A Character's Last Day to Live


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Take a character, any one of your characters. It can be one that HAS been in this situation or you can make up a situation where it would happened. Every person handles death in a different way, especially when it's their own.

Your character KNOWS they are about to die. It's going to be their last day alive. What are they thinking? What do they do with their last hours? How are they going to die?


Every day is one of my character's last day to live. Usually they are wondering "Why didn't Diana or October play me?"

But one of mine thought that he was finished. He felt he had to do a mission and coming out of it alive was not an option. Eventually he did it and was content with his death.

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Rane just continued to fight to the death against her foes....Went down in a fight...
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Arther 'Six' Stein would go on a murderous rampage, not caring if his true identity would be revealed. He would kill, maim and destroy as much as possible. He would probably also try to hook up with Fire lily. This is kind of the same stuff he does on any given day because he has a death wish and lives each day as if it were his last.