INTEREST CHECK A Chance Opportunity (Time Travel RP)

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  1. If you knew how you would die would you go back in time? To see your loved ones one more time? To possibly even change your future? Would you do it even if you lost your memories? If you lost your sight? If you lost your legs? What would you give if you were given this opportunity? Would you take this chance? Whatever deity that exists has granted you this ability. You may go back to a set point in your life as many times as you want and every reset costs some part of you. You don't get a choice, you see, no god is that benevolent. A blind gamble to see if you keep your liver, or keep your sanity. I'll ask again. Would you take this chance?

    Would anyone be interested in this concept? I rarely see a cast of characters first experience mental or physical disabilities so I thought this would be an interesting idea. I don't know how you would link the characters together or if there should even be a reason for the god to give you this ability besides boredom. Would this fit in the Group RP Plotting instead?​
  2. Love your avatar, sir or ma'am (guessing at female, based on speech mannerisms).

    Yeah, it would more or less fit here. You just need to flesh things out a little more. Maybe change the title prefix to "Group RP Plotting"; let people know that the idea is still a rough one that you could use some help polishing. I'm definitely on board with the idea though, so color me interested.