A change of heart.

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  1. Character A is an older gentleman, a widower with two children in their late teens to early twenties. His wife perished from an accident during the removal of a tumor in her brain. His children, seeing how heart broken he was and lonely - decided to assist him in getting back out into the world of dating! So in comes character B, a young man who is looking for a sugar daddy, someone to bend over backwards for him and fill his pocket with green paper. On the dating site he finds character A, a successful man who had lost his wife and was looking for a new partner - but it was left vague. Assuming he could step in, character B requests they set up a date. Mind you, character A has never been with another man but through life was filled with curiosity - his children were rather... Hostile towards the idea of his father dating a man, let alone, one just three years older than themselves.

    Character B and A begin to date for quite some time, his children fear they may settle down - from the start they were wary of character B. What young man would want an older gentleman other than for his money? However... After several months of deceiving and lying and cheating secretly (horribly), character B feels a change of heart the longer he's with character A, bonding more and more with him as time goes on.

    This will include:

    Fluff, lots of it.
    Violence and explicit language.
    Age difference. ​
  2. This sounds like it could be really interesting. I'd like to play with you! :)
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  3. Send a PM my way! c:
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