A Chance Meeting... And hanky-panky (2nd thread)

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  1. He walked slowly through the crowed, smiling and winking when a girl was staring, she blushed and looked away. He smirked at this and kept walking until he reached the back where the bar was, he took his hands out of his pants pockets and placed them on the table.
  2. Shiloh shyly walked with two older boys.He was smaller than them by a lot and kind of just looked akward walking with them.He looked around but looked nervous to be with them.The two were talking and laughing,ignoring Shiloh.
  3. going simple he ordered a beer, he swivelled around when he heard someone approaching him, it was a man, older than him, probably in his late twenties. He smiled as the guy began chatting him up, laughing when he told a joke.
  4. Shiloh sighed as he was dragged into a bar.It was noisy and smelled like beer.He looked at the two he was and lightly grabbed on of their sleeves so he wouldn't get lost.He had soft light brown hair,deep forest green eyes,and softly tan skin.He was small,smaller than a lot of people making him look younger than he really was.
  5. He pulled at a lock of his golden hair as the guy continued to talk enthusiastically, he glanced over to the other side of the bar, his amber eyes shone in the dim light. he'd noticed some movement as more people joined the bar. He recognized two of them, they came every now and then, though he never went out of his way to talk to them, as handsome as they were. The third was a new face, a cutie, a picture of innocence. He was confused as to why someone like that was in a place like this...
  6. The three approached another boy and they smiled,Shiloh was kind of hiding.He switched spots with the boy sitting in the booth and they left to go talk in private,leaving Shiloh alone at the table.Shiloh squirmed in the seat a bit and looked around,but avoided eye contact.
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  7. He glanced over at them several times, watching them from the corner of his eye. Meanwhile he found the hands of the man who he'd been talking with had managed to find themselves on his person, of course he was used to it, didn't make it any less awkward though.
  8. The three came back,"Shi.Do you want anything,they might have a soda."Shiloh nodded softly,"Y-Yes please..."his voice was shy,soft,and very sweet.His brother nodded,"And let me guess,beers for you two?"the two nodded,"Christian,you actually rememberd."The tall and buff brown haired boy rolled his hazel eyes,"Shut it."he walked over and leaned one the bar.He ordered the drinks and waited for it to be ready.He glanced over at the golden haired boy at the man,then sighed,'Mortals will do anything huh?'
  9. The man gave a look that said he didn't know whether to be mad about the strange comment, Trevor though frowned while he softly pushed the mans hands off him "hey, I might be a mix-blood but I've got my own sense of dignity"
  10. Christian just laughed,"Whatever."he gave him a look then looked away,"Your business is your business,why should I care what you do.As long as you stay away from my little brother."his eyes threatened and he smiled as the drinks were given to him.He grabbed them and looked at the golden haired boy,"See yah."he taunted.
  11. "Who the fuck would want a crappy douchbag's sibling..." He mumbled angrily glaring at his back, his stare ventured to the table he'd walked to, his eyes laying on the boy he'd noticed earlier, the appeal had been lessened because he had such an ass of a brother, no doubt the other one was just as much of a jackass, he honestly wanted nothing to do with any of them. He sighed and looked at the man who'd been feeling him up "hey, I'm horny now, dtf?" He smirked placing a hand on the mans shoulder, the other on his own hip.
  12. Shiloh blushed a little as he took his drink from Christian.He sat cross legged in the booth,something he always did because he could accomplish it.He looked at his brothers:Christian,Josh,and Riley.He shifted again wanting to leave,not like he hated his brothers,it was just...awkward to be with them.Not to mention he was terrified of Christian.Christian huffed,annoyed by the mix blood,'Idiot.'he thought.
  13. -fade out... 45 minutes later-
    He walked back down from the bathroom to the bar, he buckled hir pants and zipped up his fly on the way down. He sighed as he sat back down in his seat, ordering another drink, no sign of the man he'd just been with around them, though the scent and glow of sex as well as his rich active hormones radiated from him.
  14. Shiloh managed to get away from his drunk brothers.He shyly moved to the bar and put his empty glass on the counter.He looked at the golden haired boy and blushed before quickly moving to the exit.He didn't say anything,but his body language said it all.He was nervous,shy,and even terrified.He moved smoothly but with purpose.
  15. He watched him leave, he turned to look at his siblings, all were bent over their table. He sighed and followed the boy, not sure why himself, just, he felt drawn to him.
  16. Shiloh walked outside,'They'll be ok.They always are.'he looked around then picked a direction,'I'm going to get so lost...b-but I should know the city...'he wasn't aware that he was being followed.
  17. He felt himself slowing down, why the hell was he even chasing after this guy? What did it matter to him if he went down the back streets and got his ass taken by some random rapist, it had nothing to do with him. He sighed frowning, this wasn't like him at all to worry about someone.
  18. Shiloh blushed,"I'm lost..."his voice was soft and he sighed.He looked around then just looked around.He was a little more weary now.He still didn't notice his follower.He looked at a window to a shop,'That looks nice...'he thought as he looked at a painting.
  19. He caught up with him, and noticed which stores window he was staring into, standing beside him "you like it?" He smiled.
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