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A City Divided

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by SfScion, Dec 10, 2015.

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  1. The Independent State of Tokyo - 2025 C.E.: After a new mineral, Celestite, was discovered in small reserves directly under the newly established nation of Tokyo individuals who spend large amounts of time exposed to the mineral began to exhibit signs of mutations. The mineral came in six colours, Red, Green, Blue, White, Silver and Gold. Those exposed to red Celestite initially had a sharp increase in body temperature, with high fevers and death common, those exposed to green Celestite found themselves gaining muscle mass rapidly, often at a painful, damaging rate, those working near white reserves, by contrast, lost large amounts of weight, due to a massive, dangerous increase in metabolism meaning that their bodies consumed energy at a rate too fast for them to be able to survive, blue Celestite caused those affected by it to store large reserves of water in their body, often causing people to drown in their own body water in an extremely painful process and those who worked with the Silver isotope of the mineral produced unusually high levels of metals in their blood. Those exposed to gold Celestite however demonstrated the most unusual symptoms; reactions to this strain of Celestite wavered, some displayed fits of madness, others went comatose at erratic times and still others demonstrated what some thought to be telepathic tendencies. Whatever the reason, most of the population that had been exposed to this bizarre mineral died shortly after exposure, some however, survived long enough to reproduce, and yet fewer of their offspring continued the reproductive line. As years and generations went on however, incredibly bizarre traits began to appear in the offspring of those who had been exposed to this element generations ago, those who had been exposed to red, blue, white, green and silver Celestite began to show some degree of control over fire, water, air, earth and metal respectively, and those few who had survived exposure to gold Celestite began to show extremely powerful telekinetic and telepathic abilities, with two particular individuals, twins by the name of Tsuki and Haru Morizuka even showing signs of what has been dubbed nanokinesis, the ability to alter matter at its most basic level. In 2073, Haru lashed out against her violent father and caused widespread destruction in the city, killing several, including her father. She was detained by authorities with the help of her brother Tsuki, who was the only one who could cancel out her power with his own. For the past seventeen years the two have been kept in solitary confinement tubes, having rendered each other completely comatose in a one on one battle that almost resulted in death for both of them. They are kept in a secret facility now, with the local authorities making sure neither of them wake up, for it could spell the destruction of the city, and who knows what else.

    Against the backdrop of all this, when the distinct powers began to manifest themselves those in possession of them were maligned and hated by everyday members of society. Underground groups began to form, most notably the United Front of the Ascended (UFA) formed in 2065. This group drew people of all disciplines, Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Metal and Psy together under the banner of rebellion against those who they called “The Basics” those without their powers, which they saw as an evolutionary gift. The group was slow to form but in the late 2060s began making attacks against Tokyo police and Military, by 2070 they were considered to be a revolutionary terrorist group and while many members were killed in day to day skirmishes by Tokyo authorities they remained a constant enemy of the authority of Tokyo. Additionally, several scientists were working for the UFA in attempts to synthetically induce these powers in people through exposure to the minerals without having to rely on slow evolution of the abilities. While these tests were often barbaric and brutal, in 2071 they broke through, developing a method of synthetically creating Earth, Fire, Water, Metal and Air users with an over 50% rate of success. This caused the numbers of what had by this point been redubbed “Elemental Conduits” to skyrocket, though it also left the numbers of “Psychic Conduits” far behind the numbers of the others, these could not be created synthetically.

    After the crisis of 2073 the UFA saw their time and mounted all-out war on the state of Tokyo, the military mobilised but the combined force of their super powered opponents was too much for them. After a bloody conflict lasting six years the Tokyo Government conceded and handed over control of the state to the UFA. The remaining government sympathisers and former officials were rounded up and either killed, exiled or if they could give a trustworthy pledge of loyalty, allowed to live within the state walls. While the UFA ruled united for a year divisions between the different types of elemental conduits began to show and after a degree of infighting the state was split into six Han, provinces of Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Metal and Psy, these Han were distributed much like provinces although they were, in actuality, simple districts of what was at this time, one massive city state. While these districts had a certain degree of autonomy their leaders still had to be involved in a council where each of the five local leaders would meet and discuss the ways they had been running their districts and issues they had with other leaders. While this all sounds very official internally these states functioned much more like gang territory than officially governed districts with leaders enforcing rules through groups of enforcers rather than an official police force. Perhaps because of this ragtag organization when a crisis of significant magnitude finally did occur, specifically the death of one of the district leaders at the hands of an unknown assassin suspected of working for another district leader on May 4th 2090 the faux-diplomatic system broke down and the city-state now finds itself on the brink of a gang war, with all the local leaders now looking to gain, be it in land, resources, or vengeance.

    All the while the two destructive twins lie in a comatose state, though due to the governments fall from power, they are no longer forcibly being kept comatose. They’ve lied asleep for seventeen years, and though few, if any know of their existence, the possibility that they could wake could spell the end of the city-state, if not the world.

    Been sitting on this idea for a while, just wanted to get a sense of interest in it.
  2. Sounds interesting what roles are you open to people playing ?
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