A City Betwixt

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  1. There exists a plane between life and death, a haven where the lost souls of the departed may seek repentance and absolution for their earthly sins. This realm serves as a means of passing on for those who are bound by the failings of their mortal lives. It's inhabitants are numerous and diverse, with people from all walks of life and even different time periods being drawn to it. Some find their way there quickly, while others spend aeons wandering through the endless void as a spirit. Regardless, these spirits eventually find their way to the Grey Plains, and to the city that rests in their center. The city of Lambrecht, a single drop of gold in a sea of grey, serves as a beacon, a light in the darkness for wandering souls. This city is the domain of the Archangel Argyle, the overseer for the purification of these vagrant spirits. For centuries he has ruled over the realm, giving purpose to the wanderers who find their way into his domain. His method of purification serves a dual purpose, however. The Archangel tasks the inhabitants of his realm with the hunting of demons, abominations created from the turbulent souls of those who have lost all hope. These former humans, having rejected redemption, become consumed by their own darkness, wreaking havoc on an untold scale. The only way such monstrosities could ever hope to find peace is through their utter destruction. Thus, those seeking redemption fight not only to purify their fallen brothers, but to find a purpose and prevent themselves from sharing the same grisly fate. In the rift between life and death, one must always seek the light, or risk being consumed by the darkness that surrounds them.

    Hi guys! I'm interested in doing a thread set in purgatory. All the characters are trapped in this realm and have to seek redemption through hunting demons. I'm new to this site, so I'm not really certain if I'm doing this whole advertisement thing right, but if anyone's interested or has any questions I'd be happy to talk about it!
  2. consider me down for it
  3. Awesome! Glad to have you aboard.
  4. Yeah, I'm totes down for this, too.
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  5. Oooh, this is interesting.
  6. Glad you're interested! If you've got any questions or anything about it I'd be happy to answer them. Once we get a few more people I'll try to go ahead and get this rolling.
  7. Count me in for it.
  8. I'm interested.
  9. Great! I'm really glad there's a lot of interest. I really didn't expect this to get noticed so soon. If it's cool with everyone, would posting the actual thread later today be good?
  10. Yeah, that's fine. :)
  11. Sure, go for it!
  12. Sounds good to me! I can't wait!
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  13. Works for me, too.
  14. Alright, I'll get to work on it, should be up soon!
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  15. You wouldn't need someone to play villain would you?
  16. Hmm. Maybe not a villain, per say, but a sort of antagonistic character in the group would work. Obviously everyone wouldn't just fall in line with the Archangel's plans. I'd say with some subtlety some kind of adversarial force within the group could work, but not an outright villain.
  17. Ah yes, sorry. I just have a demon villain character that I really want to break out. Best of wishes, I hope this RP succeeds.
  18. Ah okay. Thanks. Best of luck to you too!
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