A Child Brought Up In War

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  1. Most nights were quiet, quiet enough for everyone to be asleep. The outskirts of Arendanna have been quiet for many centuries until the war started. Then the fires began, the ransacking of the villages, the echoes of childrens screams. The town you were in was Genvale, a town built around a lake which was renown for it's bountiful fish harvest and lovely architecture. It was something you should see in a dream, the glimmer of the candles inside each house, crickets chirping which created an ambient soundtrack to the village. It was almost harvest time, about a couple months or so until they had to bring in all the wheat and fish then ship it off to other neighboring villages. Though war loomed over their heads, they kept living their peaceful life just as usual. Horses approached the town with torches lit and weapons sheathed. The two guards stationed at the wooden gates, they went forward toward the group, but they were immediately slaughtered. The night was soon filled with screams and blood, which echoed through the thoughts of those who escaped. All who escaped fled to the town nearest to them, a town known as Biltmore, with many refugees from the attack.

    Alexander Shadowmere, or Shadowmere the Lustful, was one of the most renown thief in Arendanna or in the western lands. He had stolen from kings, queens, bandits, and mercenaries. He really had wronged an enormous amount of people. Everyone knew him, and most likely hated him. After robbing a sum of people in Baleford, he had now set his sights on the trading village of Biltmore. His sharpened his blades, dyed his hair, and got a new set of clothes from a contact he had. Maybe he would find love, some gold, and maybe a nice bed. Alexander was never cocky, but he acted like he owned the whole world.

  2. (Sorry about the length. ^^')

    Kieara wandered through the streets of Biltmore. Could it be considered her home now? It seemed all she ever did now was wander one place to the next. If it was her home she wouldn't be wandering the streets. If it was her home, someone might actually try to show her some kindness. Why was she even here? A tool for them to amuse their selves with?

    Well if there was one good thing to being on the streets, it was that she got to see the flowers outside. They were beautiful. She loved flowers. The time she'd been away had been more than enough time for her to think. For everything to sit on her mind. Sometimes it was nearly too much for her to bear. She couldn't count the nights she'd sat and cried because she was at a loss and didn't know what to do.

    Kieara had been on her own some weeks ago. She'd been early in her pregnancy then. Had only just begun to show really. And those people....Those people treated her like a dog. She couldn't just get rid of an innocent child. After all, it was a part of her as well. Not just the man who took what he wanted from her. Not just him. It was a beautiful baby within her, but they didn't see it like that. They saw a whore. A harlot. A complete breech of any moral standing. Even when she'd tried to explain the truth to them.

    And that man?...That man who took what he wanted from her in every possible way. Violated her beyond repair and took something from her she'd never be able to get back. Her purity. He'd pretty much ruined any hope of her getting a husband. Not now, not with a baby on the way and her purity being taken. They wouldn't give her a second glance. However, she couldn't help but thank him in a twisted way. For if he hadn't, she wouldn't be expecting right now, nor would she feel this sense of love for the small being growing inside of her.

    She felt isolated, alone, and helpless. She needed a hero, needed someone to save her. Save her from their stares, their words, their refusal to help her. They wouldn't even do her business to give her food to eat. No one would let her buy cloth to make clothes for the infant. They wouldn't let her do anything. They tortured her. She would starve to death soon. That much is certain. With no help and no one to turn to or nowhere to go? She was a goner. Even with the bulge on her stomach of a woman about 4 or 5 months pregnant, one could see her face was thin and so was her arms and legs showing her malnourishment.

    She was in the streets begging for food. She recalled, the last thing she'd eaten had been some bread. Where she'd gotten it she couldn't remember. That was too long ago. When had she eaten last? She could remember what it was but not when? It must have been quite awhile ago.

    Her hair was like fire. An auburn mess of ringlets that dropped down her back to just above her derriere. Though at the current time it was rather tangled and dirty from being on the streets. She was petite, even while she was pregnant. One could easily see she was all baby weight. She only stood at a height of 5'1. Not exceptionally short, but height deprived enough to be considered so. The pregnancy had brought out the woman's natural curves, her breasts had grown, but so had her stomach evening the balance. Her eyes were a bright aquamarine blue. She bore a line of freckles across her cheeks and nose that would crinkle when she laughed. Her skin was a pale as porcelain but smudged with dirt, bruises, bloodied cuts, scars from old ones. Reminders of the many beatings she'd already received and stonings out of towns. She wore her hair in a ponytail that draped over her back. It at least got the hair out of her face. There were scars and bruises on her arms and legs to accompany the rest of her broken body that had yet to heal from them stoning her out of multiple towns over her condition. She wore an emerald dress with golden embroidery on the sleeves of it. It was torn and tattered and also dirty. It appeared even to be too small for her large belly now.

    The woman was weary from so much travel. She was tired and wanted to rest, but she couldn't afford to. She was eating for two, and she needed food desperately. She wobbled to a bakers door. She was stopped at the front by an angry man. "Shoo! Shoo! Get out of here whore!" Kieara frowned tears streaking her dirt stained cheeks. "Please sir....I am begging, may I just have a bit of bread?...."

    He glared. The larger man boomed in an angry voice. "No! Now get!" He shouted giving the woman a shove. She stumbled backwards a bit finally falling onto her behind in the cobblestone street. She pushed herself up weakly to go in search of food elsewhere.

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  3. (Beautiful post, and make sure you read some of the lore in the group chat.)

    Alexander stood 6'1 with his black leather boots. Otherwise he would be about 6'0, and his hair would be black, not the white color he had dyed it. He had a rather slim body, but enough muscle to hold himself in a fight. The ride to Bitmore was easy, no one on the roads due to the war. He saw some travelers at one point and maybe a couple of farmers along the way. Everyone was so quiet, which made it easy to steal from them. The authorities did their job well enough when he wasn't around. Then when his name was tossed around, their jobs would become slightly less useful. Alexander made it to Biltmore after a day or so, and he was welcomed by a couple of guards and questions. He gave them some story about his village burning down and wanting refuge. They complied and let him in. It was a couple of months before the harvest seasons started and the Helodfater started cooking. Biltmore was very relaxed and quiet which gave him plenty of opportunity to steal from the locals and maybe from Lord Biltmore himself. Alexander went toward the back of the town and entered the Greenfoot Inn. There were a couple bar patrons drinking some fine mead and braised ham. He went up to the rather burly man, who seemed to own the place, and paid him for a room for a week. Then he left to be able to examine the city and it's people. He walked outside and stuffed his hands into his pockets and pulled his hood over his head. He looked to his right and saw the people buying and selling, and there was a couple of homeless refugees trying to muster up some food. Begging wasn't as glamorous as it should have been, it should be like a show, a price for a show, something should be given. His eyes shifted to a redheaded girl who was being shoved off by some man who looked like he was trying to support something other than his massive body. She walked off and Alexander made a decision, that was his informant. He followed behind her and then caught up to her. A hand swiftly sat on her shoulder and he pulled her close. "Don't be alarmed, I can get you food and I place to stay, I just need information."
  4. Kieara was weary on her feet in desperate need of rest. She wobbled along and was so very tired. She hadn't even heard the man approaching her form behind. Of course she wasn't trained to look out for such things. She wasn't a warrior after all.

    She gasped as she was grabbed and her hands immediately fell upon her enlarged belly as if in protection. She shook like a leaf under his hand as she heard his hushed words. The prospect of food and shelter was inviting. With little more choice, she bit. "W-what do you need to know?"

    She'd only arrived in Biltmore so she didn't expect to know about the things he asked of. No one would tell a beggar anything. And she was certain he'd withdraw his promise of food and shelter when he found out she held no information.
  5. Alexander didn't take out his blade he just pulled her close and walked her toward the end of the alley. "I'm sorry we are meeting in such odd circumstances, but what I look for will make both of us quite wealthy. Only issue is it requires some lock picking and a sharp tongue. I know that I'm just a stranger, but I am a stranger with a way to get you off the streets." He took his hand off of her and folded them behind his back. His feet were placed together as he leaned up against the wall waiting for a response. It was about noon based on the sun's position, and he was getting hungry. So one way or another he would have to order lunch for two.

    The bells clanged for the round of fresh food made from the local bakery. All of the food was carted out in small stands that were made with wood wheels and a small steel cooker on the inside. It wasn't just breads, it was sandwiches, meats, cheeses, fresh cook chicken with seekspice, and of course cheese filled danishes. Alexander's mother used to make them when he was a child and his mouth began to salivate. He quickly snapped out of it and looked back at the young woman.
  6. It was at least relieving to see that he didn't pull a knife. She was thankful for that much. She didn't want her life threatened when she was already on her way to leaving. She moved with the man to a place where they wouldn't be so easily spotted on the bustling streets and listened before answering.

    How is it that I can help? What are you seeking? I have not been here long myself.." She admitted. However being pregnant if he pulled her off as his wife he could get enough empathy out of people to get what he wanted.
  7. She was pregnant... shit. He thought she was just a little tubby, but he could clearly see now that she was carrying a package. And she had only recently arrived here? Great. He nodded to her and accepted what he had chosen. "Well since I have told you my plan, then how about we have an agreement. I'll feed you and give you a place to stay if you find information about how we can get some gold around here." He stood up from his leaning position and stuck his hand out casually, hoping she would accept the offer.
  8. She watched him for a moment before nodding and shaking his hand. "Fine..." She wasn't happy to do so but did because she had no other choice. If she didn't she'd starve.
  9. Alexander nodded and walked her over to the stands and handed her a bag of gold. "This is your first payment, we will reconvene in the Greenfoot in once you are finished eating. Make sure you come up to room 8 and knock on the door twice. No more, no less." He held his hood coat close to him and he walked into the Greenfoot Inn. He then went up into his room and waited for her to eat.
  10. Finally finding a vendor who'd do her business she bought herself a meal and ate then went to the inn. She wobbled to the eighth room and did as he said. She knocked only twice. She felt a little better that her belly was full but she was still weak in no shape to do much.
  11. He turned to the door as she knocked and took off the outer part of his clothes. What was left were black pants and white shirt. All of his weapons and other thieves tools were hidden in different parts of the room. There was a sword under the bed, two knives by the door, a cross bow and bolts by the window, and a couple of poison bottles in the dresser. Alexander opened the door and waved her in. He sat on the bed and the cracked his back. There was a cushioned chair in front of him which he pulled up to him with his feet. "Well it looks like you are fed. Do you have any questions?"
  12. " well I do actually." She stood wearily unsure if she should sit or not. "What kind of information are you looking for, and I...I wanted to know exactly what I'm getting myself into. I'm Kieara by the way."
  13. "Ah names, yes I'm Bennet." He leaned up against the wooden post and looked her over. "You are the perfect candidate for this. So, I want to take this town's riches and other valuables. All I need is for you to get information, and possibly get a job to get in with the locals. It's simple, but you'll have to move up until you will be able to serve Lord Biltmore. So, we should probably clean you up and get you a shower." Alexander stood up and took her hand. "You are allowed to buy whatever you wish, is there anything you want first?"
  14. She frowned. This felt so dirty. "I...I don't know....and I doubt they'll give me a job or anything. They've stoned me out of a bunch of towns up til now." She spoke. "I doubt they'll make an exception here."
  15. "We'll find you a spot somewhere in town. Bribery is a very common language in these lands." Alexander let go of her hand and walked over to the window. He looked down at the people who were doing their daily duties. The squabbles of the common folk made Alexander happy that there was people with smaller agendas. His plans would have to be quick and put together well. First she needed clothes, then a job. Afterwords they could figure out the rest. "What do you think we should do?"
  16. She listened to his words. "You really think it would work? If you really do I wouldn't mind it" she wasn't sure how to answer when he asked her her opinion. "I....I don't know..."
  17. "The world is composed for many artists, but it's you who paints your life." He walked toward the door and put his hand on the handle. "Once you decide meet me outside of town. There is a grove where we can meet. You have time so make sure you choose correctly." Alexander walked out and headed out the front door of the inn. He plodded toward his horse and rode out of the town toward the grove. Once he arrived he started at fire, he knew she would be a while.
  18. She didn't understand what that meant. Perhaps it was the fatigue. Perhaps it was the hunger getting to her after so long. She looked to the door and before long she headed out and went to the grove.
  19. Alexander sat close to the fire with his hands tucked into his sleeves. He had a single blade on him that he would give to Kieara. His horse was tied to a small oak tree on his right. It was overcast, with the sun slightly shining through. It wasn't going to rain, he couldn't smell it. He could smell the burning oak along with the couple of personal documents that he needed to get rid off. His gaze soon turned to Kieara as she approached the grove. "Alright, from what I know about this town there will be a job in Biltmore's manor. I can get you in, but you have to do the rest." He pulled the silver blade from his coat and handed it to Kieara.
  20. She gently held the dagger and her eyes widened. "You want me to kill him?" Perhaps her mind was moving too fast but that's what it looked like.
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