A Chance Encounter (LagunaFairTribal and Quiet Souris)

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  1. Don't worry about the length too much XD

    The tree branch, only just thicker than her arm, dipped slowly and quietly as she shifted her weight onto it's rather flimsy strength. It swayed only slightly and held her weight admirably, a good choice.

    But she ceased her musings on the thought, as the soft shuffle of hooves in the grass reached her ears and the soft brown eyes of a doe watched carefully from below. She'd been tracking her quarry for about an hour in total, carefully evading their gaze and choosing the doe she would take back to the settlement. She'd chosen an older doe, with greying fur and no fawn to see and obviously beyond bearing age. It wouldn't collapse the herd overly much, there would still be others to breed and this way, she made a minimal impact on the balance here. Balance must always be maintained after all.

    Settling her recurve bow against the edge of her hip, she began to apply the draw weight to the bowstring and notched an arrow quickly, before letting the shaft fly into the clearing behind. The deer scattered as the old doe hit the ground and Akila swung down, quickly striding over to where the deer struggled and attempted to flee, even as the shaft of the arrow dug deeper into it's chest. Drawing a dagger out of it's sheath, she deftly sliced across the thin skin of it's throat and the doe stilled almost immediately as the life slipped from her. "May the All-Father bless your spirit, so that your sacrifice is a eternal reward. Your body is gone but your spirit feeds the forest." The old ritual was muttered softly and reverently, a sacred part of the hunting ritual, one that many hunters now ignored.

    Moving fast, she strung the doe up from a branch and began to skin it as the blood made its way out of the dead animal's veins, so that the meat would not spoil. She then gathered what meat she could from the doe, then wrapped them in the skin to cover them from the flies. To dispose of the entrails, she dug a small hole nearby and dumped them in, not wanting the teeth of scavengers to desecrate the corpse. Grasping the bundled up meat in one hand, she made her way over to where her horse, Sulmandir, was tethered to a grove of trees. He nickered as she approached and she scratched his nose before tying the bundled meat onto the back of her saddle and after untying the reins, swung into the saddle with the ease of long years of practice.

    She made it back to the settlement within the hour, as she called out to the guards and the gate swung open in response, welcoming her back to the village. "Marn, where's your brother? I've got some nice venison for him for the festival tonight!" There was a brief silence, before a young girl swung down from the ramparts with a laugh. With laughing eyes and bright red hair, Marn was easily one of the more cheerful youngsters in the settlement. Her eldest brother, Mero, was the butcher/cook for the village and had been since he was in his mid teens.

    "He's over at the great fire but I'm heading over there as well, I've finished my shift at the gate!" With a skip in her step and a bubble of laughter, the fiery headed girl was of towards where the great festival fire was being built in the centre of the meeting grounds. Dismounting Sulmandir, she followed after the junior gate-keeper at a slightly more sedate pace. As she saw Mero heading over towards her, she began untying the bundle of meat and placed it on a cooking table, laying out the meat cuts she had taken for the chef's appraisal.

    "Well, you got some fine venison today then! I thank you very much for the bounty of the spirits! Amet and Hast brought venison as well, as well as a brace of geese, so it shall be a fine feast tonight for sure!" She'd always loved the chef like a brother, with his chortling laugh and great humour, as he was one of the more genial members of the community, though all were kind in their own ways.

    The festival crept closer and closer and by the time the moon was high in the sky, the feast was drawing to the highlight of the night, after the cooking of their fabulous chef. The ritual was starting and a thrum was going through her bones. The drums were a mere faint beat in her ears but her blood was roaring, as the rituals of their people called on the ancestors and the spirits of the forest. The great tree was alight with the ancestral lights, and the thrum in her blood was strange.

    She awoke in the morning with a headache the size of Kansas and immediately, she was alerted to the fact that something was seriously amiss in the village. Namely, the three Heavenly Treasures had been stolen from within the shrine and within the hour of her waking, she was off on Sulmandir, dust flying from his iron shod hooves.

    Which led to her current position, leaning against a hard wall and watching the citizens of this human town wander by, as the sun set on the horizon and she waited for somebody, anybody, to finally accept the off she had posted out all across town.
  2. Kairon walked out of the arena, with cheering still audible in the background. He had been doing this for a while, and at first, everything in his life had seemed great. He had been fighting for most of his life, and only recently, something had come up out of the blue. It had seemed like a chance to go on an adventure, and to use his fighting prowess for an actual reason, but then just as it had come into his life, it had disappeared altogether before much had happened. Now, he felt he needed some adventure, instead of just quietly longing for it. Every day afterwards, he would check the noticeboards for any kind of mission or quest, but nothing would happen. Even though this was the case, he continued to check. Today, he had a rather good feeling about it. He jogged up to the noticeboard, but with a quick scan, he realised nothing had changed... He kicked the stand, feeling his happiness drain from him. He turned to leave, but felt his heart jump into his throat as his world turned upside down and he on the back of his head. He sat there for a while, groaning, then stood up and surveyed his surroundings. He had slipped on a piece of paper that must have came from the noticeboard. He picked it up and read through it, excitement coursing back through his veins again. He had an adventure.
  3. The sun was setting in a blaze of autumnal fire and the skies were dyed gold, red and amber- fading into the lilac of twilight as the sun began it's descent into the underworld. Ancient cultures told of the sun's trials of the night, as it rode through the dark underworld of the night and emerged victorious each day at the horizon. She remembered hearing story tellers weave tales just like that, all through her childhood and even now, she had listened as the travelling merchants brought life and mirth to their settlement. But no life would spring from the settlement, unless at last their prized artefacts were recovered.

    The three Sacred treasures were the life force, the pure focal points of the forest- it allowed the trees, the animals, everything to thrive as it should. And the balance had been upset, so drastically and turbidly that it seemed the entire forest was out of whack. And if the forest was off balance, then nature rebelled and the calm serenity of the forest had been so callously broken. So, Akila waited for someone to find her notice. Even if she had the help of one swordsman, this entire quest would be quicker and she could easily split any earnings she made from the quest with whoever claimed the notice. Staring out across the street, defiantly glaring at any passerby who gawked at her elven features or characteristics. Her kind was not always welcome after all.
  4. Kairon had snuck into the arena and stolen a steel sword. He figured he would need it for what was to come. He decided this time to just go, instead of packing his things. In all honestly, he wasnt sure he wanted to come back to this life afterwards. He headed to the meeting spot, knowing he was to look for an elf. That was basically all the information he had gotten, other than something about artefacts needing to be retrieved. Either way. It sounded like fun. He made it to the meeting spot, which was a crossroads at the edge of town, and looked around.
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  5. There, in the crowd. Akila glimpsed him briefly and wondered if this was a warrior who sought adventure- and hopefully he had. Brushing a stray lock of star-silver hair out her eyes, she made her way forward with a hand laid defensively on her hip in what seemed to be a natural position. But hidden beneath the grey-green cloak around her shoulders were her daggers, easily accessible and if the warrior proved to be violent. Hand on her hip and posture straight, she did not allow herself to show her weaknesses to her potential ally, for that would come later.

    "Glad to see you found the meeting place without difficulty. Bodes well for our time together, after all." She eyed the taller warrior, noting the strong form and stance so common to the skilled fighters of the arena. "I am Akila ┼×ahin-Murkiah, a forest dweller of Eastern Arkiah."
  6. Kairon was taken off guard by the elf, who had seemed to appear out of nowhere. He took a step back and loooked her up and down. Honestly, he had been expecting a male elf. Not to be sexist, or anything, but he always imagined the male elves to be the ones going on quests, and for the females to be all passive and stuff like that. With a shrug, he began talking.

    "Hi, I'm Kairon. I fight at the local arena. So you left that notice? Alrighty then... What was it you needed help with?"

    He decided to keep introductions short, as he wasnt really looking for a friend. Just a good quest where he would be able to actually go places and fight things other than lowly peasants. His job was rather boring now, and he wanted some excitement.
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  7. Akila nodded to him, considering her words wisely and wondering how much she could tell someone like this Kairon, a stranger. Adjusting her standing position, she shifted her weight over and pulled out a scroll from her satchel with one hand. Unrolling it, she turned the inside to face the human warrior and pointed to the artwork of the prizes she sought to retrieve.

    "This is what I need help with. Three days ago, from the sacred shrine of my village, three items were taken in the dead of the night, as we slept from the exhaustion of the moonlight festival." The scroll picture three items: One, a dark green glowing jewel, shaped as a shallow bowl; Second, a silver dagger, it's crossguard protected by a blooming flower and the head of a serpent, whose eyes glowed green; Thirdly, a dark wooded arrow, ancient in design but so strangely powerful, even in paper form. "These are the harvest treasures, protected by my people for thousands of years. I need your help in retrieving them, from an unknown enemy. Any loot we find upon the way is an equal share, as stated on the notice."
  8. Kairon stood there for a moment, thinking. This seemed a little more difficult and farfetched than he had originally imagined.

    "Ok... so, there's three things that have been taken... Very important. You dont know who took them though? How do you know where we'll find them? I'm just a fighter, not a seer, miss." He scratched the back of his head awkwardly. What did she expect of him? He had hoped all that was needed was a bit of muscle, but this seemed a lot more than that. He continued to cling to the though of her doing all the finding while he just fought everything they came across.
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  9. Akila smiled tightly and shook her head, suspecting a little of the thoughts that were most likely going through his head. All she needed was some muscle, not some soothsayer or else she would have asked for that.

    "Well, it's good you aren't a seer. Because I need hired muscle for this, not some disillusioned, petty soothsayer who knows not the words they say. Here, I have a description and a sketch of him." Reaching once again into her satchel, she tucked the old scroll of the sacred treasure back into pace and withdrew in it's place, a battered and hastily drawn sketch she had procured from the few in her village that had seen the intruder, however briefly. "Here."

    She handed the hasty sketch over to the arena fighter and waited for his conclusion. "I've been tracking sightings of him so far, just in small villages that have had thefts, small or large. He's fled to the Mountain Capital, Lerta, from all accounts. That's where we are headed."
  10. Kairon took the sketch from her and scanned it. He stared at it for a lengthy moment, then blinked and handed it back to her and stared at the ground in thought.

    "...Nope. I havent seen him before. So he's been going through villages robbing them too? And also, how far of a walk is Lerta? I'm not much of a traveler myself. I've been here basically all my life."

    He continued to listen, but was still deep in thought as to many different things. The creatures they would face. The path they would take. Who this man was.
  11. Akila took the piece paper from his hand and folded it once again, tucking into the satchel for safe keeping and nodded her head to the questions the warrior posed for her.

    "Dang, well that was expected anyway. And from the patterns I am hearing, that seems to be the case. Highly valuable objects, from shrines and churches and even altars inside homes. Anything that could have or hold spiritual power is missing, in minor villages as well as major cities." Mentally, she calculated the distance from here to Lerta, which despite the short crows flight, would take some time to cover.

    "The actual journey is short, if you go as the crow flies. But our way is rocky and mountainous, which could easily add a few days to an already long journey. I would say, at the very least, that such a venture will take us the better part of a few weeks, perhaps a month at the very most. Of course, horses will aid our speed but if we are attacked along the road, which is certainly a given, time will be taken."
  12. Kairon's eyebrows raised.

    "We'll get horses?..." he tried to feign not being worried, yet he still felt he would find a way to embarrass himself in front of her. He'd never ridden a horse before. There was never a need. "Dont you think they'll be a bit of a burden to have to take over those mountains? We'd be better off just going by foot, right? Anyway, I'm fine with walking, and I could imagine that you, being an elf, would be fine with it too."
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  13. Akila smirked a little at the expression that overtook Kairon's face but shook her head, considering the wisdom of the statement. Sulmandir was a sure footed denizen of the forest, different to the horses that roamed the wild plains here. Perhaps it would be best...

    Without a word, she turned back from a few moments and whistled a three note tune, listening as it carried on the wind until the soft clink of hooves replaced it and Sulmandir appeared in her sight, carrying some of her gear with him. Grabbing what she needed from the stallion, she rubbed his nose and patted his rump quickly, whispering to him a few soft words that made him roll his eyes as if he could truly understand her. With a shift of his feet, he was off like an arrow. Off home, the one place she wished to be right now. She turned back to her new ally and smiled tightly.

    "I am indeed fine with walking. Sulmandir would not have slowed us but a horse from these lands might have. We are equals, so my steed has return to my village. Besides, horses can be hard to handle, if one is unaccustomed to them."
  14. Kairon looked around at everyone who had witnessed the elf just summon her horse. The seemed slightly disturbed, but then just kept going with their daily lives. He looked back at her and squinted at her last comment, then sighed.

    "Alright. Good idea. So are we going now or do we wait until morning? I dont know your itinerary. All I know is that I've got the rest of my life to wait."
  15. Akila noticed the crowd's murmuring and shifting, but ignored it in favour of concentrating on the tasks and decisions at hand. She glanced up at the sky turned dusky blue as the sun shone it's final rays for the day and the soft noises of the town began to become the bustle of late night.

    "In the morn, I think would be best. There is an inn nearby with free rooms, I checked upon arrival and I have no itinerary so far. I was prepared to wait for several days here to find a companion but my time limit seemed to be answered so quickly. I have some time, though soon my village will suffer from the lack of protection, previously granted to us by the Heavenly Treasures."
  16. "You want to stay at an inn? That's fine, but I think you've forgotten the fact that I live here... With a house... I wouldnt force you to come, but I'm just saying the offer is open. I'll meet you here tomorrow morning if that inn turns out better for you. G'night..." He turned on his heel and began walking home.
  17. Akila blinked in shock and kinda gaped for a moment? He was offering his house? Man, she hadn't even considered the option. She'd never been offered a place to stay, not in any human town before but with a secret smile to herself, she jogged to catch up to the warrior.

    "Wait. I'll take you up on that offer. It's safer and besides, I am fairly sure most inns have fleas and who knows what hiding in their beds. "
  18. "Alrighty then. I dont have guests over often though, just as a warning... It's just a couple of blocks away. It's kinda small, but it's enough for me." Instantly he was thinking about how messy he had left the place. He didnt want her to think he lived like a slob. They rounded a corner and his house came into range. He pointed forward and nodded.

    "It's that one up over there."
  19. She listened with one ear and kept much of her attention focused on where they were going and she glanced up for her surroundings to see the small house Kairon pointed out to her.

    "Don't worry about the mess, I'm sure it's not that bad. Compared to some people I know... My brother is so messy, it's a wonder he can find clothes in his house..." She grinned and then added in a quieter voice. "Or clean dishes..."
  20. Kairon glanced over at her her, then looked back at his house. "Meh, it shouldnt be too bad anyway. Also, we'll have to leave early. I'll be honest, I joke about stealing this sword enough times that they'll know it was me." he said with a laugh, unsheathing it and slicing the air in front of him. "It's a rather beautiful sword... Definitely worth stealing for an adventure like this one." They reached the door and he opened it. Inside was clean enough for him, so he stepped inside and placed the sword next to the door. "Welcome to my home..."
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