldn't have picked a better target Saige darling, so glad you screwed up with picking this stringy piece of piglet from the park."

    Putting a finger to her lip, she looked around.
    "I was suppose to get the other one?"

    "You are forgiven, ah Odette Leonard, soon Vision will be tearing you apart."

    "Vision.. the blade... Oh boy." Was all she could think.
  11. Ben furrowed his eyebrows into a depressed face, it seemed to be no use. Odette wouldn't find him, and he would be sooner or later killed, and he would never have a chance at living a peaceful life. Ben watched the two as they took him to a van. They were fighting it seemed like, and he thought it was rather amusing to see the two bicker back and forth. He stared closely at the girl whose name he had thought was Saige. But he wasn't all to sure. But he knew that the bulky looking male was named Kale. He was the one that Odette told him about from time to time. He was tough, Ben could give him that, but he wasn't like his sister; at all. Ben was forced into the back of the van, and as he sat down, he wondered where they were taking him.

    Odette couldn't calm herself down. She was going into a blood rage. She wanted to see whoever took her brother killed, and better yet; slaughtered. Odette was sitting down on her bed with her fingers tightly wrapped around the handle of her precious fire mace. The commander and her fiance were in the tent with her, mostly trying to make sure she didn't go off and get herself killed. She was breathing heavily, and she just wanted a cigarette, maybe five. Odette chuckled maliciously at the thought, and set her mace down gently and picked up her pack of cigs. She wrenched the pack open and took out two. She lit them up at once and stuck both in her mouth. She sucked up the nicotine and her nerves began to calm; but only slightly. She was finished with the two cigarettes in a few seconds and she was about to reach for two more, when her fiance grabbed her hand and stopped her. She glared her almost black colored orbs at him.
    "What the hell do you think you are doing Todd." She snapped at him, and he looked hurt at her reaction, and he slowly retracted his hand from her wrist. She sighed and stood up and gave her fiance a hug. She didn't know what to do. She loved her brother so much, even though he was a Mesmordian by blood. She didn't care about that though...not too much anyway. He didn't even know about it. But what if the scum that took him did? What if they tried to brainwash him into hating her? Odette choked back the tears that threatened to spill over. But she wouldn't. She needed to be strong for herself, for her army, and for her brother.
  12. "You," he pointed at her, poking her directly in the nose a few times causing her to wiggle it without the assistance of a hand, "Sit here with the piglet," Kale smirked darkly as she was apparently now giving guard duty, losing her prior spot in the front seat of the van. Not that it was comfortable but it was certainly a lot better than sitting on the cold gutted metal floor of the vehicle. "If he tries anything;" Kale narrowed an eye as he only turned right around to poke his finger right in the middle of his head, "Shoot him here. I don't give two damns if he lives or not, especially when that psycho learns we have him, she'll come whether his heart is beating or if his brain is on the ground."

    Puffing out her bottom lip as she jumped up into the van only to plop down in a huff; she lifted her fingers to wiggle them at Kale.
    "These beauties will not pull the trigger on him, you want him dead, you do it." she replied hastily stuffing her hands under her breasts and looking away.

    "Feisty," he smirked still to ream the van door shut with a force that shook the metal clunker, while two of the fellow men were rested up close to the front and the last one in her seat. Taking shotgun from her meant a whole other story.

    The door opened with a audile squeak making one of the men mention something about greasing it as Kale jumped into the driver side and shut it all over again.

    It didn't take long before she had her eyes back on the boy they had captured. At first when the van began to drive she began to busy herself with unclocking her gun to remove the rubber bullets, and spoil the weapon with a glossy cleaning. But eventually she became bored listening to the men talking about some of the sports teams back at home and tucked the pistol revolver into its proper holster that rested on the ground behind her. Eyes became glue to the man, studying him with wonderment that could easily be familiar to that of a child.

    Hands planted firm as she leaned right forward to be on all fours, close to the man looking him up and down.
    "Saige what are you doing?" Kale bellowed back, clearly watching through the rear view mirror.

    "I thought they had tentacles coming out of their mouths?" she asked innocently; "I've never seen one up close before," Kale had only blinked, "Do you actually have webbed feet like a duck?" she was actually asking the gagged male, "You don't look that different from us but then again maybe you do eat our skin to assume our looks!" She leaned away to the very thought suddenly weary that he was about to spring out of his ropes and devour them all.

    "You really need to stop watching those army films,"
    Kale exhaled, "Geez and I wondered why you were discharged from the army Saige... clearly a screw is loose up there."

    The men chuckled as she scowled at them all equally, only to rock back to sit on her rear again. She was not an army mule in the least, she had earned her title elsewhere and that was enough for her to get attention in this third party of Mesmordian's, an collection of brigands that all had their own strengths and weakness' that were employed for other reasons. Rubbing her hands up and down her arms, Saige momentarily brushed back the strawberry bangs from her face.
    "Kale turn up the heat back here, I'm freezing my rear off."

    Hearing the click of the heat, she had to admit she had grown a fevered distaste to this winter thing. She had grown up in the hot climates of Atson back home, snow never fell and she danced in glee when a sand storm kicked up.

    "How long till we are back on our lines Kale?"
    a man asked as he hummed.

    "I'd say two hours but we are making a rendezvous with Jak." her face brightened eagerly as she had to steal herself from crawling along the floor to the front again. "Looks like someone is happy back there."

    "Of course I am." She grinned from ear to ear, "And I'll be sure to tell my brother how lovingly you have been to me Kale."

    "Ah shit."
    Kale seemed to regret his words instantly creating a proud smile to blossom on her lips.
  13. Ben just watched at listened as the girl and the male bantered back and forth. He raised an eyebrow at her accusations on his part, and he almost laughed at a few of them, but it as particularly hard to laugh with his mouth gagged. He sighed and wondered who this "Jak" person was. He missed his sister and wished that for some little spark of luck, that she would find him and rescue him from these awful people. Ben couldn't really see out the window or anything, being that he was sitting on the floor of the van. But he managed to see glimmers of purple sky. The sun was almost going to set, letting the two moons rise up and overcome the night sky. Ben leaned his head back and closed his dark green eyes and wished for help.
    Odette was in one of the army clunker's on her way to a location, that she had hoped, was where her brother would end up; alive. She whispered a silent prayer to the god of luck, and grasped her fire mace in her arms protectively. She wasn't the one driving, it was a close friend that she had come to know while being in the army. This woman was almost as fierce as she was, yet she had a softer side than Odette did. She didn't mind though. If Odette would of been driving, she would've ran over a few pedestrians, and probably gotten into an accident with how mad she was. She almost couldn't contain her furious-ness. It was threatening to overwhelm her and blind her. They were now on an old deserted road that led to the place where her brother should be. But the tips they got from their spies weren't always truthful or reliable, but for once, she hoped to god that he was there, and they weren't just being assholes. Odette rolled down the clunker's passenger seat window, and lit up a cigarette. She was almost out, but she could get more later. Her brother was the important thing at this moment. She took a few drags and let the ash fall out the window. She turned to face Katie and licked her black stained lips
    "How close are we to the place?" Odette asked and took a long drag off her cig. Katie turned to her as she moved the wheel to go with the turn in the road.
    "Not long, we'll get your brother soon enough." Katie gave her a small smile and then looked back at the road. Odette was ready for this.
  14. She cried out when the van came to a hard stop, forcing her to go sprawling right across the metal floor of the van; a depleted gasp of air being thrust out of her lungs while the hat she had been wearing flew into the front and her hair mopped over her face.

    Leisurely draping an arm back over the long single seat that was probably taken out of an old single cab truck, Kale was chuckling to the display of herself.
    "You're worse than a dog standing up in the vehicle." Slipping her hands up and under the cusp of her hair to flip it back, she remained on the floor momentarily glaring at the man who seemed to enjoy her personal plight all the more each time he seen it. "Well peaches and dust," he drummed his fingers to the back of the seat while the other man in the front jumped out leaving the secondary two just to look at her, Kale and the other man that had been taken against his will. "Get up off your belly like a snake, and make yourself useful."

    "I swear, I hope Odette rips yer balls off." she snapped out of character rather before she pushed herself up in a way that mimicked that of a push up, rolling her feet up in front of herself; blue eyes looking about for the holster that went sliding along with her to strap it back around her waist - after she pushed back the penny coat .

    Kicking the door open with a crash; voices of many filtered into the van stating that the brutish oaf that was the leader left it wide open. Muttering something to her, she swatted away one of the other men only to have the sliding door of the van open from the outside... since there was really no way to open it from the inside. Precautionary action to have all handles removed from the inside that were in the back of the clunker.

    Dressing her attention to that of the fellow that was currently taking up accommodations with them against his will; she pursued her lips before sighing and putting her hat back onto her head.

    It was with the door open that she caught the on looks of many other hired members watching with innate curiosity, whispers being held at hushed tongues while others boasted loudly to their prize. A few less than mature comments were to be heard only causing her to frown.

    Sliding her rear along the floor allowing her legs to drip down to the ground, Kale had been leaning up on the side out of sight of the inside of the van, watching with a raptor gaze that she was pretty certain was common to that of a vulture. Ready for some carrion as it were. "You're lurking." she pointed causing him to shrug,
    "Do you actually do any work here?"

    "That's what I've got you for." he winked causing her to retaliate with a verbal snotty noise coming up from her lips. New hands appeared to escort the man out of the van, forcing him to stand up as Kale pointed his thumb over his shoulder indicating towards the rather poor little hutch of a building was, before leaning back and grappling her arm.

    She had half a mind to start causing a scene with him, but found herself more interested to what was going to happen to the lad.
    "So now what with him?" she pointed while she walked alongside Kale, while they trailed a little behind the assisting hands of the men taking Odette's brother along.

    "Up to your brother really;" he shrugged it off before nudging her, "Maybe he will let you have a pet, you'll have to train him to piddle on the newsprint and not to chew up your shoes."

    "Mature Kale, really." she brushed him off, eyes looking up to the looming entrance way of the building before they began their dark walk to the inner rooms. Though it wasn't long, she didn't like the dark, especially with Kale around. Which only proved eventful in ways she hated.

    And it always appeared right before they got into the room, he would give her a pinch on the rear that caused her to jump and dare to swat him with great failure. Again the man gave her the welcoming, as she lifted her hand with the glint of lights finally appearing at the end of the hallway.
    "For crying out loud!" she bellowed only to stop half way when she started to laugh at Kale being shoved right through the doorway, forcing him to loose his balance and fall down the short steps they had to walk up.

    Chewing on a toothpick as he was glaring down into the hole of a hallway listening to Kale swearing up a storm, she somehow managed to keep her composure from hugging her savior, only to receive a familiar look of blue trait eyes to her.
    "Damn idiot, surprised she hasn't yet put a bullet through yer skull." his accent was full and thick of the south west, his deep red hair looking like that of blood under the terrible lights before he winked to her, "Well now, sure brought a scrawny thing here, sure he is going to be worth much?" Jak raised a thick brow while he pushed the toothpick to the other side of his mouth.

    Jak was no where a push over, standing a strong six five in height and if she guessed maybe close, around two hundred and ten pounds, but that was only an estimation. He pulled off the look of bull neck soldier but under that scalp of red hair, was a mind of endearing intelligence. Stepping away to reach out and put his hand tight to the lad's jaw, he turned him back and forth; "
    Ah shitting hell; if he sticks his tongue out and turns sideways he'd be a zipper."

    She sniggered to that wondering where on earth Jak came up with such analogies as she felt Kale shoulder his way past her, only to receive a death glare from her elder sibling.
    "Apparently the skid mark here is Odette Leonard's bro," he brushed off his shoulders to clear away the dust.

    Now that seemed interesting causing Jak to lean back stroking his chin;
    "So Benjamin Leonard..." leave it to Jak to know the intel about even this kid. "Yup, I right reckon this ought to piss off that mule sideways;" he tilted his head back to her, "It be getting mighty dusty in here soon kid, may wanna ready some blazers."

    She waved a hand,
    "Jak I am not facing her."

    "D.R, sure you can;" he narrowed an eye to Kale seeming to have a private conversation before shrugging, "Actually you can pull guard duty and keep a fine eye on the pup." he smiled gently before motioning for the boys who held Ben to take him down a floor. "Kale I know you've been itching right furious for a good fight, Odette can be all yer's."

    He smiled grimly though he already deemed the woman would be,
    "Be nice to get some action again, I've been getting a little rusty babysitting little girls here." he smirked,

    "Clamp up;" Jak narrowed his gaze again, "Just get yer blade ready and some gear on."

    "I never geared up in the army, and not going to start now." Living up to his own legend, the rune fox seemed itching even more for a battle that she was certain was going to end them all. Looking to that of the one captured, she sighed before shrugging.

    "No killing him right, Jak?" she dared to ask as he gave her a firm nod.

    "We aren't getting paid to kill him."

  15. Ben hated being pushed and shoved along. He wasn't some kind of dirt under their feet, he was a proud Herithae! But as Ben recalled all those times he had felt out of place in this world of Herithae.. he wondered if he was of the people's decent. He was adopted after all, what if he was a Mesmordia. instead? Ben shivered, and wondered if this could be true. But wouldn't Odette or his parents have told him? He thought for a minute, but realized probably not. They seemed to love him very much, and if they told him he was of Mesmordian decent, he could go off and join the other side of the war like his two other brothers. Ben was taken up a floor to a dusty old room and he was shoved into a chair and bound in the chair as well as what was already around his body. He scowled and glared his dark green eyes at his captors. Would Odette come and save him from this madness?


    Odette and Katie were close to where the place was. The tip came from one of their own spies in the Mesmordian lines, and although they weren't always reliable, Odette sure hoped that they were truthful this time around. She played with the little cross that her Fiance had gotten her, and she cracked her knuckles and neck before spotting a shelter off in the distance. She turned to Katie.
    "Is that what I hope it is? Do you think it's really where Ben is held?" Odette hoped with all of her being that it was, Katie just shrugged and turned off the road and slowly made their way around the shelter.
    "I hope to god, they didn't see us, or thought we were one of their guys. This place looks crowded with Mesmordian scum!" Katie told her and Odette bit her lip, and held on tighter to her mace. She hoped that it was just whimpy guy's and nothing to hard to deal with. They didn't think of bringing back up with Odette there. But even Odette herself wasn't sure. What if it was all an ambush?
  16. Waving her hands through the cloud of dust that came from the one adjoining man that gave the fellow a stern shove into the chair, she couldn't help but look around the pitiful place. It just wasn't the same as home... though this wasn't a fair comparison in the least. this was old, decrepit and well not her planet, home was well home.

    Hearing the clearing of a throat to get her attention, she dropped her attention to the taller man.
    "You're excused." she waved him off without a second thought.

    "Er.... do you think that's wise miss?" Leather griped as it released the firm hold of her revolver to point it at him with a single hand, her glinting gaze loaded down the barrel of the gun without a twitch in her brow. Sweat dripped over his nose to fall towards the ground while his hands had raised probably about as quick as her gun came out, "My apologizes miss."

    Her expression remained cold, nothing in her body moved nor gave away to any eternal fear at least not until the man turned about face to dart as fast as he could out of the room. Letting her breath out, she gave the weapon a flick to turn it about, allowing it to be redirected back to its holster before the bounce of hair turned in adjacent of her body. The bite of the cold was still felt up here as she rubbed the flat of her palm over her arm before looking a bit too the side.

    She knew that some of the men slept up here when they had been relieved of shift, it was really nothing much but it was better than sleeping in the blood encrusted dirt trenches outside that were water logged and rat infested.

    Her thumb and index rubbed together before she shrugged lightly, her boots clacking against the floor making her way around to scoop up one of the woolen blankets. It was sad to think that this war was coming to such a level and she had only helped in it, leaving a fair pit in her stomach.

    Hands swooped around the blanket in an open motion to drape it over the boy's shoulders allowing her own hands to lace to each shoulder, patting them in a sort of comforting way before she stepped away.
    "Can't have you catching a cold now, though you're probably used to this weather." she had no idea why she was talking at least of all to him, who was still gagged. She might have been sweet enough to remove the gag but she didn't want him shouting and alerting anyone.

    Rather she moved about face to sit on the floor of the room, cupping a hand to her chin and tracing a bored finger through the dust that collected on the boards.
    "Bet this isn't what you thought you'd be waking up too."


    A flash of light was being darted back and forth through the hand built towers that were all placed in four corners of the make shift bunker; as he smirked rather boastfully to it all. If they thought it would be easy to come striking at the heart of this operation they were stupider than he gave them credit.

    They were not that of the Mesmordian military, they were the elites who were brought in to handle scum that most couldn't, and they earned the title fairly.

    Leaning on the hilt of the black embossed sword as it laid restlessly in the dirt, Kale could have cared less about any traitor spies that had made it into the ranks. It didn't take long before the rats were found out and they met a misfortune far worse than one could ever dare to have a nightmare of.

    "Looks like we got a truck coming up." Jak muttered behind him as he was staring to get people off the base in visible sight and others lined up in the roosts with snipes. "You sure you don't need a stick to poke the bear some more, Kale?"

    "Hell that bitch is already piping mad, her personality is simple and easy to figure out Jakson; hot tempered mule with boobs that get in the way. She may have made a nice way of life striking out the army bastards, but she is about to find out that this is a whole new party."

    He hummed before he watched some of the mirrors flashing light again before they had completely died away. When everyone was inside their safety zones, Jak clapped him hard on the shoulder,
    "Don't play with her too long now, it be worse than playing with yer food."

    "Now you're just taking the fun out of it Jak." Kale grinned still leaning against the sword, "You've already ruined it with the perched birds." he didn't point them out where they all were just to make sure. Rather he stayed leaning against his sword looking as bored as could be, which he was staring to become.

    "Precaution yer know, there are others here than yerself."

    "She won't make it past me."

  17. Ben tried his best to shrug his shoulders at her at her remark, but he could barely move his upper torso. They had bound him rather tightly. He didn't know if they thought he was strong or not, but he worked out a little bit here and there, and had a ripped chest underneath the pale blue shirt he wore. Ben had lost his hat and his scarf in transit, and he wasn't too pleased about it. But of course what could he do? He watched the woman named Saige as she sat across from him. He really wish he could talk to her. That's when the idea hit him. He wiggled a little bit here and there and moved his mouth in many different positions, trying to get the gag off or at least to where he could speak. But it was no use. He sighed and started to speak with the gag in.
    "Pleer-remoff-th-garg" He spoke, but his voice was muffled, all he wanted to say was "please remove the gag". He sighed and pleaded to her with his dark green eyes, he had the best puppy dog look, and he would hope it would work on her. Maybe a little bit of luck would get to him.

    Odette and Katie parked the clunker behind some dense brush and hopped out of it. Odette carried her fire mace, and Katie carried her electrified crossbow. They walked a ways until they were behind some big boulders and they peered out.
    "Looks all clear boss, go on up, I'll follow behind." Katie told her and Odette, thinking nothing of it; went on ahead. That was when it hit her, the electrified shock, and it coursed through her body, shocking her from the inside out. She cried as the arrow burrowed deep with in her shoulder blade. She cried out and fell onto her knees. She turned her head back painfully and spit at her so called "partner".
    "HOW COULD YOU, YOU BITCH?!" Katie just laughed and held her cross bow high in the sky. She called out to whoever was hiding away in the crevices of the building and in the shadows.
    "Come on out boys! I've got your prize!" Katie laughed and laughed and Odette could do was cringe in pain as she awaited her death.
  18. Scratching her fingers through her hair as she had removed the cap from the topside though that was merely momentarily as she heard the bouncing that was to be had. Out of habit, her fingers twined around the grip letting her index touch the trigger guard but not the trigger itself.

    Blinking a little, her gaze hardened drastically while she pushed herself up off the ground without bothering to brush off the dust that clung to her rear.

    She could figure those jumbled words well enough as it worked well enough against her tired heart. As she lifted her hand, she stopped to lift the barrel up lining the front sights to his forehead.
    "You scream or holler, I won't hesitate." tilting her chin forward as if to make her point, she would wait before making any further attempts to remove the gag.

    Craning his head upwards to the commotion that seemed to come out from the lull of the silence, Jak nudged him hard in the shoulder as he walked by.
    "Looks like your little show may have just come to a end before it started."

    Kale wrinkled his nose, pulling Vision's blade from the earthy soil and following after the lead man. It didn't take a rocket scientist to know that men that had been hiding snipers were following on Jak's lead. This man was like a wolf pack, never allow really even if it appeared so.

    It didn't take more than a hop skip and a jump from their building to come upon the enlightening duo as Jak lifted a hand to make a signal to others out of sight. Ready their aim but don't fire.
    Looking over the woman who held the glorified taser, Kale lifted his blade to rest over his shoulders.
    "Well now look at that, I think the mouse was finally caught by the cat."

    Jak grinned but never stooped down to Odette knowing far better than to infuriate the woman further, but he did smile pleasantly to that of Katie.
    "Aching that terribly to get back into mesmordian territory Katie?" he address her with a raised brow, "Ah yer luggage is a bit heavy don't yah think?"

    "What's this all about?" Kale pointed to the one addressed as Katie,
    "You sending out spies of your own Jak? What about the mission you sent us on?"

    Jak smiled, he always seemed to be ahead of the game. Probably why he made a deadly opponent to go up against in a war or in a game, he was always ready in some way or another.
    "Call this added reassurance, now what to do with the biggest thorn in the armies side since the beginning of it all."

    Kale huffed,
    "Should just hack her head off and mail it to them."

    He lifted a finger to point to Katie,
    "Yer thoughts lass? You've been on their side for a bit now, you know this one better than most would; what says yah to a punishment fit for her crimes?"

  19. Ben nodded slowly at Saige and swallowed as the gun felt very heavily pressed against his temple. He would never make a noise. Even though he would fight if he had too, he didn't really want to die, so he would obey to what the girl wanted. He hoped his sister was alright, but he didn't really know. He would probably inquire about her to the woman and he waited quietly for her to take the gag off and for him to speak the question that was on his mind.

    Odette watched the men walk out of the shadows and she heaved a dreadful sigh. She couldn't believe it, Katie had been with these scum all along! How could she? Odette had shared a few personal stories with that woman, Odette was furious. But she was in pain. The stitches in her right shoulder were ripped open and blood was now gushing from the electrified wound in her back, and the cut on her arm. She swore and spit blood from biting her lip open.

    She was all tore up, and in the hands of these bastards. She sighed and waited for Katie to speak, revealing what was to await Odette.
    "Well, I do believe, that from knowing her as well as I have, I think just letting her be tied up in a dark place and let her sit for a few days in our territory will suit her just fine. But I think, that we should send a word to the Herithae pigs and tell them we've got their girl. I do love a good fight, and remember Jak, that little secret we share about the machine?" She winked at him and twisted a curl of her platinum blonde hair. She grabbed her crossbow and flicked Odette over the head with it and spit at her feet. She walked over to where Jak and the men were standing, kicking dust up around Odette. She snickered and spoke once more, mainly to Jak.
    " I know every little detail about her Jak, she's nothing but a pansy with a hard shell." She laughed and licked her rose red lips and looked at Odette with a deep hatred in her eyes. Odette spit again and she wiped the dust off her face and the blood off her chin. She stood upright on her knees and squeezed her eyes shut and then opened them. The pain was starting to wear her out. But she wouldn't give up yet. She would find away to save her brother, and herself.
  20. Seeming to think twice about this moment, Saige let out a softer sigh as she bit on top of the gun to hold in her mouth not at all ready to put it away, just in case. She might have been a quick draw but she was in no mood to be showing off her skills.

    Having the gag tied in the front, she would unbolt the tight knot after a moment of a light swear touching her lips before she let it drape around his neck.

    Sliding her soles against the wooden board floor, she let the gun drop to its awaiting hand, as she pointed her free finger at him,
    "No screaming right." she was wary that much was certain but she was nowhere as cruel as Kale was.


    Clapping off his hands against each other, Jak gave the lively blond a charming slow wink as he couldn't have been prouder to know that Odette had been brought in with such ease. Granted it was nowhere in his plans that they would have captured her sibling - that was a bonus- but he had formulated the plan alongside that of Katie and a few others to at least get Odette to come after whomever been taken.

    Clicking his tongue Jak agreed whole heartily with Katie;
    "Now yer thinking lass," he looked the wounded woman over, "Nothing like a good ol mesmordian dust and grim to take her fancy right outta her." he let his gaze hover back to the blond, "Don't yah be worrying Katie, yer guna get a fight soon enough. Best not waste your specialized talents on the likes of this whelp." he winked back to her when she mentioned the machine though he did receive a questionable look from Kale; "Need to know basis cowboy."

    Kale raised a brow before shrugging it off with a huffing scoff;
    "Whatever you say Jakson." he may have not been paying much attention but he was listening to Katie when she spoke about Odette being nothing more than a glorified pushover. "Well now that ain't surprising, she's been living through the glory of her comrades." he lifted his chin to look down upon her, "No news crews or army around her and she'll surcome to fits of sobbing soon enough."

    Giving a sharp whistle, men pounced in at the ready;
    "Get her up outta her blood, we'll patch her up real nice too." Jak side stepped to let Katie walk first before he would leave Kale with the men; "So darling can yah tell me which buggers of spies be in our camp; we've been having a shitting hard time getting them out as of late." he offered an arm to the young lass to prove that he was still a gent even out in the wallows of mud.

    "Bind her hands and feet, take that damn mace away and lock it up too." kale began to direct the men around, "She's like a rattlesnake, give her a chance even in this state she'll try to bite you." he extended the point of his blade at her as he let the grim smile spread on his face; "Well won't that piglet of a brother be pleased to know that you have fallen to us, and all in the same day." He gave a click to his tongue, "Gotta say, rather disappointed you were all talk Odette, you've put a mighty fine bounty on your head and I am still aiming to collect."

    He snapped his fingers as men had been working to tie her up;
    "Now you're going to help us end this bloody war Odette, for our mesmordians." he grinned darkly in the fading light. "Get her up and back to the camp, we move out at dawn."