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These things can and will vary depending on which story I put her in.

Masa Sakamoto
She is 6'3" tall, and weighs around 128lbs. She has light purple eyes and short light brown hair which has faint, natural blonde highlights. Masa looks more like a boy than girl so she is constantly treated as such.

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Personality:Loyal and Honest. Masa is the type to stick up for her friends and loved ones without backing down. She'll speak her mind and won't care about the consequences that could follow. She doesn't care at all if someone mistakes her to be a boy, which happens all the time. Even her teachers would think she is a boy.

Masa's father has always wanted a boy, but was disappointed that his first child turned out to be a girl. He became determined to make her be the boy he always wanted. He convinced his wife to name her Masa, and raised her to be a great fighter in their family owned dojo. She thinks of training as a chore around the house, so she isn't spirited about it.

Masa is also a descendent of a mortal samurai that was said to defeat a demon and claim the katana, The Black Dragon, for his own. Only a select few of this samurai's descendents may wield the mighty weapon. She is the only member of her family that can use The Black Dragon.

Legend tells of mysterious deaths linked to the demonic blade. It is as if the katana has a mind of its own, and attacks those who are not worthy to hold it. Masa's father has come into possession of this dangerous weapon, taking extreme caution in moving the blade. He was in fact injured by the blade in an accident, and his wife saved him. That was when she was pregnant with Masa. Ever since she gave birth to her little girl, she can no longer touch the katana. She was injured as well one day when she tried to move it.

The sword seems to protect Masa rather than try to harm her. Her father noticed this and was overjoyed that he was the father of the child that could wield The Black Dragon without being hurt by it. He was also proud that she looks more like a boy than a girl.

The Black Dragon: