A Character Finds Out They're Pregnant

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  1. A good way to explore more about a character can be to write them in different situations to see how they would react. Doing this, whether in a roleplay or in a side piece, can help you learn more about how they tick.

    In this challenge, write a scene where a character discovers they are pregnant. The context of the pregnancy is up to you.


    • Does it take a while to sink in, or hit like a bag of bricks?
    • Is the character scared?
    • How does the father relate to her feelings?
    • How prepared is she?
    • did she ever plan to have kids?
    • Does she want to keep this one?
    • What kind of future does she imagine for the child? for herself?
    • How can she expect her family and friends to react?
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  2. Warm golden sun, cool Spring breeze. A grassy meadow, scent of flowers in bloom, perfect but for one dead tree. Nearby, a forest. Rustle of leaves, scent of bark and earth and recent rain. Growth and life... scatter of birdsong, chitter of insects. The usual things a Living, Breathing World throws at those new and old. Riot of colors in all the green. But that forest...

    ... along its edge, one particular living tree amongst many. Low of branch, generous of leaf. A woven nest occupied by two in its grip. One male. The other, female. Both... in repose. Just fur, feathers and scales between them. Limbs crossed, tails entwined. Hearts beating loud in their chests. Breath still heavy. Nostrils flaring. Small sounds escaping their throats. Female muzzle shows a warm smile, ears atwitch. A soft sigh of content from her as her mate's breath growls. Her forelimbs untangle from his, clawed fingers touching low on her belly as she rolls over...

    ..."I felt the Spark..." Her voice, so soft as to be almost whisper.

    "Sweetness?" His eyes flick open, his ears go back, growl cut off. His voice comes with a grin of sharp teeth. No, he hadn't been sleeping or snoring, just... resting his eyes after...

    ..."My Love, innocence does not suit you." She looks towards her mate and shakes her head, tongue-tip exposed in humor, tail's tufted tip aflick in its restraint.

    "Hey, call me Incorrigible. Our first Spark... our first child. Motherhood for you, fatherhood for me... can't help but question if it's all real. All I know..." His tail untwines from hers, tuftless tip draping across her hands briefly before his own movements pull her close, an intimate cuddle. His shroudruff feathers, partially unfurled. Her hands, trapped... "it's about time. All the times we've made love. Now finally parents..."

    His grin, wider. Green of his eyes intent on the blue in hers. His last words, so filled with excitement, so... ummm... heh....... *

    She mirrors his grin for a moment, then drops her eyes down his body till...

    ..."Ahhh, My Love... no shame!" She laughs, giggles. Thwaps him over the head lightly with her now free tuft.

    He mock winces, grin not even close to gone... "So... wanna do it again?" Hopeful, but...

    ... Another sigh. Roll of eyes as she manages to uncuddle, to slip out of their nest. A four-legged stretch. A ruffle of fur and swish of tail before standing upright... "Time to honor Vinnaheen's Tree, My Love."

    Male head pokes out from their nest, mock pout on muzzled face... "It's not fair, leaving me alone in this condition! You know..." He lifts a hind leg, a quick glance underneath... "Oh... heh... never mind." Grin again returns, infectious and wild. Even more wildness, as he performs his own stretch and display after leaping into daylight, shroudruff fully deployed, 'assets' pranced about as he sings a 'creative' rendition of "Puff, the Magic Dragon" for all to hear. Though fortunately, at this time of day, he only has one witness to his antics.

    Him, Deen, of the Bloodline Ahvviyinn.

    Her, Thoee, of the Bloodline Rurrumm.

    Both, chasing each other across the grassy, flowered meadow to the one dead tree. Vinnaheen's Tree. A brief halt, both down on all fours, both quiet, watching The Tree. A deep breath, inhale and exhale, each with all four nostrils aflare. Slow walk, both Thoee and Deen. Thoee, first to reach out and Touch, all her senses afire. Deen, second, his hand on top of hers, as Father of this child. Both remembering.

    Their Creators.

    Their Bloodlines.

    Their own families, Parents most of all.

    Their own Childhoods.

    All leading to their own time as Parents. As two made One.

    "Tell me again, My Love..."

    Deen rubs his cheek to hers, body pressed shoulder to hip, turns to lick her cheek. To catch her eye... "You are mine, I am yours, we are one in honor of all who have come before us."

    Thoee's head drops, eyes closed, warm smile... "Thank you......."

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  3. Her mouth quirks into a small grin, as she allows her eyes to trail up to meet his own. He's standing in front of her sort of slumped over with hunched shoulder and he's biting his lip nervously as if he's daring her to tell him the news, she opens her mouth and is about speak but she cuts herself off, stepping back so she was standing in front of him, with her back turned to him. She turns her head over her shoulder at an angle to look at him noticing how his brow furrows and how he narrows his amber eyes at her.

    Very carefully she grabs his hands, running her fingertips over his rough callouses moving them so there resting against the top of her stomach as she leans her head back and closes her eyes, she could feel his heart rate jump up quickly, the blood pulsing through his system as if his nerves are on fire. "You're pregnant?" the words come out as a breath on his lips and she slowly nods her head so she looking down at her stomach, she could see herself growing larger and larger, feel the flurry of her movement in her wound as her unborn child kicks and turns around , however she feels a burning sensation brim at the back of her eyes, as she slowly mouths the words, "I'm pregnant", worry after worry soon begins to press against her mind, till her slowly turns her around, lifting her head, causing her long brown hair to cascade down her back in rivets, she allows her eyes to glance up at him, noticing how he crinkles his nose a bit as he looked at her and then his lips meets hers.

  4. Morgan's calloused hands trembled as she held the tester. A short, weak laugh escaped her. This explained a lot. The question remained, though: who was the father? Was it the sexy war veteran? Was it the local handyman?

    It wouldn't have been the dog, would it? Bile rose to her throat at the thought, until she remembered that humans couldn't create babies with dogs. Another weak laugh, and she carefully set the test on the bathroom counter. Outside, she could hear heavy feet pacing and men's voices, but couldn't make out the conversation. Her mind quickly fabricated one to fill the void of understanding.

    "Well, I'll grease the stairs, if you'll get a coat hanger."

    "I wanted to grease the stairs!"

    "Too bad, I'm older and whiter than you."

    "Excuse you!"

    Her mind stopped as she remembered neither of them were racist, and both had been very kind in the year she'd known them. Why would they start now? That awkward, frightened laugh escaped her lips again, and the conversation fell silent as she covered her face in her hands. She wasn't ready for this! She'd only just got her farm to look nice, and now she'd have to hire people to take care of it! She couldn't ask either of the men outside to handle it, since it wasn't theirs, and they had their own lives and jobs, and she'd been the one who agreed to let them go raw...

    Another laugh. Maybe it was a sob. She leaned forward until her elbows stabbed painfully into her thighs, and more laughter came—except it wasn't laughter at all.

    A baby was a death sentence to a woman who worked. Twenty years of nothing but that baby. More, if current employment trends continued. Lots of kids were staying home well into their thirties lately, or moving back. She wouldn't be free until she was old. Her back shook as more sobs escaped, and she could hear one set of heavy boots approach the door.

    "Morgan? Are you ok in there?" Ryan asked. In her mind, Morgan could see his brows furrowed in gentle worry.

    "I-" She cut off, then swallowed the lump in her throat. "I'm fine! I just... need a few minutes." Her voice trailed off.

    He remained quiet for a few moments. "Come out when you're ready. No need to rush."

    Fresh tears squeezed like fire from her eyes, and she doubled over again, unaware she'd straightened her back, and began to sob anew.
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