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  1. Greetings. I'm looking to play a male character by the name of Philip Reed. He's gay. I'm not only looking for romance though. There are a few different types of plots I'm seeking for this character.

    - Single Parent x Babysitter: Phil has been having some trouble getting the majority of his art to sell and decides to do some babysitting to get by.

    - Rekindled Romance: Phil's high school sweetheart decides to look him up and get in touch. Phil never got over him, but he's afraid the other man will leave him again.

    - Adoption: Phil meets a troubled foster-kid in a bad foster-home, and he starts the process to become the child's foster-parent and hopes to eventually adopt the child.

    - Best Friends/Road Trip: Phil's best friend since middle school agrees to assist in Phil's quest to find his biological parents.

    - Family: Phil's parents are going through tough times with Phil's younger siblings and ask Phil to come home to help out.
  2. The adoption idea seems interesting. I've been hoping to try a roleplay that focuses on something besides romance, and this looks like a good one. If you'd like to try it, maybe you could send me a PM? :)
  3. Pm me. The adoption and babysitting idea sound like something I've been craving.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.