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  1. Hello, creative writers of Iwaku!
    I am Miss Gallagher (formal, I know, but I do so love it). I have finally decided that I needed to revamp a major thread to find new partners who can match my creativity...and to cure the boredom I go through on a regular basis when I don't have enough roleplays going outside of my daily routine. As usual, I try to break my thread into sections to make things easy on the visitor (that means you!). So, let's get to it!

    A little about me...
    I'm a twenty-five-year-old female from the rainy state of Washington. I run a dog walking, sitting, and training business. This means I work a normal schedule five days a week. Most of my posting will be after work (unless I can find time to post via my cell). I am capable of multiple posts a day and give notice whenever I will be slow in my responses.
    I love many types of genres, but I tend to stay clear of most cliché storylines and plots.
    I only play dominant women. I am not a 'save me' type of girl. At times, I can play semi-dominant females, but I do not play submissives.
    Overall, there isn't much more I feel I need to say, but I am an open book. So, if you have any questions, ask away!

    Rules of Roleplay...
    I roleplay at an advance level, but am open to high-casual to advance...or a mix. Nothing less. Try for a four paragraph minimum outside of 'deep conversation'.
    Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are important. I understand errors, we all make them. However, I expect that, at an advanced level, or even high-casual, they are minimum at best.
    Due to possible adult(mature) content, my partners must be 18+. This also means you must be open to mature content as needed or required by the roleplay.
    I roleplay both Hetero pairings and Lesbian, but my partners must be the same gender as the character they are playing. Males play males and females play females. (This rule has to do with many bad experiences in my past. So, please, don't judge me too harshly.)
    Maturity is a must. Insults, blame games, etc., do not fly with me. If we have an issue, let's talk it out or simply move on peacefully. We do not need to fight and be rude.
    I roleplay only in PMs and e-mails, so take your pick!
    Lastly, please have time to RP. I understand holidays and busy schedules, but I won't wait days for every single post. I get bored when this happens and always end up dropping the roleplay.
    Oh, maybe not lastly on the last one, but lastly now. I do NOT use character sheets. I enjoy learning 100% through the posts themselves. I enjoy the mystery of not knowing.

    A couple things to keep in mind...
    I have only a few pet-peeves when it comes to roleplay...
    The first is when people post two or more people talking in the same sentence/paragraph. Whenever someone new speaks, you are supposed to start a new paragraph. Not only is this improper writing when you do not (excluding how people wrote in the old days), but it makes figuring out who is speaking incredibly complicated.
    The second issue I have, and this happens a lot, is when someone tries to control my character. My character's actions, words, feelings, responses, etc., are up to me... You have no say in them without my permission. This, however, does not mean I am not open to actions caused by other actions. If you post that your character grabs my character's arm and pulls her down a hallway, that's fine. You are directly causing said action through your character. What is not okay is to tell me in your post that my character does something I never indicated she did in mine.
    One would think most roleplayers would know the basics about not controlling another person's characters, but I have literally had someone control my character through an entire conversation and then tell me, when confronted, "the roleplay won't get anywhere if I don't control her!" We were only on the third post of the roleplay...
    Quoting my saying; "If you think it's okay to control my character then you don't need me for this roleplay. You clearly have it covered on your own."
    Lastly, and this one is a rare problem, but I require my partners to understand that fiction writing means that not everything has to be 100% accurate to reality (unless specified for the specific roleplay).
    Fiction is about creation and bending reality to some degrees. Have fun and let your brain think outside the box. As Spongebob once said... "Imaginaaaaaatiooooon". Wait... He was in a box... Mind blown...


    Finally, onto the roleplays...!

    I'm going to do my best to make the lists organized, detailed, and easy to find what suits your likes.
    We'll start with originals and move onto series afterward.
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    * Hetero
    * Fantasy
    * Medieval-ish

    Plot (open)

    Long ago, a legend states that a king fell in love with a young maiden said to be the fairest in the land. The two grew close and were said to have fallen in love. One day, however, she was caught in a fire and her face and body scarred horrifically. No longer finding her attractive, the king was said to have abandoned her and married another. The legend goes on to tell of how the maiden, in anger, made a deal with a demon to gain eternal youth, beauty, and life. In exchange for this, she would have to sacrifice ten beautiful young women to the demon every fifty years.

    As time passed, the legend faded from being thought of as true to nothing more than a fairytale told to scare young girls into behaving. However, in one land, it is known that every fifty years, ten young women from different villages are sent to a tower that rises from the sea.

    A father of one of the girls who is taken hires a known mercenary to bring an end to the story... However, the father's child is already gone and he does not know where the man should go to find the tower. When he hears of another woman heading for the tower, he seeks her out. She is a beautiful young woman, more beautiful than any woman he has seen. As they travel to the tower, he finds himself surrounded by the creatures of legend that most only knew of through stories and must begin fighting for both his life and the life of the young woman he seeks to protect...

    Glint of a Barrel...
    * Hetero
    * Western

    Plot (open)

    In his prime, he felt that he ruled the west alongside his gang of wanted men. Although he killed, robbed, and acted violent as he pleased, he had enough sense not to harm little children or to rape women. He wanted a name for himself that made people fear him, not a name that made people think of him as a sick and perverted psychopath...

    After a fight among the group, he decided to go separate ways and do things to his liking. However, after only a few months, he ended up caught and put behind bars. Due to his long and winding rap sheet, he was sentenced to hanging the next morning... To his luck, the sheriff watching him wasn't the brightest and he managed an escape in the midst of the night, taking off into the fields on the outskirts of the town.

    In the middle of the field, he notices a large stallion that is set for riding. Believing the rider to be asleep in the hills nearby, he attempts to take the horse, only to be knocked unconscious by a blow to the back of his head. When he awakens, he is tied to a pillar in an abandoned barn and a woman sits nearby. The woman is a 'legendary' bounty hunter known as Blind Eyed Gunner. For years, she's traveled the west hunting down wanted men.

    Instead of immediately taking him back to jail, she informs him that his old group has gone off the deep end... Only a week ago, they had raped, murdered, and set ablaze an entire village. While far from happy to give him the option, she offers him a chance at freedom. If he agrees to assist her in finding the group, she will give him half the reward money and allow him to wander off to restart his life wherever he chooses. The answer to her offer is easy as he has no intention of hanging in the morning.

    The two do not get along at first, but they will learn in time to work together and form a mutual friendship if they want their goal to be met.

    Sand Flower...
    * Lesbian
    * Western
    * Partner plays saloon girl.

    Plot (open)

    As a child, she lived a happy life, but at the tender age of seven, she watched everything fall apart. One late night, her mother awoke her from her sleep and put her in a closet, telling her to stay inside no matter what happened. Through a small opening in the door, she watched as a man entered and shot her mother where she stood. Soon after the man left, the house was ravaged by fire. Thanks to the villagers, she was saved, but not without scars that would remain on her body forever.

    As a young adult, she took a job at the local saloon as a waitress and 'working girl'. One night, a group of men attack the saloon, shooting the tender. While she tries to help him, the men set the saloon on fire, trapping her inside. The flames bring back memories of her childhood, leaving her petrified and unable to move.

    From nowhere, a woman appears and grabs onto her, pulling her away from the dead tender. The two manage an escape and the woman takes off after the men who caused the fire. The young woman later learns that she was saved by a famous bounty hunter known as Blind Eyed Gunner, a woman who travels the west hunting down wanted criminals.

    When she sees her next, she is preparing to leave, and so she hurries to ask that she assist her in finding the man who killed her parents. Blind Eyed Gunner agrees and then, to the girl's surprise, tells her to go pack, as she will be coming along for the search. Since the girl has no pictures and only a vague description, she will need to her come along for the journey.

    Tears of an Angel...
    * Hetero
    * Fantasy
    * Medieval-ish

    Plot (open)

    High in the heavens, an angel ventures to the human world to fly freely. As she ventures closer to the ground, she can hear shouting of men and senses someone in distress. By the time she arrives on the scene, things have become quiet and a young man lay bleeding to death against a tree. The young man is the prince of the land and, during an attempt to run away, he was attacked for his money.

    In his near death state, he can hear the angel singing and see a blurry vision of a woman approaching him, but cannot make out any details. The next thing he knows, he awakes in his bed and believes it to have all been a dream...until he sees his bloody clothing on the floor and finds a glowing angel feather wrapped in his blankets.

    The prince attempted to run away from home to avoid a marriage to a princess he had never met before, but now, having been saved by an angel, he believes it is destiny and that he must go through with the marriage.

    Above, the angel is scolded by her fiancé for intervening in destiny, something she does not believe is chosen by others. Despite it all, she isn't punished, but told to stay away from the human realm. Not one to listen to orders, she leaves heaven again to make sure the prince is doing well. Now in good health, he is unable to see her as she flies about. When he meets the princess he is to marry, she shocked by what she sees. While the prince sees a lovely young woman, the angel sees a demon hiding inside the body of both her and her father.

    Worried, she goes to her fiancé, an angel known as 'The Angel of Punishment', and pleads with him to allow her to save the prince, but he tells her no and refuses to grant her the power she needs to battle. Unwilling to accept his belief in destiny, she seeks out an angel in the underworld known as 'The Angel of Darkness' and asks that he remove her wings and allow her to be as human as she can so that she can save the prince.

    The angel tells her he will help, but only on one condition. He wishes to make a deal with her. If she can succeed is stopping the marriage to the prince and rid the demons from the castle, he will return her wings to her. However, if she should fail and the prince marries his bride, she will be dragged back into the underworld the next morning and given wings of darkness, trapped forever at his side.

    She agrees and signs her name upon the contract.

    Among the Waves...
    * Hetero
    * Fantasy
    * Pirates

    Plot (open)

    In his prime, he rules the sea as the most feared pirate to ever exist. However, one mistake led to him being locked away for twenty years, being left to rot until his death. One late evening in his cell, he hears the sound of the guards ushering in new arrivals they raided from a nearby island. Among them is a female who catches his eye. She is quite young compared to him, but she seems different than the rest.

    When placed in the cell next to him, she continues to talk to herself and act restless, even going so far as to ask him if he'd be willing to steal a ship for them to escape from the island on if she got him out. Of course he would, but the chances of them getting out or slim-to-none...or so he thinks until she knocks out a guard and opens his cell door.

    The two escape and the forgotten king of the sea slowly realizes that the woman he is dealing with is a legend in her own right, known by many. However, she is quiet about who she is and he is unable to put any stories of the past to her. Nonetheless, he knows she will be staying around until they can find her own ship that got lost during the raid. With her help, he fashions a crew and sets out to reclaim his title, all while sailing deeper into a world he never knew existed...all thanks to the mysterious woman on board.

    The Flower of Life...
    * Hetero
    * Fantasy
    * Medieval-ish with specific advanced technology.

    Plot (open)

    He couldn't remember why he came to the village... He couldn't remember who he was searching for... He couldn't even remember his name... He was tired from travels and on the brink of collapsing when he stumbled upon a quiet farm one late night. As he reached for the door of the farmhouse, he collapsed.

    At the rise of the sun, he is found by the owner of the farm and taken inside to recover. When he awakens, he meets a stone-faced young woman who exhibits little emotion. When she learns he doesn't remember who he is or where he came from, she tells him he can live on her farm as long as he is willing to work on the fields.

    On the fields he finds many monsters that assist in the work. He learns that the woman is considered a 'speaker', meaning she is able to communicate with monsters and the spirits in the air. This a rare occurrence and he finds it fascinating to say the least.

    One of her neighbors is a quiet man who she seems to have a friendship with. He is kind, but seems to be unseen by most of the villagers. He begins to wonder how the two know each other.

    On a random day, the village is swarmed by soldiers from a neighboring kingdom. They seem to be searching for someone, and he notices that both she and her neighbor have vanished. When they return, the soldiers are already gone. She explains to him that the kingdom is evil and is only looking to cause harm to others... Due to her abilities, she must stay out of site to keep the monsters safe. She knows the soldiers will return in time and hopes he can assist in keeping the village safe.

    Will the young man find his memories? And just who is this mysterious woman and her friend?

    * Hetero
    * Sci-Fi
    * Partner must be open to play an alien.

    Plot (open)

    In the far future, the planets have been pulled from their alignments and brought closer into a circle around the sun using gravitational pull. Humans and aliens live together peacefully, but due to cultural differences and the inability to speak one another's languages, they still keep their distances.

    Aliens are classified by group, and the higher their classification, the easier they are able to live among human. One alien is of the highest class and works among the humans who manage the gravitational pull that radiates from small facilities on small man-made planets between the larger ones. He has a wife and a kid, but life has been uneasy at home and he ends up spending more and more time at work.

    When a facility malfunctions and the gravitational pull stops, a group is sent off to the planet to fix the problem. Two days later, all replies over the transmission stops. Concerned, they begin preparing another crew. They know that if the gravitational pull isn't fixed within a set amount of time, the planets on either side of it will collide.

    The alien goes along with the human crew and, on arrival, everything seems normal...until something begins dragging them into the shadows. He and a few surviving members end up saved and allowed into a barricaded room by a young woman who says she was part of the first crew that was killed. The alien isn't sure of this, as he has no information on her.

    Even so, he knows that now is not the time to worry about the woman, as the creatures are coming for them, and they have only so long they can wait without turning on the gravitational pull. Soon enough, the rest of the crew is gone and only he and the human female are left...

    Although he knows the woman isn't who she says she is, he can see that she isn't like most humans. She shows no discomfort being near him, something he hasn't felt in a long time.

    Freedom from a King...
    * Hetero
    * Medieval
    * Can be Fantasy or just fiction.

    Plot (open)

    He was the son of a tyrant king, raised to believe his father was a God. He was led to believe his father did no wrong and all of his intentions were for the best to help his kingdom thrive. Kept behind the walls, he was blind to the terrible condition of the town folks and the treatment they received under the hand of the king.

    What he does know, at least from what his father tells him, is that a rogue group of bandits in the woods outside the kingdom has been causing havoc. Not only are they stopping trades and travelers, but they are the reason that the very man who taught the prince the way of the sword lost his life.

    When given the chance to prove his loyalty to his kingdom by killing the leader of the group, he is more than happy to oblige. The night before he is to head out, however, he seeks a cloaked figure near the fountain in the kingdom's courtyard. At first, he is angry that someone would dare come onto his property, but then is left in awe when it is revealed to be a beautiful, slightly older than he, woman. She speaks gently and only a few words before vanishing into the shadows.

    The next day, the prince heads into the woods to find the group, but he and his men are ambushed and easily overpowered. It is then that he is introduced to the leader--the very woman from the night before. More shocking, standing beside her...is the man who they supposedly killed.

    She asks him to give her a week to prove to him that his father is not the man he believes him to be. If she succeeds, she asks that he helps her overthrow him. However, if she fails, she is willing to turn herself in without a fight...

    Knowing he cannot go back empty handed, he agrees.

    Rome's Tranquil Blade...
    * Hetero
    * Roman

    Plot (open)

    When she and her twin brother are stolen from their home and taken to Rome, the two are separated--her brother to the arena to fight and die and she to the brothel to be sold. To save his sister, he offers a guard his golden locket to buy her and the guard does that. When she learns of the fate of her brother, she offers her own locket in order to get her brother back. However, this is not something the guard can do. He cannot buy him.

    In turn, she asks to take the place of her brother in the arena. Her brother has been ill since birth and she knows he will not survive. The guard is against it, but decides to allow her to as long as she understands the risk.

    To the guard's amazement, over the next year, she makes a name for herself as a powerful warrior... Unfortunately, she is not fighting as herself, but hiding as her twin, pretending to be a male. Not only is she catching the attention of the emperor (or emperor's son), but she also is finding that gladiator who wishes to fight her as a male is also taking an interest her as a female, unknowing that she is both...

    Rome's Secret Blade...
    * Lesbian
    * Roman
    * Partner plays empress

    Plot (open)

    As the daughter of the Emperor of Rome, it was expected of her from birth to marry a powerful man, but despite the pushing of her father, she continues to turn down man after man. She's been spoiled all of her life, so it doesn't surprise the people of Rome that she refuses to take less than the best to sit beside her. As a young adult, her father is becoming restless and pushing her more and more, but still she refuses.

    One day, however, she meets a silent fighter from the arena and quickly falls for his mysterious demeanor. She continues to try and gain his attention, but he seems to be avoiding her intentionally. When she refuses to accept him denying her, she confronts him, wondering why he doesn't find her good enough. When he doesn't react, she attempts to kiss him, but he stops her...

    What she hears next comes as a surprise... It is a female voice telling her that she doesn't understand the situation... The fighter then flees and the empress isn't sure whether to expose the fighter or to continue pursuing her...

    Rome's Hidden Blade...
    * Hetero
    * Roman
    * 18+, Mature, Adult, etc.

    Plot (open)

    all across Rome, rumor is spreading about a rapist. While rapists are not uncommon, there is something about this one that makes the case special. The rapist is said to be a female. Due to this, most men have not come forward with the allegation, though many who have been caught by her are not ones to complain. No one knows who she is, but she has been titled 'The Alluring Shadow'.

    A gladiator/soldier/senator overhears one day men talking about the woman and stating that it's said that someone caught a glimpse of her in the light of a candle. All he could make out on her was a tattoo down her left arm. At first, he shrugs it off as just a rumor, but when meeting the Emperor and his daughter, he notices how she always keeps her left arm hidden from the public's view, as she has for many years.

    He comes to find that she does, in fact, have the very tattoo the man mentioned down her arm. Realizing the power he holds in his hands, he uses it to gain her loyalty in turn for his silence.

    Hot Fangs...
    * Hetero
    * Western Fantasy
    * Partner plays creature of choice.

    Plot (open)

    In a western era full of vampires and other dark creatures, there is little else to do then load up and take up. Of all the hunters wanting to be known for taking down the darkness, one stands out among the rest for her sheer talent and fearless demeanor. Her scorecard proves her kills and is the sole reason many creatures stay away from her general location.

    After unknowingly meeting the most powerful vampire in the underworld, she becomes his target. He seeks her as a wife and will stop at nothing to turn her. When word spreads through the underworld, a lesser creature of the shadows decides he must help her. Though inhuman, he has always lived among them and grew a fondness to their lifestyle. Not wanting the woman to be hurt, he takes up arms with her, doing his best to keep his own true identity a secret as they hunt down the vampire leader.

    Jasper's Asylum...
    * Hetero
    * Fiction
    * Gore, 18+, etc.

    Plot (open)

    When a journalist/reporter is trying to find his next bring break to bring him out of the hell hole he thinks he's living, he notices an e-mail pop up on his rival's laptop when he isn't near. A few years ago, his rival did a report on a psychotic patient at a place known as Jasper's Asylum and hit it big. The e-mail is from a doctor at that very Asylum, stating that there is a new story for him to cover. Doctor's have been performing tests and experiments on the patients and the injustice must be revealed. Desperate to make it big, he prints the e-mail and deletes it from the computer to take the job for himself.

    When he arrives one late night at the Asylum, the doors are locked and no one seems to be around, not even at the guard station outside. Just as he's about to leave, he notices a broken window and sneaks his way inside, where things seem amiss, but not in a way that concerns him too greatly. As he works his way upstairs, things become darker as blood begins to line the halls and walls. Then he is attacked by a patient and forced to flee further into the asylum. He takes shelter in an office where he finds another survivor.

    Although dressed as a patient, she tells him that she is a doctor who was forced into the 'project' because she didn't agree with it and planned to expose it... What she doesn't tell him is that she sent the e-mail as a last ditch effort for help... With recorder in hand, he assists the woman in attempting to find an escape, diving them deeper into the mystery behind the asylum and the 'project'.

    * Hetero
    * Sci-Fi

    Plot (open)

    The universe is a mass of colonized planets. Earth is no longer the only livable and sustainable planet in the galaxy. Times have changed and people are thriving throughout, but one planet has been cast straight into Hell. Venus has become infected with a virus that has killed 95% of its population. Those who died have mutated into monsters and are hunting down the living as food. A man and his group managed to survive and hide away, but slowly they have died off one by one from wounds to suicide. Now alone, he struggles to survive.

    One day, he hears a loud crash from above his safety bunker and goes up to investigate. What he finds is a crashed ship. The blood around the cockpit tells him that the monsters already got the pilot. He hurries back to his bunker, but becomes surrounded. Suddenly, he is saved by a woman--the pilot of the craft that crashed. She is a strong woman with an illegal cybernetic arm that is classified as a full-blown weapon.

    Now stuck, she assists him in finding other survivors to help them escape the planet. What she has to say though will come as a shock to the survivors.

    * Hetero
    * Medieval

    Plot (open)

    His daughter...was a tyrant. The king knew it. The town knew it. The only person who didn't know it was the tyrant of a king she was engaged to in order to create peace through marriage of the families. However, as the day of the marriage grows closer, he grows more worried. He knows the tyrant king does not stand for disrespect. His daughter will surely get them all killed, as she knows not an ounce of respect...even for her own father...

    One day out in town, he meets a woman who, at first glance, he believes is his daughter, but minor differences reveal she is not. The woman is soft spoken, caring, kind, and polite... The king realizes now what he must do. He has the woman kidnapped and his own daughter killed. The woman is told that she is being sent on the king behalf to save the kingdom from death. Although scared, she accepts responsibility and takes on the disguise as the princess and heads in her place to the kingdom.

    There, she meets the King, who she greets politely. Some, including the King's right hand man, are confused. Stories told of a rebellious woman who would drive the king to murder... Instead, they see an angel at their king's feet. The wedding goes on as planned and she begins her life under the king's thumb.

    It's not long before the king's right-hand man figures out the truth and confronts the woman about it. She tells him she had no choice and has done it for the people of her king... Angered, he goes to tell the king the truth, but she tackles him to the floor. In the midst of a tussle, the man realizes just how attractive she is and offers her a simple deal. Have an affair with him, and he will remain silent. For her King and his people, she agrees...but when a child is born, the truth will be known and Hell will break loose.

    * Hetero
    * Modern Sci-Fi
    * Partner must play alien.

    Plot (open)

    For many people, there isn't anything more frightening than a spider... Yet when an alien race of giant mutated spiders came to Earth, it was all people could do not to lose their sanity. Over the course of a year, the human population was enslaved. Many were killed and others sent to work. The aliens kept many healthy humans for breeding with one another to create more humans. Due to their ability to hide inside a human form, they wanted more vessels to be born, as well as more workers and food.

    One small group of survivors has taken shelter in the midst of nowhere and are working on a plan to take down the mother-ship. When located by the alien forces, they send in a general of the army undercover to investigate and to keep them unaware of the advancing attack.
    The leader of the group is a woman who he takes a bit of an interest in due to her strong mental demeanor and high intelligence. This interest prompts him to assist her and her group in surviving the raid that night.

    Later, he tracks down the group again and asks that she join his side. It will grant her safety and immunity from harm, but she refuses. She, in turn, asks him to join their side to see that the human population is worth allowing to live... Although he doesn't believe what she says, he agrees to stay with her to keep them safe, if only to continue to try and convince her to change sides.
    All the while, the second in command, a close friend of the leader, is far less than pleased with the joining forces of an alien.

    The Beast Inside...
    * Hetero
    * Fantasy
    * Adult Content

    Plot (open)

    He was a creature feared by the humans, and for good reason. As a beast, he was vicious and deadly, but once a month, he would become human against his free will and walk among the 'normal' people of the world. For many years, this works out fine for him, but soon his secret gets out and he is chased out a village and into the woods. He takes shelter in an old castle he believes to be abandoned and the village stops their chase.

    Inside, he meets a beautiful young woman who seems kind, but in truth has dark intentions. She is a dark spirit of the woods who looks to eradicate the humans who refuse to bow to her. Using her seductive ways, she befriends the man, knowing his darker side can be used to her advantage. Although he is naturally a loner, he finds himself comfortable around the woman, not realizing the chains she is tying to him and how slowly his soul is being taken into her possession.

    In The Game...
    * Hetero
    * Fantasy / Modern
    * Adult Content

    Plot (open)

    It was a game where the human body was transferred into the digital world as a living breathing creature. It was a basic came of living out your fantasy dream. However, as time went on, the system became corrupt. Soon, when logging in, the person would lose control of their body and a powerful, rich, living person outside the game would begin to dictate what they do, say, and whether they keep the safety switch on. The safety switch determines whether they can die in battle. With it on, they are removed from the game right before death and sent into standby, where as with it off, the person actually dies.

    In time, the entire game is under the control of outside forces. No one is free and the game has turned into a peaceful game into something perverse, dark, and dangerous. One young woman, both an avid player and an FBI agent, manages to avoid the virus in the system and enters the game to begin finding out how to destroy the viruses in the other players. Although she has the ability to decode one person here or there, she seeks to find the main source and shut it down from inside the game.

    After being attack by a male player and managing to decode him in the fight, he joins her side and the two begin a long journey through an endless virtual world to find a cure...knowing that there is no way out until the cure has been found, less they risk infection.

    The Dragon Priestess...
    * Hetero
    * Medieval
    Plot (open)

    He, like many, were raised with the notion that dragons were evil. He was a legendary dragon slayer and had no fear...at least until he killed the mother of unborn eggs. The dragon surprised him as he died, revealing she could speak. In her dying breath, she curses the man to become what despises... Now he has become a dragon and is running just as they had run from him.

    When he ultimately ends up caught by a group of hunters, he is saved by a mysterious woman who claims the land is hers and she has a treaty with the neighboring king. The men are forced to leave him be and she takes him to her home in the mountain where many other dragons are living under her care. It isn't long for her to reveal she knows he is a man cursed by an ancient dragon and tells him that only learning to love dragons can bring around an end to his curse. Until then, he will live as a dragon and learn to survive like one, as she will not baby him.

    Although the woman is strict, she is kind. He can tell that she truly loves the creatures and soon begins to realize that the dragons live and breathe like all other creatures and their actions are what allow them to survive...,but he will also learn that some dragons are dangerous and can bring a civilization to their knees.

    More Coming Soon...

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    * Series are Hetero only.
    * I, for the most part, want males who play canons.
    * I want to play an OC as my main, but will double as canons.
    * PM me for the plot associated to the series.
    * If you are a nit-picker about series, we probably won't work.
    And by nit-picker I mean you refuse to have any type of alternate stories.

    Avatar - The Last Airbender
    * Zuko x OC + Others

    Justice League
    * Your choice from series x OC + Others

    Resident Evil
    * Wesker x OC + Chris

    Arkham City
    * Joker x OC + Others

    Samurai Champloo
    * Jin x Mugen x Fuu x OC

    Zoids - Guardian Foce
    * Karl L. Schubaltz x OC + Others

    * Kakashi x OC + Others
    (other main options available)

    Yu-Yu Hakusho
    * (Your choice of Hiei, Kurama, or Kuwabara) x OC + Others

    One Piece
    * The crew (we share) x OC

    * OC x OX
    * Mewtwo x OC x OC

    * Hellboy x OC

    * Riddick x OC

    Mortal Kombat
    * Choose your warrior x OC + Others

    Pirates of the Caribbean
    * Jack x OC

    Harry Potter
    *Draco x OC + Others

    Jurassic Park
    * OC x OC

  4. More and more...I feel like this isn't the place for me...
    We'll see... Time tells all.
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