A character's last day to live...


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Another fun hypothetical question! Take a character, any one of your characters. It can be one that HAS been in this situation or you can make up a situation where it would happened. Every person handles death in a different way, especially when it's their own.

Your character KNOWS they are about to die. It's going to be their last day alive. What are they thinking? What do they do with their last hours? How are they going to die?
I was thinking about this the other day... But not for any of my characters but for myself. I would TOTALLY hijack a car and start a high speed car chase. If I'm going, I'm going out with a bang and some fame!

(I TOTALLY rhymed!) XD

Maggie would probably drown herself, better to go on your own terms and all that...

Eddie is the sort to laugh the knowledge off, but he'd run. Even if there was no getting out of it, he'd still try to find a way out.

Addy isn't smart enough to really understand the concept.

Aya is not my character but I always figured if he woke up knowing he was definitely going to die he'd probably very calmly put his legal and family affairs in order, maybe call his sister just to hear family once more, then meet whatever was coming with sword in hand.

Bahn (who is not in play yet but here's hoping he gets approved) is probably the most complicated. The Vi essentially commit suicide, when they choose to die they go in for the Recording in the Hall of Echoes, where all their life knowledge and experiances are caught as echos in this big pretty crystal cave. That day he would spend the morning in bed with his nest-mates, just being lazy, then spend the afternoon with his children, and the evenging getting ready (the Vi are big on pomp and ceremony- everything takes them forever.) for the Last Feast. Very stereotypical space hippies that lot.

You just have to ask these little things! I have too many races and species profiled in my head already ("ARGH! I need a bigger head!") without you forcing me to flesh out new ones.
The first thin' Ah'd do is piss off as many people as Ah kin jest sae Ah kin go down fightin'.

Ah rather do 'ate the ideer o' dyin' peacefully. It's ae pussy way ta die...
One of my favorite characters, a postapocalyptic anarchist named Matthew, expects every day to be his last; either the Government may find the Anarchist camp or they could run out of food or he could be killed on a raid or scavenging mission.

Rhidel...he'd go down fighting. He's very much a "take you down with me" type.

Travis....Travis would probably go nuts and create a whole new dimension or something just for kicks.
My character Tempestus was caught in a whirlwind caused by a 'teammate'. The teammate was trying to take a tiny tiny jewel Tempestus had just found, claiming that he deserved it. Seeing the end was nigh, and not wishing to let the jewel fall into his forme friend's hands, he simply swallowed it. But instead of dying, he ascended to godhood. Turns out the jewel was the last remaining fragment of one of the original deities of the realm.
Probibaly hurt whatevers killing them as much as possible. Failing that take on the world one last time.
Samantha (succubus) would probably relax, drink some coffee, get her affairs in order, and say goodbye to her family and friends. She's been around for quite some time, and seeing her friends die has led her to prepare.

Samantha (mad scientist) would make some insane arcanotech edifice, one that would puzzle people for decades to come. If it did not drive them mad.

Pierce Johnson would die looking like a total badass.

Jonah, who did die, would die fighting for JUSTICE.
I shall mention Bronwen, who is so not afraid of death that she is reckless to the point of insanity and driving her family and crew members mad. If she were about to die, and likely it would be at the hands of some dickface trying to kill her or her family, she'd go down taking everyone else with her. >:D Possibly with a big explosion and a loud "FUCK YOU."

To the contrary there is Myst, who might sound really morbid about death all the time, but really can NOT stand the thought of dying. Were she to know she was about to die (and nothing could be done about it), she might actually freak out in to crazyass hysterics. Find any way possible to NOT die.
Gilgear probably would have appreciated the foresight...

Snowpaw'd likely cry about it... yes, the whole day.

That's probably the two most amusing ones.
Julez would make love with Deimon. Hurhurhurhur derp.
Mhmm... That's really interesting. I've never thought of that before.

I'm thinking, half of my characters are the type that would burst into tears && misery if they found out they were going to die today. The other half, well, they might go running around the world doing all sorts of crazy things to make the most of their lives.

Extremes :D