A Change of Climate

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A Change of Climate

for death)

New York City, NY
October 23, 2999

Long ago, the Earth managed a stable atmosphere. Living conditions provided enhanced benefits to the planet. By July 3, 2996, Mother Nature "died". A clear, dark sky shrouded the Earth. Educational institutions closed their doors. Meteorologists scrambled to their radars, hoping for some kind of activity. Morning and night didn't arrive. Farmers resorted to artificial methods to save their crops.

But this phenomenon was the prelude.

By October of 2997, the weather returned with rocking hurricanes. Strange stones fell from the skies, which possessed an unusual power. When weather goes berserk, there are people who are able to control elements of the weather. In the common world, those are called Forecasters. Forecasters are treated with respect as long as they sign an agreement not to use their powers for felonies.

However, when the G7 (or 7G) emerged, they promised to kill all of humanity and rule Earth themselves. At the same time, the Anti Naturalists abduct the Forecasters for experiments, imprisonment, or death.

Now it's time to save the world.
National Rating: The extent of power (How powerful the person is; more info on guide)

- From Highest to Lowest -
Note: Anyone applying for a Universal, Widespread, or Continental Nature Rating (regardless of their skill level) MUST write a three paragraph writing sample.

- Universal / Ubiquitous -
(Two applicants max)
Affects the entire world

- Widespread -
(Three applicants max)
Affects up to 75% of the world

- Continental -
(Four applicants max)
Affects the continent

- National / Regional -
Affects a national region

- Partial -
Affects parts of a state or a small portion of a country

- Residential -
Only affects present location

- Sprite / Conditioner -
Affects a small amount of places, harmless
Skill Level - Expertise on Forecaster Skills
- Those applying for Elite, Master, or Adept must write a three paragraph sample, regardless of NR -

Estimated Skill Experience
Elite: Full control; keep in mind that this doesn't exclude you from human errors (5 years min)
Master: 75% - 95% control (4 years min)
Adept: 50% - 65% (3 years min)
Intermediate: 35% - 45% (2 years min)
Beginner: 25% -35% (1 year min)
Novice: Less than 25% (Recent)
Forecaster Categories

Sol - Sun
Luna - Moon
Wolken - Clouds, atmosphere
Nautica - Rain; water
Cirne - Ice
Terra - Earth
Botanic - Plants, pollen

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