A Challenger Approaches...

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  1. Well, how else should I really start this? Ah, hello! My username is Krieg, but I've imagined you managed to work that out through the magic of using your eyeballs.

    Well, I'm not exactly fond of doing introductions and whatnot, I usually consider myself a bit of a timid individual and I do much better with this in real-life than behind a wall of fancy text. Anywho, I'm an aspiring script-writer and roleplayer I believe for a good six or so years now, and the majority of my skills as a writer has come entirely from roleplaying. Now, I'm far from perfect or good, but roleplaying has been an enjoyable hobby for me personally over the years. Alas, I've hadn't really had an opportunity to consistently RP much in the past few years, so, I'm looking to hoping make this a permanent home ^_^".

    Ironically, despite my name and signature, I don't consider myself one for violence. Sure, I love gore and viscera like the next individual, but IRL I'm generally a pretty nice guy (at least, I hope :/). Other things to note about me is that I'm a total nerd about pretty much everything, which includes primarily DC Comics, certain video game franchises, movies, books, and real-world history. Some examples include Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Fallout Series, Hunger Games, Nolanverse Batman, and the list just honestly keeps going on and on.

    Well, outside of that, that is pretty much me in a weird, unfinished nutshell! Also, if you prefer, I've developed the nickname of "Ty" if you prefer to call me that. After all, I imagine the name "Krieg" might be a little foreboding to some :P
  2. Welcome Welcome to Iwaku!

    I hope you have a lovely time here and feel free to message me anytime if you need help or just wanna chat!

    I promise we don't bite! ...Hard
  3. Ahaha, thank ya for the welcoming, now comes the rigirous process of finding an Avatar and Signature I like, which, I slightly like these two~
  4. Greetins Krieg. >:3 welcome aboard.