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  1. Dakota brushed his brownish purple hair back between his fingers and gave a long sigh. "I do not want to be here." He mumbled to himself. His tolerence level for school was slim, but he tried not to make any big scenes. He was one to just go, do what he needed, and leave. Though it was his senior year, that was a plus. Though he was at a new school, that was a minus. He transferred all the way over to Japan from America. He went from wearing whatever he wanted to a tie, long sleeve white button down shirt and black pants. He was not happy about that at all. Though he knew he was going to have to deal with it.
    With one last deep breath he opened the door to the school, took out his schedule and looked all around at the hallways and signs that he had no idea what they said.
    "Oh boy..."
  2. Erina leaned against the wall in the hallway, watching people passing by. She did that a lot, and now and then she waved at someone or gave them a little smile, if it was someone she knew. Erina had a good memory for faces, she remembered most of the students in the school just by watching them pass by, although she hadn't talked to even a third of them all. Today was special though, and she glanced at the main entrance of the school every now and then. There were rumors about a new student arriving to her class this day. Not like she cared that much about it, there had been quite many "passing-through students", as they were called - students who didn't stay for long. Erina thought that it had to do with the teachers - they weren't that passionate about their work, and to see a teacher staying in the classroom for the whole lesson was a rare sight. Usually they got out of there as soon as they had made sure that the students were working.

    Erina was wearing a gray hoodie and a pair of baggy, dark blue jeans. She had brown dreadlocks here and there in her otherwise pretty messed up hair, with a few, colorful pearls in it. Her eyes were brown as well as her hair, and her skin was slightly brown. She wasn't all japanese although she lived there - she had japanese, spanish and american blood running through her veins. She had a couple of freckles on and around her nose.

    Soon she spotted a guy who looked pretty confused, that she hadn't seen before, entering the school. She watched him from distance at first, but soon she understood that he was as lost as he looked. She grinned slightly to herself before she made her way to him. "Hi", she said and stopped in front of him. She picked up a small note from her pocket. "Dakota, Senior year, right? I'm in your class. Erina," she said and smiled slightly and tilted her head a bit. The bell rang and she looked around. "Do you speak Japanese?" she asked and looked at him again. "It's damn hard at first, but you'll learn fast", she said with a grin.
  3. Dakota was about to turn his heels right out the door and ditch, but then, he saw someone come up to him. A very beautiful someone. She didn't look full Japanese, maybe she spoke english, he hope. And she did! That made him happy. "Ah...n-no I mean, not very well. I can say a few words, but I can't read it at all..." He said, his voice very smooth and tender. He was very thankful to have someone help him but he was in fact a little confused. "How in the world do you know my name? My year...what class I am in?" He tilted his head. "Does the school give information about new students or something?" He looked at his schedule and gulped. "I guess it doesnt matter...I should just follow you...." He said nervously, folding his schedule and putting it in his back pocket.
  4. Erina started walking through the hallway that she had come from, thinking of that to say. No, the school didn't give information about new students, well, at least not that much. She understood if he was confused. She glanced at him. "Well, there are rumors, you know", she said. "A couple of weeks or days before a new student arrives, there are rumors. Most of the time they're all made up", she said and smiled to herself as she thought of some of the rumors of other students that were all wrong. "But I guess that's not what you want to know", she said and looked at him, thoughtful. "The truth is, I'm a friend of a girl who is the daughter of an adult, who knows plenty of stuff. Things that other students don't know", she said and grinned a little. "Like your name and class, for example", she said and turned left at the end of a hallway.

    "Here it is. The teacher will probably ask yourself to introduce yourself", she said and leaned against a locker. "I love it when new students make up crazy things about themselves. You know, no one knows you. You could say that you've lived with lions up until now. That would be cool, to see their facial expressions", she said and grinned. "I get it if you don't want to make it all that crazy though, especially if you're not a passing-through. Maybe just spice it up a little, will you?" she said with a smile, before she opened the door and stepped inside, leaving Dakota on his own.
  5. Dakota looked at her with a raised eyebrow. His purple hues watched her as she walked, and he followed like a lost puppy. Finally when they got there he looked at the door number and tried to memorize quickly how he got there so he would always know where to go. Finally when he heard her say to spice it up a little, he turned his head and spoke. "I'm supposed to do what now? H-hey!" He called after her, but she had already entered the classroom. "Great." He huffed, closed his eyes and entered.

    "Ah! There he is, finally made his way here, I see." The teacher said. "Come now. State your name, where you are from, and a little about yourself."
    Dakota growled slightly under his breath. He gave the teacher a look, then scanned the classroom for Erina. When he saw her he glared at her as well, then looked at the rest of the class. "U-uhm...hey." He looked around nervously. "I'm Dakota, I come from New York City in America...and I just...err.." Spice it up a little? How was he supposed to do that? "Um....I.." The teacher looked at him, and she stood up and put a hand on his back motioning him forward to go take a seat. "Thats enough now." "Thank God." Dakota sighed happily and took his seat, right behind Erina.
  6. ((Sorry for making it sooo long, no need to write as much, I just didn't know what to write. ^^' Thought that it'd be easier for you to come up with something to write if I ended it like I did... but of course they could stay at the school if that's better, just tell me and I'll change it if you want to. ^^))

    Erina looked at Dakota as he entered the room. Please say something cool, she thought with a little bit of a grin on her face as he looked at her, trying to encourage him. 'U-uhm...hey' doesn't sound that good to start out with, she thought, but inside she was cheering on him. Erina understood quite fast though, that he was too nervous to come up with something, and she didn't blame him: it sure was hard. Actually, he did better than a lot of other students, who couldn't even say their names, standing in front of the class. And those who were good had practiced at introducing themselves, that was for sure. Which, in Erina's opinion, was cheating.

    The teacher began to write something on the board, but Erina didn't really listen to what she said. It was only when she mentioned Dakota that Erin looked at the teacher again. "...so happy that you've found your way to this class. I can assure you that everyone will do their best to make you feel welcomed", she said, and Erin turned towards Dakota, as everyone else watched Dakota as well. Erin opened her mouth, forming a 'no' without actually saying it, and with a grin on her face. Tiffany says that to every new student, but everyone in this classroom knows that it's a lie, Dakota thought. Not like the class was a bunch of bullies, but yeah, of course they would test the new kid, challenging him or her: just a passing-through or an actual staying, and if so, a cool one or a nerdy one, weak or strong? Erina herself didn't care about those labels, she did her own race and didn't care much what the others thought of it: she'd leave this class sooner or later anyways, everyone would. Unless we're all stuck here till we die when we're a bunch old people, she thought, smiling at the thought of it.

    "Erin?" Tiffany said, and Erin looked at her, surprised. "Yes?", she said, and Tiffany smiled, as she always did. "Since you're the one who, apparently, escorted Dakota, I figured you'd be the one showing him the rest of the school", she said, and Erin smiled widely. "And what about the lessons?" she asked, and Tiffany glanced at Dakota. "Both you and Dakota can skip the gymnastics today, but make sure you're back when the next lesson starts", Tiffany said, and Erin almost jumped in her chair, "Yes, yes!" she said loudly with her fist in the air. There were some arguing and disappointed murmurs althrough the rest of the class since they'd like to skip gymnastics as well, but Erin didn't care. "Off you go", Tiffany said.

    "Can't belive we don't have to have the gymnastics today!" Erin said to Dakota as they walked down the hallway. When they had walked through another couple of corridors and Erin had showed him where the nurse was and all the other teachers' room - where they all hung out when they didn't have a class to teach at some lesson - she went out the door and off to the outside of the building. "Hey, what about this, lets skip the rest of the tour - there isn't much to see anyways, and I'm sure you'll ask me if you have any questions - and head to your place? If it's not too far, of course. After all, we "only" have about", Erin said and glanced at the clock at the school wall, "two hours and twenty-five minutes before gymnastics ends", she said.