A Choice with No Regrets (Attack on Titan: sign-ups only)

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  1. On that day, humanity received a grim reminder:
    That we lived in fear of paying full price.


    It's been 2 months after the devastating attack of the female titan, and the discovery of the wall titan. Everyone has been affected, even the ones beyond Stohess. You are the one of many military recruits that were training to become a soldier when the attack happened. Knowing that the counter-attack has most likely been pushed back, you and your comrades continue your way to the day of graduation.

    And that day has come.

    Whether you choose the Garrison, Scouting Legion, or maybe even the military police, one thing is definitely sure.


    You are the 105th training core.

    And your lives are about to change


  2. Rules!

    1) All the regulars- no gming and stuff like that

    2) please be realistic! No violet eyes, or green hair please.

    3) I'm gonna run this on a karma system, which means that the more outstanding luck you have, the more it will go down for you in the future.

    4) One character per player please, if you die, you can make another one though.

    5) have fun!
  3. CS

    Age: (15+)
    Military branch:
    Appearence: (pic please)
    Personality: (optional, you can either put it down, or reveal it in the IC)
    Strengths: (not too OP)
    Weaknesses: ( remember, everyone one has weaknesses)

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  4. Name: Jax Betancourt.

    Age: 22.

    Gender: Male.

    Military branch: Survey Corps.

    Appearence: [​IMG]

    Personality: Open-minded, spiritual, quiet yet well-spoken, personable, wise, bold, serious, brave, courageous, adaptable, benevolent, adamant, compassionate, creative, insightful, strong, tolerant, intelligent, methodical, loyal, reverence for those who deserve it.

    Bio: Jax was not born to two parents. He was conceived out of a one night stand, which his mother kept as a secret. On the day of his delivery, she abandoned him. He was left for dead, had a certain old man never found his body on that side of a familiar walkway. He took him in as one of his own. The old man ran a local dojo within the Karanese District behind the Wall Rose, teaching his students about the style of mixed martian arts; with Judo, Tae-Kwon-Do and wresting as his main areas of expertise. Jax grew up within that dojo, training. At the age of eighteen, his foster father passed away, leaving him with the dojo. Jax promptly shut it down and decided to make use of his life by joining the fight against the Titans.

    Strengths: (1) Jax's strength is the ability to adapt due to his survival skills. While he is not the best with a sword because of his lack of experience, he still is not the worst. (2) Jax is a technical mastermind; he applies these same skills in dealing with Titans to efficiently, safely able to clear most obstacles on the way to his target. (3) Awareness. He is nimble and able to react with incredible speed.

    Weaknesses: Jax is not the best with a sword. He's decently accurate, but not the biggest strongman in the troupe. His expertise is hand to hand combat, which is useless against Titans; he has not had an efficient amount of time to properly train with a sword. Naturally he's not used to the art, so it's a bit more difficult for him.
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  5. Name: Andrea Tylouis

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Military branch: Scouting Legion


    Personality: n/a (because I suck at describing personalities straight forwardly)

    Bio: Andrea grew up in Trost with her mother and father, until one day when she was seven, her father was killed in a bar fight with some from the Garrison branch. Her mother remarried a few years later, to one in the Scouting Legion. Her step-father was kind to her, and even taught her a few hand-to-hand combat techniques. When her father left for the 56th expedition outside the walls, her mother fell very ill, and despite Andrea's best efforts, died two weeks later. She stayed by herself at home until the expedition returned. She was right there at the gate to meet them, but couldn't see her father with the sorta-healthy or the injured. She then asked a already sunken look squad leader where he was, but already knew the answer. He was dead, eaten whole by a titan. She was devastated, and then Wall Maria fell, like her spirits. She then turned to the army to try to help people so they wouldn't end up with a life like hers, and to survive, always like her father had told her.

    Strengths: 1) When up close with a titan, her marksmanship is remarkable due to her near-sighted vision 2) she can make a decent decision in the heat of the moment.

    Weaknesses: 1) Aim. She can't see really anything that good from a distance. 2) She's not not organized, AT ALL.
    3) Depression, this gene was also in her father, making her depression rate considerably high.
  6. Reserved~ will make a character later today probably
  7. Report: Liv Storstrand

    Name: Liv Storstrand

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Biography: Daughter of Jorum Storstrand, esteemed gun merchant of Mitras. Sister to Kael Storstrand, member of the Police Brigade. Joined the military on her own volition. Turned down offer to join the Military Police Brigade, instead choosing to join the Survey Corps.

    : Cool and submissive, Liv is a quiet child. Her obedience is through, yet her initiative is lacking. She has wonderful ideas that are beneficial- when she shares them. She is often found breaking up fights, or reasoning with people. Occasionally, she does have very intense emotional moments, usually when the subject matter of her family is brought up.

    Strengths: firearms, diplomacy, lithe and agile

    Weaknesses: cowardice, social status

    Why did you choose to join the military?

    I left Mitras not because I am brave... but because I couldn't sit around and listen to my father discuss the casualties every morning as if it meant nothing. I- I may not be much... but I would rather die fighting than die living a life of luxury. I had friends in Wall Maria...

  8. Awesome, at this rate we'll be able to start soon.
  9. Name: Claire Wyoming

    Age: 16

    Gender: female

    Military branch: survey corps

    Appearance: image.jpg

    Personality: she's loud and energetic, and cannot take anything seriously. She's never faced a Titan before and hopes she can someday observe one up close, giving her the curiosity that gets her into trouble so much. She doesn't mind for others unless its life threatening, and at times can be selfish. She likes to make things be positive when others are feeling down.

    Bio: Claire lived a quiet life, not to many friends as her and her mother did daily work out on the fields. When her father returned home from work she would get combat training, even though it wasn't much at a young age. But eventually the training got more harsh as she became older, from 7 to 15 she trained to became a quick swordsman, giving her great combat skills she would later need. But she never questioned what her father had for a job, and why he knew such skills. But it gave her the speed and agility she has today. Eventually she decided to join the survey corps, after hearing rumors of titans which fascinated her. Making her want to see the creatures up close. Her father was allowing of this choice, but her mother...wasn't to fond of the idea that she would be so close to the monsters. But her father over ruled and she got her way.

    Strengths: (1) she has great agility and quick reflexes.(2) she's has great swordsman skills(3) she has great senses (4) she can work well under pressure (5) she can lift the spirits if others with her happiness and energetic aura

    Weaknesses: (1) fear can overcome her and freeze her (2) she is bad at taking orders (3) she has a low pain tolerance and in some cases can black out from breaking a bone (3) curiosity can sometimes get her into worse situations (4) in some cases she can pass out from exhaustion, and she easily wears herself down in some cases due to her wasting so much energy in combat. (5) she does not use her gass wisely (6) she will easily wear done her blades in combat.
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  10. ^accepted!!!

    I'll post the IC soon then!!!!
  11. Finally finished recruiting, are we? Nice.
  13. Be warned though, this is my first self-created rp and I have no idea how it will appeal to you all.
  14. It's okay, but this'll need action and drama XD
  15. Awe... Am I too late?
  16. You're not, Arius. I'm sure you can put in a skelly now.
  17. @Arius Angels OF COURSE YOURE NOT!!!!! Please do fill out a sign-up sheet. :)
  18. When should the Rp start? Just so I know when to be on lol
  19. Yay!

    Name: Arius Angels (yup my screen name is a name of one of my characters)

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Military Branch: Survey Corps

    Appearance: image.jpg

    Personality: A loner type who doesn't get along with everyone, comes off as a snob, and can be fiercely loyal to someone once they can crack her shell. When you know her, she's more kind and mature than many people, she keeps her faith despite the fact she could die at any moment, "humanity will win!" Is her firm belief.

    Bio: she comes from the inner city, she grew up in a life of luxury but she hated it after the wall (Maria I think) fell she couldn't stand to do nothing anymore so she snuck off into the night to join the training regiment. Before the though she had trained in her room; as her father liked to spoil her he arranged a training room for her and took all the training things from her room and gave her a place to practice general combat skills. She even had a teacher who taught her well. She has these skills and it annoyed her that she had no use for them until she decided to turn her back on her family and become part of the military.

    Strengths: she's fast, has training in hand to hand combat skills but that's it, she's a quick study though so while training gains decent swordsmanship, she's good with the 3D Maneuver Gear.

    Weaknesses: she can be reckless, quick to anger, worries too much about anyone she gets close to, instead of fighting she will attempt to save those people she cares for first. The Variant Titans terrify her, she can't fight them to well save her life.
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